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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Review :: HairFlairs :: Add some Flair to your hair!

Hey everyone! I know it's been awhile - but i've been swamped with work, family and my other website (check it out if you can - we've got tons of contests going on and what not! so if you know any mommies, any pregnant friends - do send them to my mommy community! :) and also it was my 25th birthday on september 22nd.. so yea! lol ;) i'll post another entry on that separately..

So i had received these Hair Flairs, from and wanted to let you all know my thoughts on this product. Which are basically Hair Tinsels.. or "Hair Bling"

Firstly - I think this is a great alternative for those that do not want to color their hair and what not.. You just tie them into your hair to add color, sparkle and metallic highlights.

I'll tell you though to do your whole head is quite time consuming. but really neat since it's halloween right around the corner and you can just get crazy with the colors! But if you're only going to do a few here and there.. it should be quick depending on your skill level.. they have a video on how to put them on too.. on yourself or on someone.. which is really cool.. you can actually view the instructions (text and video) Here ::

So they have a wide variety of colors to choose from, with Sparkle gold being their biggest seller. In the package that i received, I Got Sparkle Gold and Sparkle Royal Blue. They have 18 or 19 other colors on their website if you are interested, definitely take a look at them!

What they claim: 
  • Used by more pro stylists in salons 
  • Tie-in Hair Tinsel or Hair Bling
  • Lasts 1 - 6 weeks
  • You can shampoo, condition, blow-dry
  • Use flat-iron, curling iron  up to 400 degrees!
  • No loose strands! Manufactured for professional use attached to stylist clips
  • 100% Custom Made in the USA

And here are some pictures of the products i received..

And my daughter Jasmyn was my little model :) she had tons of fun.. 
Khristianna let me put some in her hair, but she was shy on camera lol

My Thoughts : Honestly - at first, i thought.. hmm interesting.. i didn't go onto the website or look at the instructions when i first opened the package because i was rather intrigued on what it was and thought you just tie a knot onto your hair LOL! but then i decided to not be lazy and check out the website and read the instructions and watched the video to comprehend lol.. although it says it depends on your skill level the easier it'd be to put them on. i think it does take some practice because it took me FOREVER to put one darn strand in my hair at first. it's best when your hair is wet though because it's more easy as there are no flyaways getting in your way.

so if you read the instructions, they are real easy to use. you can use them if you have short hair or long hair - short hair, just cut the strand in half and get more for the price!

and the price is 

  • 36" inch, 60-strands, $10.00 FREE shipping
  •  36" inch, 100-strands, $12.00 FREE shipping 
  • also have different packages - check website for more information

Which actually is such a good price for these! you get a lot and they do last quite awhile! the color selection is really nice - they have many colors to choose from (19). they are really great quality and do last through flat -ironing and when i blow-dried my hair..

But for me personally - i wouldn't use the other vibrant colors for work maybe for a special occasion or halloween etc.. but definitely the golds etc i can do.. it's a cool concept as i never knew there was hair bling out there before.. i've heard of many things - but not these! by far - really cool to have and definitely recommend them for someone who wants to try something new to their hair and just have some fuN!

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures of my Daughter.. don't worry it's NOT haircolor! it's hair tinsels and completely harmless.. and to take them off.. they come off on their own in 1-6 weeks depending on the strength of the knot! :) so no worries - nothing permanent.. plus my girls had a blast!

MyFitBeauty Grade :: 4/5 Stars and would recommend to those that may be wanting to try something new to their hair without worrying about damaging their hair or any chemicals. easy to use once you get the hang of it, but even better when you have friends to do it with!

FTC: I was sent these products by a PR firm for review purposes. I was not paid to do this review, nor does it alter my view on the product. As always, my reviews are with my HONEST thoughts and opinions.

This Product Was a Free Giveaway

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Looking for Skincare recommendations?!

The other day I came across a website, because some of you who know me, or follow me on twitter, have seen me tweet that i'm looking for moisturizers, facial wash and just looking into skincare products lately.. I came across and it was pretty interesting!

