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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Urban Decay :: Naked Palette

I cannot believe how this is sold out already and it just got released! okay yes I can believe it! the palette itself is gorgeous!

I cannot wait to get my little mittens on this palette! I know some of you are thinking - ummm Khristine - you have way to many eyeshadows! but if you know me, or you are like myself a make-up junkie.. you can NEVER have enough eyeshadows (or make-up!)

Luckily this palette is going to be permanent - so no craziness like previous limited edition palettes.. plus i love the color combinations in this palette.

More info on the palette here:

It retails for $44.00USD 
for 12 eyeshadows - that's awesome!! When I get this palette, i will show yall some swatches! Whenever it comes back in stock that is LOL!

Are you going to get this palette or Pass?

Friday, June 25, 2010


So yesterday, I don't have much to report, just that i went to work as usual.. my cough has gotten progressively worse lol.. and not to mention i've had coughing attacks WHILE i'm trying to talk to my patient.. it sucks that i had to work all day like that because we're short staffed and so they couldn't let me go home.. even though you could just tell i needed to..

but anywho.. it first started as Jasmyn being sick, then got me sick.. now everyone is sick lol.. since they didn't let me go home early yesterday, now i have to take today off to take my little one to the doctors.. so since i'm off today, i'm just going to try to get a lot of things done around my house!

i'm also going to finally be able to look at the darn manual for my camera and play with it LOL! because i've been so sick, busy and tired that i haven't even had a chance to! .. but anywho!

I'm so glad it's friday.. because that means weekend! Although I'm not going to IMATS :( (i'll just live vicariously through everyone elses pictures and hauls lol) im just excited to get to be with my family and work on our home! there are little things here and there we are still finding that we need.. but i'm so excited it's all actually coming together!

this morning while i was doing dishes.. i didn't even notice it there until it grazed my hand! it was a freakin cockroach!! lol.. ummm nasty it was so huge haha! and i screamed a silent scream.. because i'm losing my voice and throat is sore and i didn't want to wake up the girls LOL!

what a morning lol.. anyway - i'm off to rite aid to get some medicine for the little one.. and then who knows while i'm there pick up some other things *cough* NYC blushable creme sticks if they have it.. also need to go to target to purchase the other side of the curtain lol (silly me only bought one! - i seriously thought it had two drapes in there).. and i was to do a custom purchase for someone anyway - so have to go there..

i still would like to go to the mall to go to MAC and see if they have anything left from the TTB collection lol - i doubt it, but i'd just like to browse.. maybe even purchase their Cleanse off oil, fix + spray and try out their wipes.. lol

i do want to try out lush - i've heard so many great things about them.. will see though not sure.. alright - time to get ready for the day!

P.S. I'm still trying to figure out what blogging platform i will use on my new website.. and still in a debacle with the name lol.. i don't wanna put it out there in fear someone would steal it before i got a chance to get it LOL!

anywho - ttyl!

<3 Khristine

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Wednesday, Infamous Spongebob Scrubs FOTD

Hi Everyone! I thought it'd be a great day to wear my infamous Spongebob Scrub top lol.. and of course wanted to play with some colors..

i'm still getting used to my camera lol, gotta read the manual and mess around with the settings before i take any pictures.. so that they'll at least be decent LOL! so for now, these pictures are from my macbook pro.

Hope you all have a great day today! it's almost the end of the week! just a few more days to go! for those that are going to IMATS, only a few days left!! sweet! lol.. I'm officially not going anymore :( maybe next year!

but on to the FOTD...

Yes my hair is a mess and i don't care ;) lol.. 

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation
MAC Perfect Topping to highlight
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Brown
MAC Gingerly Blush
MAC Prism Blush

MAC Nile inner corner
MAC Dear Cupcake middle of lid
MAC Deep Truth & MAC Contrast Outer Corner/Crease
Wet N Wild Gel Eyeliner

Softlips chapstick
MAC Coral Coordinate Lipstick
MAC Naked Rose lipliner

I know most of the colors are washed out from my macbook lol.. but you get the point! anywho! hope to have more FOTD's for you soon! :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finally Moved in new House, Possible New Blog..

