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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Collective Beauty Haul :: Mac, Sephora, StillGlamorus, Hautelook!

I had been so busy the past month I wasn't able to post my hauls as I wanted to.. so I decided to just put all my hauls together :)

so let's get right to it.. I'll start with MAC Tartan Tale collection.. Honestly, i have kind of fell off the MAC wagon.. and had not been purchasing much from them lately.. (the past few collections).. the last time i bought anything from MAC I think was from two months ago.. 

But I decided to stop by MAC and check out their collection anyway (after much debate/lots of looking at swatches online lol).. and decided to get only 3 things..

MAC My Highland Honey Blush -$18.50
On Mac's website - described as:
Bright Coral with Soft Gold Pearl

I have seen a few swatches (I don't own it) But read that it was very similar to MAC Utterly Game Blush that came out with I think Fabulous Felines collection from MAC I think in September 2010. but since I didn't have anything like this I wanted to pick it up. I was debating about getting this or MAC Peaches blush (which is permanent).. but i decided to go with this one.. 
Left one swipe || Right blended

I then had heard so much good things about these next ones, and although I wanted to get them all, i just couldn't.. so I really had to choose lol.. and after much deliberation I decided to go with:

MAC Undercurrent Pearlglide Eyeliner - $14.50
On MAC's website - described as:
Teal with Pearl

MAC Blackline Pealglide Eyeliner - $14.50
On MAC's website - described as:
Black with Gold Pearl

They are extremely creamy! and once they set - they have amazing lasting power! I had swatched them on my hands at the MAC counter (all of them lol) and forgot to wash it off when I got home, and they were SO hard to remove the next day LOL.. but they were amazing, bold and just can't get over how creamy they are lol.. i wouldn't use this on the waterline though because of the glitter in them..  but here are the swatches of the two that i got..

I also decided to get a sample of the MAC Prolongwear foundation in NC25 .. I only tried it once, and it was okay.. but didn't persuade me enough to purchase it.. maybe i'll give it another go though.. my skin has just been real dry because of the cold weather.. Also decided to stop by Sephora and purchase my favorite perfume by Philosophy - Falling in Love.. and get a sample of the CoverFX primer.. i got the anti-aging one, but think i want to try out the anti-acne one lol.. 

I had actually ordered this on October 19.. and was wondering what was taking so long to get to me.. i had to e-mail Kasey from but ended up getting my order.. I had purchased the Smokey Glam Couture set.. it featured 3 eyeshadows.. man the little jars were PACKED to the top! lol.. I also purchased a lipstick, which after trying it once.. know it's totally not my color and have no idea what i'm going to do with it.. but here are the swatches/pictures.. I will have a more in-depth review on my purchase shortly! this set was $15.00 btw
 Porcelain doll - Vintage - Dress Maker
 Porcelain doll - Vintage - Dress Maker
 Porcelain doll - Vintage - Dress Maker
 Swatches: Porcelain doll - Vintage - Dress Maker
Swatches: Porcelain doll - Vintage - Dress Maker

Then i got these (the left is single, right is lullabye which is the one i got free with my order)
 Single - Lullabye
 Swatches: Single - Lullabye

Then I decided to get a lipstick, which i regret getting this one cause it looks atrocious on me! LOL but the swatches look lovely!

This was the first time I actually ordered anything from .. since Karen was so kind to sign up under me, I got a $10.00 credit for it lol so i used it! i decided to get only one item.. it was the Rock and Republic blush in Shameless.. i currently use this for contouring.. it's actually not too shimmery at all.. but i think it looks lovely paired with something on top of it! :)

this blush is SUPER pigmented! and don't mind this janky picture of me
i just wanted to try out the blush as soon as i got It and it was
after work LOL i look all dead haha! but yes I LOVE IT! I actually use my
MAC 131 to apply this as a contour for my cheeks etc.. it's lovely! 