I noticed that they had been mentioned in Marie Claire Magazine and on and it really drew my attention. i then noticed a couple of fellow beauty bloggers where on their community blog roll and i knew this website had to be good.

Basically what the website is (from using it myself) it's a website where you plug in your skincare product you use from a wide variety of products they have to choose from.. and then you kind of get recommendations based on your skin type and skin issues.. they give you some great product recommendations based on the information you put. you don't have to put any personal information (like your birthday etc).. and it's free and easy to do this!

i put all the skin care products that i use and rated them/gave my opinion on them on how they are working for me.. and then after i hit submit, they recommended a few products for tons of different categories (ie. facial cleansers, toners, moisturizers, eye creams, masks, etc)..

It's kind of like the "makeupalley" of skincare product recommendations! gives you a free skin assessment, product recommendations and so much more (including a community for other members to mingle and talk about skin care products and tips/advice)

I'm really happy i did find the website! cause now i have tons of options to choose from that i can kind of gauge and see what i'd like to use depending on the reviews etc.. i know this skin care journey is going to be mainly trial and error, but at least i know i've got some great recommendations for my skin type and my issues..

so if you're looking for a skin regimen just for you,  a skin assessment, some product recommendations or wanting to talk to other people who are in the same boat - you definitely want to check out this website! afterall, it's FREE!

if you end up joining the website and using any of the product recommendations - please let me know how YOU like it!

P.S. I know i'm totally lagging on some promised video's.. but i've been SO busy with my daughter starting preschool, my youngest one also starting ballet.. then it's my birthday in 4 days yikes! but i promise to have some videos/tutorials soon! :) till next time!

Friday, September 10, 2010

August Target & Sephora Haul

I thought it'd be a cool idea to post my hauls (way for me to keep track of my spending) and maybe send over some ideas for those of you who are wanting to try to get new products or what not.. (i find myself like that all the time, wanting to buy something, but not sure what lol).. but here is my Haul from August.. these are from Sephora and Target of course on different occasions etc.. not all in one purchase! but all purchased with  my money and none given to me by any PR companies etc..

* Sigma F80 Brush
Finally broke down and got one! this is my second sigma brush and i'm totally loving this one so far.. I used to use my MAC 109 brush to apply my foundations etc.. but I've been reaching for this every single time ever since I got it.. I probably will purchase a back-up or to use for my loose powder as i love using that to set my foundation..

* Sample of Coastal Scents Undercover HD Foundation
in ST-04, and i'll say, when i first used it, i wasn't that impressed with it.. it was a lot more yellow than my skin.. but i think i'll give it a few more tries.. since i don't want the samples (i purchased 2) to go to waste.. i got these from

* Sample of NARS Sheer Matte Foundation in Punjab
I decided to get this, only to try out because i've been hearing so much hype on this particular foundation (well this one and the sheer glow, which i also have gotten a sample of).. and i must say, i do really like the coverage and I think i'll go ahead and purchase the full bottle when I run out of my samples (i got 4 - 2 of the nars sheer matte and 2 of the nars sheer glow) i think i like sheer matte a lot better because the sheer glow, gets me a bit more oilier than usual.. but either or, they are great foundations and do give you the airbrush finish with a slightly dewy finish, giving your skin a healthy glowy appearance

* Sample of STILA One Step Foundation in Tone
I actually had gotten this a few times before, i love this foundation, especially since it's a primer, concealer, foundation & primer in one.. but i'm a bit oily, so i need to set it with powder and for this one, the staying power isn't the greatest for me.. but great since i'm always in a hurry in the morning before work.. but it is pricey considering it didn't stay on me all day.. don't think i'll buy the full bottle..

so the above, i actually got towards the beginning of August, and have been able to use it for quite awhile.. to make my decisions that i have.. But i will have complete review for them in the future LOL

And here is everything else that i got in August either from Sephora or Target.. (not the same stores, since i travelled a bit lol)

* Sonia Kashuk Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 in Linen
I mentioned this in my August Favorites Video.. it is my fave! Glad i got this! You should try it out if you want to try something Light/medium coverage (but buildable if need be) and for an inexpensive price!