Holy Moly! It feels like forever since i've last updated. I guess because I was without internet (just on my phone, but it's not the same than being on the computer type of internet haha).. So today we got internet, cable (got HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz.. the WORKS!) lol.. thank goodness!

This past weekend was a lot of moving things from my in-laws house to hubby and my new home.. it's really starting to come together, I must say!

On father's day, Hubby just really wanted to relax and hang out.. since we bought so many things for the house, that we all could use (tv, tv stand, coffee table, couch).. he didn't want any presents.. but of course i had been wanting a new camera since my Sony Cybershot wasn't cuttin' it.. I didn't even have to ask.. but hubby suprised me after we had went to IKEA.. it was on the way home.. and he made a detour and i didn't even notice until he parked.. i was like omg! he got me a new digital camera! of course i forgot to buy a memory card LOL so i need to pick one up when i get a chance.. but my hubs is so awesome! but he figured we all could use the camera.. so all of us benefit from it! :) so great present for him and myself (mainly me haha!)

So sorry no picture updates since I didn't really have a camera these past few weeks.. but not to worry, will have some pictures and reviews SOON! and i'm so excited..

which brings me to my next topic.. if you have been following my blog.. you'll remember i posted I wanted to have my own domain.. i'll be of course blogging on there, and it's going to be a fitness and beauty blog.. with youtube videos of me doing fitness tips, beauty reviews for on a budget ladies, moms :) and of course make-up tutorials for easy looks (since i'm not too much of the dramatic look type - or im just not that good at it haha!)

the thing was.. the main name i wanted was taken of course, but not being used.. it was parked to be sold.. and guess for how much? $2,400+!! i was like oh heck no! so..

My question is to you all (that avidly follow me) would you rather i have a domain that ends in .com, .net, or .tv? i want to make sure it's something easy you'll all remember and for others who visit in the future to easily remember.

Anyway! i'm making my grocery list.. as i've got to do the groceries and fill up our new fridge (it's HUGE!).. we're still not completely done with the house yet.. we're doing small things little at a time, but we're done with the major parts (painting the house etc).. so woo hoo! :)

anywho! catch you all later!

<3 Khristine

Thursday, June 17, 2010

MAC :: To the Beach Collection Haul & Swatches

Wanted to bump this post up because I finally have added pictures/swatches of my haul etc.. ;) hope you like it! i'm still wanting to go back for Hipness blush, Float on By Eye Kohl and Lazy Day lipstick.. which are most sold out online - need to check at my local counter!

MAC :: To the Beach Collection
Officially Released in US: 05/27/2010

above photo taken (customers were using the eyeshadows missing in pix:
Humid, Shimmermoss, Sweet & Punchy)

This collection features tons of beautiful, summery, bright bold colors as well as a bronzer collection.

  • Firecracker
  • Sweet & Punchy
  • Sand & Sun
  • Shimmermoss (Permanent)
  • Humid (Permanent)

Eye Kohls:
  • Float on By
  • Rosemary & Thyme

  • Lazy Day
  • Fun-bathing
  • Thrills
  • Beach Bound

  • Easy Lounger
  • Flurry of Fun
  • Splashing

  • Life's a Breeze
  • Temperature Rising

Powder Blushes:
  • Hipness
  • Get-Away Bronze
Creme Bronzers:
  • Beach Bronze
  • Weekend

High Light Powder:
  • Marine Life
Lustre Drops:
  • Pink Rebel
  • Sun Rush
Bronzing Powder:
  • Golden
  • Refined Golden
Bronze Body Oil:
  • Glowing
  • 130 (Permanent in US stores)
  • 131 (Repromote)

So yes, I'm late posting this lol.. but I thought it'd still be a good idea to put this up their for those that aren't aware of the collection (those that don't really collect MAC etc).. 

What I got from this collection (Haul pix soon!) was the Marine Life highlight powder that everyone is going goo-goo gaga over lol.. it's absolutely beautiful though, it sucks that some people have only purchased that sole item to sell it for $50+.. CRAZY! lol.. 