Hope you all enjoyed this haul! :)

I wanted to add I did order from the Friends and Family 2010 sale from Sephora.. for that I ended up getting the Urban Decay BOS III Palette.. which i'm going to do a separate post on.. I also had a VIB 20% off from Sephora as well that they had right after the F&F sale.. which i did order a YSL Mascara and a Korres Yogurt Cream moisturizer.. and for some odd reason - UPS said it was delivered to my front door.. but when i got home - NADA! so yea ughh have to wait.. till i get it so i can post :) till next time!

Gym Session :: 11/20/10

Today was my favorite.. well actually all the workouts i do are my favorite lol.. but today was Legs & Biceps day.. and we did the usual for legs.. i'm actually still pretty sore from thursday nights workout LOL.. like painfully sore because the cold weather doesn't help at all lol.. but here's what we did!

Bulgarian Lunges - 12lb dumbbells each hand - 3 sets of 8 repetitions
Squats (on the squat rack) with olympic barbell + 20lbs - 3 sets of 8 repetitions
Standing Calf raises - no weights - 3 sets of 18 repetitions

Hammer Curls - 15lb dumbbells each hand - 3 sets of 8 repetitions
Bicep Curls (alternating, using machine) - 15lbs - 3 sets of 8 repetitions

we had to get going because we still had to take the girls to their dance class.. so we bolted outta there.. plus the rain (which i'm not a rainy day fan lol) soo yea lol

anywho it felt real good getting my workout on so early in the morning.. 

If you want to work that booty, gotta get those squats and lunges in!! :) so just get out there and DO IT!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gym Session :: 11/18/2010

I've been trying to add more days to my work out.. at least 4 times a week.. didn't get to go last night because of studying.. so Karen and I went tonight and it was awesome! lots of people but that bad.. 

we actually worked out shoulders and triceps.. here's what we did...

Military Press - 15lb dumbbells each hand - 3 sets of 8 repetitions
Side Raises - 10lb dumbbells each hand - 3 sets of 8 repetitions
Upright Rows (using barbell) 30lb barbell - 3 sets of 8 repetitions
Bent over side raises (works out back part of shoulders and upper back) - 10lbs dumbbell each hand - 3 sets of 8 repetitions

Dips - on the bench (obviously no weights) - 3 sets of 8 repetitions
Kickbacks - 5lb dumbbells each hand - 3 sets of 8 repetitions
Overhand Tricep pull down (alternating) - 15lbs 3 sets of 8 repetitions

So yes we did do a lot for shoulders LOL i just realized that.. but i'm just glad we were able to go and hash it out! 

I Think it's really important to really find yourself and push through everything and not make excuses not to go (well for me at least) it's nice to have a buddy to go with to help keep you motivated.. and for you to also support them when they need a kick in the rear to get going too (ahem Karen)..  

okay i'm dead tired.. toodles!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gym Session :: 11/14/2010

today was another productive session at the gym.. today Karen and I did legs, biceps and Abs.. as usual.. we were running late lol.. because of the fight last night we all slept real late.. 

but glad i still made it to the gym instead of passing on it lol.. 

i think my goal for this week is like i mentioned in the previous post to lose 1-2lbs.. but also stick to portion control because i know i kind of slipped last week.. so this week gotta keep my head in the game and eyes on the prize! lol ;)

hope you all enjoyed your weekend because i sure did hanging with my family as always!

Bulgarian Lunges - 12lbs dumb bell each hand - 3 sets of 8 repetitions
Dumb bell Squats - 40lb dumbbell (held between legs) - 3 sets of 8 repetitions
Standing Calf Raises - did these inbetween sets - 3 sets of 18 repetitions

Barbell Curls - 20lb barbell - 3 sets of 8 repetitions
Hammer Curls - 15lbs dumbbell each hand - 3 sets of 8 repetitions

3 sets of 30 crunches 

alrighty that was my workout for today.. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gym Session :: 11/13/2010