* DKNY Be Delicious Perfume 
I had been wanting to get a perfume and was so undecided, and was spending way too long at Sephora to pick out a perfume (i don't wear perfume often, but wanted to get something).. i ended up getting this.. this is my first perfume of this kind.. and i like it.. it's very fruity and girly and is right up my alley.. i'm still on the hunt for other fruity/girly scented perfumes, so if you have any recommendations, please let me know!!

* Make Up Forever Duo Mat Powder Foundation in 203
Okay, so i watched XPPINKX 's video on this and was totally sold! That and I also wanted a new powder foundation because i'm running out of my MAC one and didn't want to get that again because I wanted something new.. and so i ended up getting this and so far so good.. i actually really like this powder foundation.. i use this for touch ups if i am wearing foundation.. or i use this alone (over concealer).. and works very well.. it's very buttery feeling and then smooths to nothing on your skin! i do like it, it doesn't settle or accentuate my pores/fine lines under my eyes! love it! :) it was rather pricey though, but totally worth it..

* Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder in Translucent
Like I mentioned this in my August favorites video, had heard so much about this product.. and it lives up to the hype (for me at least).. it blurs/hides my large pores on my inner cheeks and nose and really keeps my face matte.. a little goes a long way, so the price for this product makes it totally worth the purchase (i believe it was $34).. but there is SO much product in the tub it comes in and since you only need a little, you'll have a lot to use for years! lol

And i algo got samples of these:
- Lorac Aqua Prime Face Primer (oil-Free) (No Pix)
i was looking for a face primer, and the SA gave this one to me.. i don't know what i think of it, as i don't feel it really does anything for me.. so i'll finish the sample to see if it'll change my mind.. but i probably won't get the full bottle..

- Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (Oil-Free) in Sand (No Pix)
I had high hopes for this as i found this on Jlovesmac's blog and her skin looked amazing with it on (of course my skin wouldn't look like that lol).. but i wasn't expecting it to be so dark on me.. and the next one up was WAY too light.. and i used it only once because it not only dark, but it's way too pink under toned and does not look good on me.. so i don't think i'll get another sample because the coloring is just so off, and it sucks they don't have a wide variety of shades.. or maybe i just have weird coloring lol.. i could have just gotten two samples and mixed them.. but the SA who was helping me gave me only a limit of 3 samples..

- Boscia Recharging Night Moisturizer
this is my first night time moisturizer, and i actually like it.. i've used it all up and i'm actually debating if i should purchase the full tube.. or try the Korres one as i've heard great things about that line too.. this particular moisturizer has kind of a smell to it.. like an herbal, healthy, natural scent lol.. makes me think of the earth.. i think because it's all natural and not tested on animals etc.. and that's also a plus for me! :) but it does moisturize my skin and makes it soft and supple in the morning..  we'll see though.. i still want to try others!

- Boscia Sheer Tinted Moisturizer in Medium
I actually haven't tried it yet, but will get to it.. this was a freebie sample for purchasing.. 

And I got these just a few days ago..

* Sonia Kashuk  Limited Edition Circle around a cause Brush set
it's PINK! i love it, it's so cute and girly and was totally screaming my name when i first saw a picture of it when DulceCandy87 tweeted that she got it.. and i asked her where she got it and of course target! so i went over there and this was the last one.. good thing i snatched it up, because when i did 2 other girls passed by my shopping cart and stopped me and asked where'd i get it.. lol i told them it was the last one.. and they were like AWW lol :) but it's MINE! i have yet to open it though, because it looks too pretty in it's package! but i'll have to cause i wanna try out the quality of these! 