I also decided to get the Creme bronzer in beach bronze, I liked the feel of it, only thing was for me that it didn't really do anything for me.. was like a highlighter i guess, but i already have a highlighter and don't even use it as much anyway.. so i decided to exchange it for Get-Away Bronzer blush.. I did want Hipness, but the MA said it was so similar marine life and i think i have some other blushes that are similar to it.. if not i think i might get it if they still have it this weekend lol.. 

I already had Thrills Lipstick, Humid Eyeshadow.. I skipped Sun & Sand, because i don't really like matte's that much.. and when i swatched it - it didn't really wow me.. and took a lot for me to get some color to show on my skin.. I also skipped Shimmermoss eyeshadow because it's too similar to Steamy i think (for me at least).. 

but I did get Firecracker and Sweet & Punchy eyeshadow.. I was going to get Lazy Day, but decided to skip it because i felt i had kind of similar lipsticks to it (Creme Cup, Way to Love, Maybe Viva glam gaga etc).. and i skipped splashing because on my lips, it looked exactly like Ample Pink (might not be the same for you).. so I skipped it.. I also skipped Flurry of fun.. don't know why.. just wasn't so thrilled about it.. But I did get Easy's nice to use by itself as i have pigmented lips.. it's great for a daytime look with easy/light eyeshadows.

I may still return for Hipness, and perhaps one of the powder bronzers.. not quite sure yet.. hmm maybe even the lustre drops lol.. who knows! but if you have this collection (or anything from this collection) what is your favorite?

EDITED: Added pictures of my haul!
(L-R) Top: Firecracker e/s, Sweet & Punchy e/s
Beach Bronze Creme Bronzer, Easy Lounger l/g

I did return the creme bronzer, because it really did nothing for me.. lol.. and instead got Get-Away Bronze blush.

Sweet & Punchy E/s

(L-R) Sweet & Punchy, Sharp (From Tempting Quad)

Top: Sweet & Punchy, Bottom: Sharp

They are slightly similar, for those that don't really mind the difference - which isn't very noticable, so real good dupes for one another.. but Sweet & Punchy has more shimmers to it. overall great colors though!

Firecracker E/S

Easy Lounger L/G - Love it! :)

Marine Highlight Powder *drool* 

I love this blush! :)

So that's pretty much it - I already have Humid, eyeshadow and like mentioned steamy or talent pool is sorta close to shimmermoss so i didn't get it.. 

i am really lemming Hipness blush, but keep reading if you have marine life you don't need it... but AHH still want it.. 

Product Review: *NEW* Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel

I was contacted by Diana B. from in regards to this new product called Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel. She sent me a very generous sample and I thought i'd give my thoughts and opinions on this product.

When a lot of people hear of Anti-Chafing Gels, I'm sure they're like what in the heck is that?! what's it for? Well Sometimes when your skin rubs together in a certain areas, for example thighs (for those that are runners etc - repeated rubbing together), underarm area, hips (friction from clothing).. your skin can get very irritated - especially if you have sensitive skin.

Well, Lanacane Anti-Chafing gel claims that it prevents chafing caused by friction. It helps skin heal itself by reducing further damage from chafing.

When I first received my package, I thought of the Monitstat anti-chafing gel and how a lot of people use it as a primer. Well I did try the Lanacane to see if i could also use it for that. well it did go on the skin very well - non-greasy etc. but the lasting power with the make-up on top didn't really do much (same for the monistat chafing gel). 

(left: Lanacane, Right: Monistat)
As you can see in the picture the Lanacane is not as watery looking as Monistat and sure does glide on with no residue.. The monistat takes a while for me to buff everything in.. and on the skin Lanacane is invisible and feels that way, where as the Monistat I know it's on there and glistens.

It was as easy to remove as it was to apply. Just soap and water in the shower was all you needed. Like I said - I didn't notice any residue or left over product after use. but it is a nice product.

But I did end up using this product for testing wise when I go to the gym. Yes i'm not toothpick skinny and my thighs rub together (not so much).. but i noticed after a long time of running without any protection.. my skin did get tender.. so the next time I went to the gym, i made sure to use just a little bit on the area that did touch and a little goes A LONG way seriously and it does last a long time! I did notice a difference.. the skin kind of just gliding off each other.. it almost was like their was a skin protectant but you couldn't really feel/notice it.. but i knew it was there because i applied something lol.. 

