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Sunday, April 29, 2012

First Gym Session after Having Baby! :: 4/29/2012

Hey All! :)

So Today officially marks the first day of my journey to getting into the best shape of my life. I did go to the gym yesterday but forgot to blog about it, so I decided today is my official day! It's going to be the start of eating more healthy, exercising to get my pre-baby body back AND some! I'm hoping to shed the fat i've gained throughout my pregnancy as well as build some sexy lean muscle.

Yesterday After the gym, Hubby and I decided to get some new kicks! I'll have to take a picture of them, but I ended up getting black and green ones, since the ones I originally wanted - they didn't have. 

Since yesterday was upper body, today was my favorite.. Legs, Legs, LEGS!

here's what I did:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Influenster :: Palmolive Fresh Sponge Dish washing Soap Review

Hi Everyone! 

So I wanted to share this awesome product with you all. I was chosen as one of the Moms to receive this product from is an online website where you sign up (For FREE) and take lifestyle quizzes, complete "challenges" and it will enable you to potentially get a "vox box" or certain products depending if you fit the criteria.  In order to fit certain criteria, you have to complete challenges which unlock badges.. and the more badges you have and depending on how active you are on the website will determine if you will get a vox box or get to participate in cool things like this!

So.. I received the Palmolive Fresh Sponge Dish washing soap to review.  I've been using this in my daily dish washing routine and i've come to the conclusion that this really is a nice soap and does what it claims - freshens your dish sponge! You don't have to worry about stinky raggy smelling dish sponges any longer.

Item: Palmolive Fresh Sponge Soap
Retail Price: $3.29
Where to purchase: and

- Keeps Sponge smelling fresh and clean
- Prolongs the use of your new/fresh sponge
- Does not irritate hands
- Tough on greasy foods/foods that have been left on dishes for long periods of time
- Inexpensive

- I have only found it to work on new sponges (dirty sponges must be thrown out already)
- Only comes in one scent (this didn't bother me, but for those that don't like this fruity fresh scent may not like it)

I typically like to change my dish washing sponge every week, but of course life happens and I forget to on occasion, leaving my sponge smelling awful. Well I tried this on my old sponge and it did seem to get rid of the wet dog/wet rag smell, but eventually it did come back (i'm guessing because it was an older sponge, perhaps 2-3 weeks old! eww i know!)

So I tested it out using a brand new sponge (that they kindly included in the packaging to test out) and it really did keep the sponge fresh! And also cleaned the dishes with ease! (didn't have to scrub the dishes like crazy!) 

What I liked most was that it did what it claimed! kept my sponge fresh so that way the stinky sponge smell did not linger on my hands or on my dishes. Definitely prolonged the life of my dish sponge. It also cleansed the dishes and left them sparkling clean! 

I definitely liked the actual smell of the soap and I loved how well it cleaned my dishes.  I definitely could see myself purchasing this when it hits the stores!


No fuss packaging, just your typical dish soap packaging. so I can't really complain there.


the soap didn't irritate my hands, it cleaned my dishes and left them with a sparkling clean shine. It left my sponge smelling fruity and fresh!


I definitely would recommend this product for those that wash the dishes and are tired of your hands smelling like stinky sponge after you've washed the dishes.  It's a great dish soap and does the job with no problems.  Makes me actually happy to wash the dishes! 

Have you seen this soap at your local store? if so, are you going to pick this up?

FTC: I was given this product complimentary for testing purposes from Colgate-Palmolive via Influenster.  I was not paid/compensated for this review. As always, this is my 100% honest opinion on this product.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Huge Collective Haul! MAC, Jewelmint, Milani, WetNWild & More

Hey Everyone! So here is another Haul video! the last one I did was a month or so ago and it was huge (3-5 months worth of things).. and although this one isn't 3-5 months worth of products.. I've kept these items for a little over a month or so (and of course some are recent) so that I could show you all. So keep in mind I didn't purchase these all at once, I "collected" them over a month or two span of time..

I couldn't remember when/where I purchased everything (so it's all over the place), but here are the items in order of appearance.

- Dove Refresh + Care invigorating Dry Shampoo -$5.00
- Milani Brow tint pen in Dark Brown - $5.99
- MAC Pro longwear Concealer in NC20 - $17.00
- Butter London - Top & Tails (top coat & Base) - $19.00 
- OPI Nail polish in Metallic 4 Life - $7.99
- Nail Dotting Tools (from Ebay) - $2.00
- Benefit Brow Zings in Dark - $30.00
- Milani Brow Fix in Medium - $7.49
- MAC Extra Dimension Mineralize Skinfinish in Superb - $29.00
- MAC Tres Cheek Blush in Lovecloud - $20.00
- Milani Eyeshadow trio in True Romance (from their Pure Love collection) - $4.99
- Wet N Wild Limited Edition Fauna Collection - $4.99
- Wet N Wild Limited Edition Flora Collection - $4.99
The Eyelashes are from EyeLuv.Me and the 10% off coupon Code is "EyeLuv10"
- EyeLuv.Me (House of Lashes) Eyelashes in "Hope" - $2.95
- EyeLuv.Me (House of Lashes) Eyelashes in "Floxxie Flo" - $2.95
- EyeLuv.Me (House of Lashes) Eyelashes in "Alyzson" - $2.95
- EyeLuv.Me (House of Lashes) Eyelashes in "Margeaux" - $1.95
- EyeLuv.Me (House of Lashes) Eyelashes in "Amarah" - $2.95
- EyeLuv.Me (House of Lashes) Eyelashes in "Errine" - $2.95
- EyeLuv.Me Pointed curved tweezers - $4.95 
- Hello Kitty iPhone 4S Case (from eBay) - $5.98
- Elf Kabuki Face Brush - $6.00
- Jewelmint Bow Bracelet - (used coupon code) $16.23
- Zipper Bangles from - $12.99
- Jewelry Holder from seller JewelryHoldersForYou - $59.95
- Snow White MacBook Pro Decal from Amazon - $5.99

And Now, a Plethora of Pictures!
In No Particular Order

MAC Lovecloud Blush

MAC Superb Extra Dimension Skinfinish

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC20

Milani Eyeshadow Trio in True Romance

Milani Brow Fix in Medium

Benefit Brow Zings in Dark

Milani Brow Tint Pen in Dark Brown

O.P.I. Nail polish in Metallic 4 Life

E.L.F. Face Kabuki Brush

EyeLuv.Me Pointed Curved tweezers

EyeLuv.Me Eyelashes! (see picture for type of false lashes)

Butter London Tops & Tails set

Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Case

WetNWild Fauna Collection

WetNWild Flora Collection

YouTuber's/Bloggers Mentioned:




Kandee Johnson:


The Clip of my Daughter Jasmyn in the beginning was when her and Her Daddy came home from running errands and she just so happened to come in my room when I was almost done filming :) For those wondering, My Oldest Daughter was still in school and My Youngest daughter was sleeping! :D

Have you tried any of these products?

FTC: Everything in this video was purchased by me. I was not compensated by any company for mentioning these products. As Always, this is my 100% honest thoughts and opinions on these items.

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