* Neutrogena Make-up Remove Cleansing Towelettes
I got this because i finished the Equate wipes that i got from Walmart and i didn't like them enough to repurchase.. and have been looking into new wipes.. and didn't want to splurge and get the MAC Wipes just yet.. and while i was browsing the aisles of Target, I came across these wipes, it was a two in one purchase (it came with extra pack of wipes) for $5.. and it had the Allure magazine winner sticker on it.. so i thought, why not lol.. so i'll see how i like these..

* Studio Tools Crease Brush and Studio Tools Sharpener
I wanted a back of up the crease brush as it's one of my favorite brushes to use! so ta-da! lol.. and i needed a new sharpener as the one i got from Sonia Kashuk was going kaput.. I had it for many many many years and it was time to depart lol.. too bad they didn't have another one when i went, so i settled for this one..

* Boots Expert Shine Control Papers
I don't know why i purchased this, it was less that $5, i guess.. and i do like this a lot better than the Clean and Clear plastic paper blotter.. that one strips the oils completely and i think making my skin produce more sebum.. but this one is just like your average blot paper .. or like using a starbucks napkin, toilet seat cover etc, but less embarassing to tote around lol.. i don't think i'll get it again, because it doesn't do anything for me that something less expensive cant.. but if i had to choose another brand of blotting paper, i do want to try the Boscia Blotting Linens - heard so many great things about it! :)

* Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer/Corrector in Light Golden
I am on a hunt for the best concealer for my dark under eye circles, so one day i logged on to youtube and typed in best concealer for undereye circles and this was the one that popped up! and i had no idea where to buy it (just online) .. but i found it at sephora when i went to downtown disney with my fam bam and decided to get it.. it's the "travel" size i believe.. it's really really pricey for the travel size, but it's a lot of product for a travel size as well.. it was $28, but you only need the tiniest amount, so i guess it evens out lol.. the actual full tube is $48 i think.. but i think i'll use this til i run out because there is so much product! what i don't like about this is, well the one i have.. is if i leave it sitting for awhile (like hours).. i guess the oil in it separates and spills out of the tube when i open it.. i have to like shake it or rub it so it mixes together.. that's the only thing i don't like about it. but the coverage is awesome!

* Ojon Hair Rub Out Dry Cleanser Shampoo
Okay - i bought this on a whim.. lol it was only $10, and i said, what the hey.. beats my hair being all oily haha.. i have extremely oily hair.. my hair gets oily in hours.. i hate it.. so i thought that i'd purchase this to test it out.. i'm actually going to do a review on this.. to let you know my real thoughs about it.. but so far so good! :) great for in between washes!

* Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment
I was looking for an exfoliating wash, and i just so happened to see this, and wanted to try it out.. i've only used it once and so far i do like it.. we'll see!

* Face Scrubber
I got this at sephora, because i can't quite afford the clarisonic, but i got something similar.. just doesn't vibrate haha! so yea! i also have only used it once, it's quite soft though.. softer than i expected.. 

so that wraps up my collective Sephora/Target haul.. the only things on my  wish/want list are Chanel Mat Lumier Foundation and i don't know if i'll get it.... some clarins skincare products, and some other goodies...

OOOH before i forget, my hubby got me an early birthday present.. i was blowdrying my hair and on two occasions i swear my hairdryer smelt like it was going to catch on fire.. and started making all these weird sounds.. and made the house smell like smoke.. and hubby told me to throw it out :( .. so in return he asked me if i wanted a new one and i could get one.. and i picked out this one:

Velecta Paramount Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer - TGRZEN

and i use i think someone's YT code to get a free gift.. i'm so excited i can't wait to get it.. but probably will be delayed since the Labor Day Weekend holiday.. will let you all know how i like it once i get it! :) til next time!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

FOTD :: Simply Bored

I was bored and decided to just play around and do a simple eyeshadow look to show you all... and if you're wondering.. YES my hair is curled! well i had curled it yesterday for a babyshower and slept in them since we came home so late.. and today they are still lovely lol.. I also had tested out some dry shampoo i had got that i'll mention in my haul video/post to follow this one soon.. 