I actually also used this product on my heels as they had been raw from standing all day in my shoes from work.. and on the box it said it helps the skin heal itself... so that's exactly what i did! i used it for a few days on my heels and i noticed a difference.. my heels weren't as sore and the redness did go away. I'm not saying this is a miracle worker, but it truly did help out these little inconveniences..

As a nurse, my hands are always dry/flaking from washing them repeatedly.. I actually used these on my hands/knuckles and they worked fabulously to help with the rawness of my skin from washing so much..

So overall, i think this is a great product to have, especially if you move around a lot and are active. It's nice to have during these hot summer months ahead! it'll be great to keep you skin protected - because that's what it did for me! Great if you have sensitive and/or DRY skin! my suggestion is - do not put this on your face as it did cause me to break out a bit (not severe)..

Packaging: 4/5
Product: 4/5
Value: 4/5 (ranges from $4.99-7.99 depending on stores CVS, Walgreens etc)
Ease of Use: 5/5

Overall: 4/5 
Recommend?: Yes, I'd definitely recommend this to those that are active, especially have sensitive skin. and especially during this summer - since it'll be hot and your skin will be prone to a lot of friction/rubbing.. definitely would recommend!

**NOTE: this product was sent as a sample for me to try. I was NOT paid for this review and i am in no way affiliated with the lanacane company. these are all my thoughts 100% honest as they always will be.**

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just a couple of Looks + Lazy Monday

Yesterday I didn't blog, because I was SO extremely busy at work that When I got home I was super tired.. Luckily when I got home, Hubby had brought me a quick dinner on his way home since he was starving too lol.. so I was thrilled for dinner!

We were all so tired from the days work.. that we just washed our new Cal King Sheets and after they dried, walked them over to the new house and put them on :) all four of us (Hubby, Our Girls & Myself) layed in the Cal King.. man was it like laying on a cloud.. i did not want to leave haha!

but we had things to do.. Since we bought a fridge on Sunday it was going to be delivered on Tuesday (this morning).. so we had to prepare getting everything ready.. like getting the old fridge's model number.. which the previous owners who left it SPRAY PAINTED the white fridge a metallic silver (lol).. anywho, I couldn't find the number at first.. so i just wrote down any freakin' numbers i saw..

This was My FOTD For Sunday using the Wet & Wild Palette in Pride
Dior Skin Nude in Linen
MAC MSFN in Medium
MAC Marine Highlight Powder for Cheeks

Wet & Wild Palette in "Pride"
Milani Liquifi Eyeliner Pencil in Black
Flirt! It Curl Lash Curling Mascara

MAC Lollipop Loving

And Then Monday - I wanted something freakin Dark and Dramatic LOL!.. so here ya go!

MAC Studio Sclupt Foundation in NC25
MAC MSFN in Medium
MAC Fleurry Blush

Wet & Wild Palette in "Lust"
Milani Liquifi'eye Pencil in Black
Flirt! It Curl Lash Curling Mascara

MAC Easy Lounger Lipglass

And Today is Tuesday.. I had gotten some pigments from someone on Specktra forums, (Thanks Steph!) and wanted to try them out... and i'm in quite a rush as i'm literally headed out the door for work lol.. Sorry for the lighting - my camera is actually working so had to use it! this is my first time using pigments! AHH!

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC25
MAC MSFN in Medium
NARS Amour Blush
MAC Shimpagne to Highlight

MAC Gold Mode pigment (inner corner)
MAC Sweet Sienna (outer Corner/Crease)
MAC Chocolate Brown (crease)
MAC Black Line Pearlglide e/l

Revlon Super lustrous lipgloss in Pink Pop

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby + Fixin' up the Housie

So today was such a chill day. It's My husbands Birthday.. and we started it out at the gym of course - His favorite place to be! we spent like 2-3 hours at the gym.. he was playing basketball.. we drove separately so that i could go a bit later.. so technically he stayed there for 3 hours.. i stayed there for probably 1.5 hours..