So i think all of last week i wasn't able to post about my gym sessions, but i do remember going LOL.. it's been sort of crazy here because both my girls were sick (still are a bit, but recovering thankfully).. so i haven't been able to blog as much as i'd like.. but it's a-okay! :)

anywho, today despite us waking up later than i hoped lol.. Karen, Derick and I headed over to the gym.. since it was later than i wanted it to be, didn't get to work out legs which i'm saving for tomorrow.. but we ended up doing Chest & Back.. 

and i'm proud to say i've lost 3 more pounds the past two weeks just by better food choices and also most importantly portion control!! 

so I'm happy to say my total weight loss is now at 24lbs!! (was at 21lb loss) .. and my short term goal for this upcoming week is to lose another 1-2lbs (which is safest! anymore than that is not!) but my ultimate goal by summer 2011 (giving myself LOTS of time) that i lose another 20lbs and be at 100lbs... which is supposed to be my weight for my height (5'0) .. 

I know a lot of people will be (or have told me) 'OMG that's too much!" .. but to me it's not.. i know my limits - i'm NOT going to be a toothpick because like i mentioned in all my fitness posts that's not my goal :)

but i know with the right support i can get there!! but i pretty much did the same workout for chest back as the previous week.. so i don't want to bore you all with my workout specifics! 

I am going to throw in some cardio tomorrow since i'll be going a little bit earlier than today! and of course it's best to do cardio AFTER you do your weights.. alright folks have a happy saturday!

p.s. im working on doing before and mid weightloss pictures (i can't say after since i'm not done yet) but i'm a bit embarrassed as it's really embarrassing the pictures i have of my heavier days lol.. but getting the courage to do it!! 

I want to inspire ALL of you who are looking to lose weight either if you're a mom or not that it's possible to do it the natural and healthy way! :) no need to crash diet or all that crazy stuff! :) it's hard work - but it truly pays off!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

September/October Favorites

Holy Moly! It's been ages since i've last done a post like this! Since I missed September's favorites - i just want to add it all together. doubt i'll be able to do a video any time soon! lol (i'll try though!)

but my list is pretty small, since i've been using the same products mostly for September and October..

MUFE Duo Mat Powder - this is my go-to powder for the days i don't feel like putting on liquid foundation.. using Enkoremakeup's back to basics powder foundation tutorial - helped tons applying this! this did not oxidize on me and felt lightweight and stayed on the whole day with minimal touch-ups! I had originally purchased this a few months ago because of Pam (xxpinkxx) and have been in love with this ever since! thanks hun!
yes i've hit pan (barely but still lol)

MAC Blushbaby Blush - i used this blush color every single day practically for both months and still kind of use it for november lol! it gave such a warm glow to my skin and just looked amazing on the cheeks, especially when i paired it with MAC Eversun Blush.. the combination of those two were heaven on my cheeks!

Urban Decay Naked Palette - these two months i was really into the neutral looks, especially because i'm always in a hurry in the morning, so like my august favorites, i had to include this in my september and october favorites because i always reached for it! 

Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black - this was my go-to gel eyeliner.. for days i wanted to take more time on the eyeliner/wanted it more dramatic.. (since i had neutral eyeshadow etc).. i used this and it did it's job! lasted ALL day and some! extremely creamy and just easy to work with.. i liked this better than my wet n wild gel liner too!

Sigma F80 Flat top Kabuki Brush - i found myself reaching for this every single time in the morning for september and october.. if i used it with powder or liquid or cream foundations, i'd find myself reaching for this. this brush is amazing! it's extremely soft but just enough density to pack on the foundation (whether it be powder or liquid) and gave me the airbrushed finish that i wanted. it was real easy to clean too! my absolute favorite.

Philosophy - Falling In Love perfume - when i had gotten a sample of this from a tiny sephora haul awhile back.. i fell in absolute love with this scent! it smells fruity, yet delicious, yet feminine but it's not irritating to the nose! my husband actually loves this scent on me, and i use this everyday or alternate with my DKNY perfume, but always reach for this one! love, love, LOVE this perfume! it'll be my go-to scent for some time!

that's pretty much it! if i do decide to show you all a video, i'll just add it in! :) 

hope you enjoyed! what were some of your favorites?!
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