But on to the the look..

Products used:

Make UP Forever Duo Mat Powder Foundation in 203
Amazing Cosmetics concealer/Corrector in Light Golden
Sonia Kashuk Brow Definer in Haze
Korres Blush in Natural

MAC All that glitters E/s
MAC Soft Brown E/S
MAC Espresso E/S
MAC Take Wing E/S
Covergirl Liquiline blast in Blackfire
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara in Very Black

MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick
MAC Boybait Cremesheen Glass

I know it's been awhile since my last FOTD, but thought i'd share with you this simple look.. i think i actually might try this on my friend who i'll be doing her makeup for her wedding and her bridesmaids :) so excited! let me know what you think and if you have any CC's

VIDEO :: August Favorites

So! It's that time again that I share with you all, my favorite products that i happened to use a whole bunch during the month of August.

here are the products mentioned in the video:

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette:
Yes this product i had used almost everyday for work when i was in a hurry, i'd just put on a few of the colors like sin all over the lid and it was just lovely, fast and easy.. and the colors are gorgeous! the texture of the shadows are so buttery feeling, some people have complained about fall out or too much glitter/shimmer.. but i have no problem with either :) so i had to include the Naked Palette as my favorites for August (and perhaps will continue to stay there for September as well!) I liked that it did come with an eyeliner in the palette, but i honestly just didn't use it as much as i thought i would (the eyeliners).

2. Covergirl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner in Black
This was my go-to eyeliner.. for when i wanted to wear eyeliner only, on the go etc if i was in a hurry, i'd find myself reaching for this one.. the texture is quite creamy, only thing is you have to kind of layer it (not so much) to get the dark black that I desired..  but this barely smudged on me (since ALL eyeliners do on me) this one was very long lasting, and i absolutely love this product! will definitely be stocking up on this one and getting a few back-ups.

3.MAC All that Glitters Eyeshadow

So if i didn't use my naked palette, or was too lazy to pull it out or was really running late, i'd just put All that Glitters all over the eyelid (with a brush or finger) and i was good to go.. i love the texture of this eyeshadow, it has shimmers in it, but not too much where it's overpowering.. just enough to notice that you are wearing something on the lids.. but it was subtle enough that it wasn't like you had discolights on your eyes lol :) it is such an amazing color and i think it's a staple to have in your collection! 

4. Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder in Translucent
I had been reading so many reviews on this specific setting powder and didn't want to purchase like a blot powder, because i wanted to try something different.. and heard so many good reviews on this on other bloggers reviews.. so i decided to bite the bullet and purchase it.. August was such a hot hot hot month, temperatures reaching over 100 degrees (sometimes like 105!) and this helped tremendously keep the oilies at bay.. i mean i did still have the normal shine throughout the day, but using a blot paper fixed it.. but my makeup was still fully intact and blush was there too! (because usually my blush would be gone by 12noon).. this is a loose powder, it's extremely finely milled, so theres no chalkiness, or cakeing at all.. which i love, it fills in the pores and fine lines without settling in them.. i love it! and a little goes a long way and this little tub of heaven will last me a long time!

5. Sonia Kashuk Radiant Tinted MOisturizer SPF 15 in Linen
I also had heard SO many great things about this particular tinted moisturizer.. and i had never tried Sonia Kashuk's products before (only their brushes - which i love too) .. and this was amazing! it claimed to be a tinted moisturizer, and it's very liquidy/watery.. had a hint of suncreen smell, but wasn't so bad - it was tolerable.. and actually this is buildable coverage which is cool and it actually lasted on my oily skin! so yay to this! i did use my Sigma F80 brush to apply it to give my skin/face a flawless finish, but if i was in a super hurry, i just applied it with my fingers and was good to go!  very easy to use and great during the hot month of August - this was definintely my friend!