Then we got home, and My mother in Law and I, went to pick up some food for lunch for us to celebrate Hubby's Bday.. unfortunately My camera is acting up - so no pictures (I know- major fail lol).. My husband is such a chill person - he just wanted to relax with family.. and basically that's what we did today..

we picked up lunch for him, got him a cake from coldstone's.. and we all enjoyed it :)

afterwards, we went to Lowe's to pick up some items needed for the house before we can move in.. (i really was looking forward to moving in tonight and sleeping in my new bed lol).. but we have a few things we need to do before we can..

so.. while we were at lowe's we looked at a few refrigerators in our price range..and are still kinda shopping around.. but hopefully we'll get one soon lol..

So we managed to remove the plastic from the couch that we purchased from living spaces.. and then brought over the temporary couch we're borrowing from his parents.. and last night i managed to assemble this heavy and complicated coffee table lol (took me 3 freaking hours ALL BY MY DARN SELF LOL!) .. but the place is actually starting to look like a home..

we just sorta hung out.. then just an hour ago - removed the plastic from our cal king bed and all four of us (Hubby, girls & Myself) layed on the bed.. my goodness - it was like laying on a cloud.. too bad we can't sleep on it tonight lol.. but looking forward to it soon! going to buy sheets tomorrow - so excited!

i don't really have much to report on today.. just that i've been really contemplating on a name for my blog.. since i've been thinking about getting my own domain etc etc..

because i know for most - (when i tell them my blog/youtube) they're like - omg that's so long! lol... my bad haha.. when i originally made this blog - my husband helped me name this.. since i'm just so freakin' random and do lots of random things.. with fitness/beauty/and just stuffs! lol.. it fit the bill at the time..

but i'm unsure what i wanna do.. lol.. HELP! lol.. i need a good name..

would it bother you if my domain ended in something other than .com... like .net, .org, .me.. etc?

the darn name i did want.. is taken .. not being used.. but unavailable and for sale for $2,488!! lol wtf wtf! so i'll have to think of other names.. lol.. if you have some ideas - i'd love to hear them!

i'm still also on the hunt for a new digital camera.. hmmm any ideas/recommendations? :)

alright everyone .. goodnight! Tomorrow will be a SUPER busy day for sure.. going to install our office desks.. remove the old toilets and install new ones (yay lol).. and perhaps if possible install the rest of the blinds/curtains.. do some mad cleaning on the kitchen even though i did.. vaccuum..

i'm itching to film some new videos/reviews etc.. but need new camera AHH i want to do it in my new bright room loL! AHHokay better get off the comp lol!


Major Migraine!

First & Foremost - Hello to all my newest followers! thank you for joining me! :)

I'll have to backtrack a bit, since a lot has gone on! but i did want to post some FOTD's and practice my looks.. since i've been feeling my skills are crummy lately.. don't know if it's just me.. the brushes i use or what.. i feel like my blending skills are major suckage lately..

Anywho!.. backtrack to Tuesday.. After work (I get out at 12:30PM).. I had an appointment with a carpet cleaner - who was referred to me by my co-worker (Thanks Iris!).. who was to do the carpet upstairs of my new home.

The carpet is a light cream/beige color.. and well when the previous owners left it - it was well, quite dirty.. but mind you the carpet is about almost 19 years old i believe.. so yes it may not be a brand spanking new house, but overall the house is in great condition.. and it is my first home (not apartment, etc - so i'm real proud of this accomplishment for my husband and our little family)..

But anywho, it took him about 3 hours to clean the carpet, and in that time.. My mom came over to finish painting the kitchen.. she brought my Aunt and My Aunt's Boyfriend.. which they also helped paint and fixed the wood flooring in the kitchen that needed repair...

I guess from all the working in the heat, the fumes from the carpet cleaning and the paint.. it triggered my freaking migraine! So Tuesday night I was definitely out of commission and was no way in shape to go to work.. I did call in sick - did feel bad, but seriously I just could not function..

