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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Final update on here :)

Hey everyone! if you're still subscribed on here (i'm not sure how to log into google friend connect anymore because it redirects me all over the place) I wanted to send out an e-mail to those who are subscribed to me..

that I've moved to Wordpress! So if you go to now, it'll look completely different! I have my other blog on there and loved it so much i made the  jump to move this blog on there too.. it was a great decision for me.. so much easier to use and i love how you are able to customize every little thing to your liking.. not like you can't do that on blogger.. but I just ended up liking wordpress a bit more..

so if you were subscribed to the which was on blogger.. it's going to stop redirecting and it'll be at this old (and my first blog)

I'm not going to update here anymore (obvious reasons).. but will leave all my posts on here while i'm still transitioning all the pictures etc to wordpress..

if youre wondering.. yes I did transfer it all by myself! it was really easy and would do it again (and actually am planning to do it to worldformoms.. we're just in the process of rebranding lol)

alrighty then.. feel free to update your feeds/subscriptions to the new and improved
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