6. Sonia Kashuk Brow Definer in Haze
I had been looking for a new eyebrow pencil, because my tattoo on my eyebrows are wearing off and so i've been having to pencil them in.. for the month of July I had been using the rimmel one which was decent and did come with a cute little brush (which was kind of really hard/scratchy).. i liked it though.. until i found this one! it's a perfect color not too dark and it stays put! i'm planning on getting my eyebrows retouched soon, so until then, will be using this! 

7. Maybelline the Falsies Volum' Express Mascara in Very Black
the first time i tried it, i wasn't too thrilled about it, but the more i used it, the more it worked better and i ended up falling in love with this mascara.. although it doesn't quite hold the curl of my lashes because the formula is so wet, it still makes my lashes thick and just super long! i reached for this more than any of my other mascaras, and will probably need to buy a backup soon!

So hope you enjoyed what my favorite products for August were.. :) till next time!

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Couple of Blog Awards & Tags

Hello Everyone! I know it's been awhile since my last post! but i want to save the time that i do get, and post the last of my ELF Beauty Book series! :) 

anywho - i was so delighted that i was tagged/given a blog award by two amazing people and wanted to share them with you all! :)

First up.. I was tagged by the sweet Ash-Love, she has an awesome blog - so check her out! :) And on to the tag, here are her questions:

1. Name 1 thing you cannot live without

- My family.. they are my rock and my foundation and without them i am nothing! :) so very important to me! 

2. What is your favorite food

- I absolutely can eat Pasta forever - specifically fettuccine alfredo lol ;) I know it's bad to always eat so much carbs, but i do only eat pasta on days i need to do a carb load before a tremendous workout (like leg day)

3. What is your favorite makeup brand

- I am barely just starting to branch out to other cosmetic brands, so the first one i started out with was MAC so i'll have to say it's my favorite!

4. What is your favorite Candy or Dessert

- i love churros and funnel cake the most lol.. 

5. Heels, flats, or sneakers?

- either flip flops, flats or my converse chucks..

6. Dress, Skirt, or jeans?

- Dress if it's hot and i'm lazy... but jeans most days..

7. Do You prefer mouse or Spray?
- I am pretty much hair stupid.. so i don't really put anything in my hair.. but if i had to choose i guess spray.. to tame my flyaways lol

8. Hair, Blow dried/flat ironed or natural?

- if im not going to be going anywhere/doing anything then i'd let my hair just air dry... otherwise i have to blowdry and flat iron.. which is a pain in the booty.. but i just ordered a new hair dryer which is supposed to cut blowdrying my hair in half! so we'll see! I'll have a review on it after i received and used it! :)

And My New 8 Questions:
1. What is your favorite eyeshadow color combo for everyday?
2. What is your most favorite facial item (make-up or skincare?)
3. When did you get into make-up (very early age, late bloomer?)
4. What magazines do you read or are subscribed to?
5. Who are your YT Guru inspirations (if any)?
6. Do you use both high end and drugstore or what is your preference?
7. What is your dream job?
8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

And for this specific tag i nominate ALL of the below! :)  and tag anyone else that wants to join in on the fun! :)

I was also suprised that I got another Blog Award from Jessica! (Thank you hun!) Check out her blog, she has some of the most gorgeous FOTD's ever! :) She had received three in one blog awards and passed them on generously.. and I was one of the lucky ladies! (thanks again!) :) here they are:

"i Love your blog" award

For this award I award this to:
:: Jenn

"Love Her Style" award

For This Award, I award this to:
:: Jenn 
:: Nikki
:: Cydia

"Sunshine" award
For This award, I award this to:
:: Erica
:: Nicole
:: Livia

so thank you so much ladies for the awesome tags and awards! it's such an amazing thing to get from such awesome ladies! :) 

p.s. I also got some new circle lenses that i purchased on a whim.. i know i said i wasn't going to get anymore circle lenses since the last ones i got dried up since i never used them lol.. but i wanted it anyway! :) will post it this weekend!

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