So Wednesday Morning - after I called in sick.. I also made an appointment with the Doctor as it was time for my bi-monthly/monthly Nerve block injection into the back of my head. I get this to ease the pain of my migraines as they can get quite severe.. I suffer from Occipital Neuralgia .. pinched nerve.. it is the freakin' worse ever.. so the injection/nerve block i get in the back of the head helps to relieve the pain momentarily.. but when it wears off (for me at least).. The migraines come back.. with a VENGEANCE! and this is what i think happened.. triggered from tuesday..

Well- the doctor told me he got some new needles.. thinner, longer ones - so he'd be able to go in deeper.. well i didn't think anything of it.. and he offered to put me off wednesday and thursday.. but i said just wednesday is fine i think i'd be okay to return thursday.. after my shot.. went home - rested.. since the pain was kind of gone - decided to work on the house a bit.. as well as do some errands..

I guess by the end of the night, (since he mixed the injection with an anesthetic) the medication - just for numbing) started to wear off.. and seriously thought my head was going to fall off my shoulders.. the pain was so freakin unbearable.i could not move the next morning.. not to mention the tossing and turning..

So needless to say - had to call in thursday as well - how embarassing i know!.. i called the doctor and he asked if i was alright and asked if i wanted friday off as well and i thought okay - he's spoilin' me! lol jk! no he's a real awesome doctor and did really recommend me just resting (he even said i need to get a massage!).. but he was so kind as to extend my work note..

the migraine isn't as bad - i'll still get break through pain..but it's tolerable.. but the soreness/tenderness of the neck/back of head is what bothers me..

of course at work - i was moving and walking with stiff neck - so it wasn't a pretty site lol.. but i managed (thankfully).. and i was so glad to come home to my hubby and our girls.. made me feel tons better..

it's hubby's birthday now (since it's officially saturday and June 12).. so i managed to assemble the coffee table that hubby bought.. omg took me 3 damn hours to assemble the darn coffee table - but i must say it looks freakin amazing! :) im so proud of myself haha!

well i better get to bed, i'm going to force myself to go to the gym no matter how much in pain i am.. because i did do some blood tests today and the results weren't as good as i was hoping.. so got to really kick my butt into gear and eat even more healthy!

So goodnight everyone! have a great weekend!

Friday, June 11, 2010

FOTD :: Nice & Purple

So as you can see, I do love me some purples :) and despite me not feeling well (will post all about it later after work).. but wanted to do some purples.. so here ya go!

MAC Oil Control Moisturizer
MAC Studio Sculpt NC25
MAC MSFN in Medium
STILA Eyebrow Duo for eyebrows

MAC Dollymix onto apples of cheeks
MAC Prim & Proper

MAC Parfait Amour on lid
MAC Plum on inner corner/tear duct area
MAC Soulsong (diana eyes 1 quad) crease/outter corner
MAC Blanc Type to highlight
Prestige Eyeliner in Black
Flirt! it Curl lash mascara

**Warning** Sorry for the mess in the background, busy with moving, and all that fun stuff/getting ready for work/getting the girls ready in the AM.. oh and sorry for the unflattering angles of my face haha! oh well ;)

Let me know what ya think! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sippinonkrystyle's 100+ Followers Giveaway!

If you are not following this fabulous beauty blogger, you're truly missing out on some awesome looks! She's a sweetheart by nature, so you'll get nothing but love from her blog! :)

She has made over 100 Followers and is holding a giveaway! Check it out!:
Click >HERE< to enter her giveaway!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Very Productive Evening

So my day started out by calling in sick from work.. I think the fumes from the carpet cleaning guy cleaning and what not.. and then from all the paint in our new house.. triggered my migraines..

so i didn't come in to work today.. I was able to get a doctor's appt with the doctor who always gives me my nerve block injections in the back of my head.. and they helped tremendously.. the injection site on the back of my head and neck area is just tender/sore.. a little painful - but tolerable.

So we didn't really do much today, just finish the kitchen cabinets.. i think we're almost just about ready to move it this weekend for hubby's birthday! im really crossing my fingers!!!

we did get our new TV today and it's huge! since the previous one has pooped out on us being all pixelated when you're watching on it..

