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About Me

This website was originally known as (hence if you see pictures with the marking "" Those still belong to me as, we just changed the name of this blog.

My Name is Khristine (Yes with an "H"), I have been known as Xtine by my closest friends &; family, I am a 26 Year Old Mommy of two toddler girls that are my world and am currently expecting baby #3 (Due March!) :)

I am married to my highschool sweetheart (yes - we've been together 11 years!! and happily married for 5 years). My Husband's name is Christian, and everyone knows him as Xtian.

I actually was an aspiring make-up artist in 2003 after I finished highschool, but of course my family never approved of that. Quickly after highschool graduation, I went into nursing school and became a nurse (LVN)..  and graduated in 2004 passed all the required state boards.

My love for make-up grew more and more, and actually did a few make-up gigs during my short time as an aspiring make-up artist. I later had both my daughters back to back which caused me to not really ever have much time for myself/make-up. but I did manage to create my own website that was for fitness and beauty/make-up in 2005 which was called makeupyourmind, which later turned into a full fledge mommy forum/online community that I renamed to which I still own today! :)

So before I got pregnant with my 3rd baby,  I had lost 21lbs doing it the correct way (no dieting/starvation diets). I was very proud of my accomplishment. So now that I am pregnant, I hope to still continue to be active and would love for all of you to join me through my fab fit pregnancy journey :)

This blog will mainly be for educational purposes, my easy tutorials (fitness and makeup), make-up looks (FOTD's), easy exercises, weight loss tricks and fitness tips.

I hope to share my ever growing knowledge of all things fitness and beauty, and also learn from many other fitness and beauty bloggers! 

Xtian also has a passion for fitness and weightlifting, and he loves to be helpful and he inspires others to live a healthier lifestyle. 

We hope to inspire others, that no matter what, you can be what you want and DO what you want, how you want!! cause if you want it.. GO AND GET IT!

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