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Monday, January 23, 2012

Makeup Monday :: My First MyGlam Bag!

Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I spent most of my weekend doing homework, studying for finals tomorrow =X , my nieces birthday party, and running errands mostly. 

So according to the title, if you haven't heard of MyGlam.. let me fill you in. Basically it's another one of those monthly beauty subscription thingies (think of birchbox, but better.. i had birchbox, but cancelled it after the first box i received).. It was created by Michelle Phan.. and it's also $10 a month, and they come with some full sized items! 

I had originally signed up for MyGlam bag towards the end of December, which meant I would be getting January's Bag.. and they typically send out all the glam bags around the 10th of every month. This month they were a bit delayed. I originally got an email confirmation stating that my bag had shipped on (this was on Friday the 13th lol)... and so I was following it and was super excited... then I received another e-mail On Saturday evening that my bag had shipped again, but noticed it was different tracking number.. so I was like wth? 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Throwback Thursday :: remember when...

For those of you who know me, know I had moved youtube channels quite often (lol!) But I thought it'd be kind of cool to reminisce about one of my first youtube videos, when I had the blog/youtube name "RandomnessWithKhris"

I can't believe that was me before and how soft spoken I was :) My makeup skills still need some improvement, but it's nice to see how i've grown.. can't believe i've been on youtube since 2010 (from randomnesswithkhris) .. but it's all a growing and learning experience. 

What are some of your first blog posts/videos you remember? :) 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Mommy Monday :: Visit my Mommy Forums!

For some of you who have followed me from the very beginning (of when I started this blog) may/or may not have known that I had created my own mommy website (created it 2005/2006).

It's an online forum/community for mothers (expecting moms, single moms etc) from all around the world, to come together and discuss parenting issues, pregnancy issues, talk about breastfeeding, baby food and so much more. 

My website is called and it's co-operated by a good friend of mine Nicole (visit her blog, she's awesome!) I made the site when I had my first born because of so many issues I was having during my pregnancy, I had no one to talk to (being the first of my friends to have a baby). So I decided it was a great way for me to reach other women in my position.  So If you know any moms, soon-to-be moms it's a great outlet to chit chat when you are having one of those mommy days and want to pull out your hair :P

We also hold a lot of contests and giveaways on there, and would love for you ladies/moms to join in on the fun! We hope to expand and reach more people, so if you could spread the word, i'd be forever grateful!

Here are some pictures of my Mommy website:

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Official article on Article on My Husband :: Live Shredded Challenge!

Hi Everyone, I'm not sure if you all remember, back in December I had posted the winners of the Musclepharm Live Shredded transformation challenge winners (Click here to see that blog post)

And before then (November 23rd) I had posted that My Husband Christian had entered in an online contest ( MusclePharm Live shredded transformation challenge, and posted his final pictures, and his essay etc. (Click Here to see that blog post)

Well I had mentioned it on twitter (for those of you who follow me on there) that was going to have an article on My Husband on their website about his transformation/His Story. 

So I wanted to share this with all of you, who had supported us throughout his entire journey! Thank you all for the support you have given us through retweeting our links, commenting on pictures and blog posts and subscribing/watching our videos. :) 

Here is where you can find My Husband's Article about his win:

Thumbnail of his article (he's in the middle) :) 

And here is an excerpt from his official article (Click HERE to see full article)

For those of you who are interested in wanting to lose weight/live a healthier lifestyle - I really recommend checking out (We are NOT affiliated with them, we are just regular members) and signing up for the bodyspace section, where you can get free workouts etc! If you do decide to join (It's free) don't forget to add us!

              Xtine ::

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review :: Stilazzi :: Stilazzi Pro Set Bag Clear

So on my last blog about this company, I was sent some awesome beauty products that I was able to add to my makeup kit, and for the month of December was sent this amazing Pro set bag (clear). Which I think is pretty awesome, because now I actually have a pro bag to put all my beauty products in. You don't have to be a professional makeup artist to use this, it's really great for travel!

(for my previous post, click HERE)
So this is what I was sent:

Stilazzi Pro Set Bag Clear - retails for $49.95

Bag Size: 18" x 10 1/2" x 6 1/2"
Color Color: Clear Black Trim
Exterior Pockets: 6
Tissue Box Holder: 1 Full Size
Shoulder Strap and Carry Handle included!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

(CLOSED) 400 Follower Giveaway :: Urban Decay BOS IV & more!

Hi Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your holidays! I was supposed to have this up at the beginning of the week, but due to school and life, I was not able to :D.. but here it is now!

I wanted to give a big thank you to all my loyal followers here! I cannot believe I have 400+ awesome blog friends on here! When I originally started my blog, I never thought i'd even have one or two.. so 400 is such an accomplishment for me! 

I thank you all that stuck by me when I decided to convert this blog into a collaboration with my Amazing Husband in November of last year! Thank you all so much for those that also supported his weightloss/transformation journey - we couldn't have done this without any of you! So without further ado... on to the prize! 

There will be two winners a grand prize winner will win the Urban Decay BOS IV palette (brand new in box), and some other goodies, while the 2nd winner will receive some amazing goodies that i've collected over the past few months and some that are just my favorites that I wanted to share! 

So here are pictures of the prizes!

Grand Prize Winner will receive the following:
and some other goodies from me :)

(PIC HEAVY) Huge Collective Haul :: Xmas gifts, MAC, Sephora, Ulta & Drugstore!

So it's been such a long time I feel since my last major haul.. with Christmas and what not, I thought it'd be perfect to do a blog post (and a video to come) on my Haul from the past few months! :) 

(Warning :: Sorry the pictures are all over the place/sideways, for some reason when I save it, it's upright, but when i post it here, it's sideways or upside down :( )

So let's start with the bigger items and move our way down the line..

Naked 2 Palette
My dad got me a gift card to spend, so of course I had to choose this palette when it came out (i'll do a separate review/comparison with the original naked palette)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Gym Session :: 01/02/2012 :: upper body

So.. all the people that had their New Years Resolution to start to get healthy.. made their appearance at the gym yesterday.. which was really quite frustrating lol.. I don't mind if your there to actually workout, but I swear, there were two girls that were hanging off machines and touching machines and giggling, laughing.. it was so annoying! 

but anywho, we were able to work out.. took a little longer than usual since there were more people..

I ended up doing Chest/Back, while Christian & His friend Rick ended up doing Shoulders/Back.

I'll post his workout first.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gym Session :: 01/01/2012 - it's a leg and bicep kinda day

Happy New Year Everyone! I can't believe how fast 2011 came and went. Now it's 2012 and let's start the new year off right! 

So that's what Christian & I just did. We went to the gym with his friend Marlon. It was rather nice that it was pretty empty when we arrived, so we were able to get a lot of things done.

I'll split up this gym session in two (Christian's workout & Mine).. starting out with a picture from our workout! :D

(I'm 27 weeks & 6 days pregnant here) 
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