So yea, even though i was supposed to be resting.. i was fixing up  my new house, i want to move in soo badly.. lol.. cause once im settled in, the plan is study study study like crazy.. and of course do some simple make-up look tutorials for you all, and share my weight loss journey tips with you all!

which i do want to let you all know that i am going to be moving over to a new website as soon as i find/make up a catchy name for it.. it's going to be fitness/health/make-up/beauty based.. sharing my personal tips/tricks.. budget beauty looks- using drugstore brands.. as well as looks using higher end brands like mac, urban decay etc etc.. but i will also be reviewing some other products for my mommy website - like baby products/mom approved items etc.. :) so it's going to be real neato! i hope so that is!

:) hope you like my idea - and i hope you all will stick around.. welcome to my newest followers! I have so much in store for you guys when i reach 100 followers! hopefully i'll have moved to my new website! if not - this place will do lol.. :) okay

well it's off to bed for me, my head is still extremely sore from the injections.. and i have work early in the AM.. i think we're going to have nursing students follow us around today.. so we'll see!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

FLIRT! it Girl of the Week! :: Review/Swatches

Oh My gosh! Am I really excited to tell you all about this! I actually won Something online! LoL! okay - so yes, I rarely ever win anything - and usually if I do, something always comes up! So, on twitter, FLIRT! Cosmetics (@FLIRTItGirl) - which if you are not following them - YOU NEED TO! they post so many chances to win items! 

They happened to tweet:
"want to be a FLIRT! It Girl and win $75 worth the cosmetics? Reply with a twitter picture of your best makeup look"
And I did, I thought, what the heck, why not! so i tweeted them a picture of me.. and low and behold a few days later I get a direct message from them saying I was the FLIRT it Girl of the week and to claim my prize! I was like - OMG! really!? so of course as soon as i found out, i immediately responded.. and was contacted by sweetheart Nora! she was such a pleasure to speak with!

A few days later I got a box on my doorstep (don't you love getting goodies when you get home from a long and hectic day of work?!) and to my surpise.. I Just knew!! :) You have no Idea how thrilled I was!

My Goodie Suprise Box & another package

The Goods in all it's Glory :)

FLIRT! it Curl - Lash Curling Mascara

Lipglosses (L-R): Moonlight Spice, Plum Delicious, Twisted Berry, Zippy Ginger, Cherries Jubilee

Swatches: Sorry My camera totally washed out the colors.. I had other Lip swatches, but since my camera is major poop, the colors are all just looking the same..

Moonlight Spice :: Extremely fruity Smell (which i LOVE!)
It's a clear gloss, that has a hint of shimmer - that you can barely tell. It gives my lips a nice dewy look, makes it look natural. It's not sticky, and not heavy/cakey feeling on the lips, like some MAC Lipglasses. 

This had more of a plumy/chocolate smell to it, very sheer plum colored. my lips are pigmented as it is, so
this sort of just made them stand out just a tad bit. Lovely color to wear alone.

this also has a lovely smell to it - candy like. The colors are so sheer, but this one is a bit more color to it than moonlight spice and a lot more shimmer on my lips.

Also great smell, still sheer, but more darker color than the rest, still great to wear alone. This reminds me of MAC Lavender Whip or Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Lilac Pastelle. Very pretty and unique color!

This one is very cherry colored, but still sheer. Great to just use to add a hint of color on the lips. No shimmer, but has amazing shine! 

My overall thoughts on the lipglosses are they are all such sheer colors, which are great - you can wear them alone for an everyday look/something simple and subtle.. or you can layer them over your favorite lipsticks! they smell amazing. they aren't sticky whatsoever - which i'm a big fan of! A few of the glittery ones, i can do without, but i definitely see myself using them! especially during the summer days ahead at the beach! They do last quite a while - so that's definitely a plus! The thing I love about ALL the lipglosses are that they are very moisturizing almost like a chapstick! So i'd defintely pick up some more of their lipglosses and recommend them to anyone who is thinking about their lipglosses!

I still have yet to try the mascara, but I will and let you all know how i like it! :) love the pink packaging though. If you'd like to check out their products, you can visit their website here:

** I was given these products as a gift/prize. I was never asked to do a review. This review was all on my own and are my honest thoughts and opinions. I am in no way affiliated with the company. All products were reviewed in all honesty as I will always do **
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