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Saturday, January 30, 2010

a lot of ground to cover...

Alright Ladies! So let's start with Friday! (even though previous post was talking about Friday LOL)...

So Friday - I decided to do a different, more colorful look (instead of my usual black/brown smokey eye)..

Sorry if it's a bit blurry - i was trying to snap this as quickly as I could before a patient or my co-worker (even supervisor) walked by LOL!

I used the colors from my BH Cosmetics 120 Eyeshadow Palette (2nd edition).. I used a yellowish/gold, a purple, a darker purple/plum and then turquoise.. :) I kinda liked it! minus the lipstick color of choice (i'm normally not a lipstick wearer lol) what do you think?

I had a few girls on my mommy forum ( request a tutorial on this, so I will try my best to get to that tomorrow! I didn't do much after work.. just laundry, cleaning and hanging with my munchkins!

As for This Morning - went to the gym bright and early with Karen & Derick.. was gonna take Tianna to her dance class, but she was so stuffy and coughing, we opted not too.. didn't want her to get more sick or her asthma flare up.. and we didn't want to spread her germies to the other students/parents etc..

So we basically stayed home relaxing most of the day.. well i was cleaning and looking at stuff online as usual lol..

Hubby went to work at 4PM, the girls were still napping.. so i was re-arranging my makeup box (which isn't as full as i'd like it to be - but i'm working on it!).. So later on towards the rest of the day.. dropped the girls off at my parents house...well ended up bringing Tianna cause she begged and pleaded and I gave in lol.. I swear my girls have turned me into a big ol softie!

anywho.. I went to Glendale Galleria and bought myself 3 lipsticks and 1 lipglass, also went to sephora to purchase Make Up For ever HD foundation and Powder.. so i'm SUPER excited to show you all!

i'm going to be taking pictures and a new FOTD (i think i could get used to that).. and show you all what i've got.. hrmph.. maybe a good idea someone mentioned was to do my very first Video Haul! lol.. i'm such a geek.. but we'll see! :)

Alrighty folks - hear from me tomorrow! :) i'm excited!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


YAY TGIF! yes yes yes! :)

(well technically i've got 30 minutes until it's "officially" Friday! but i'm just glad this week is finally over! It's been a stressful one indeed..

I am proud of myself for hashin' it out at the gym though.. I've officially remolded my gym schedule to fit Karen and I going together.. so.. it kinda looks like this:

Sunday - Gym 7AM
Monday - Gym 10:30PM
Tuesday - OFF DAY
Wednesday - Gym (YRG CLASS) 8:30PM
Thursday - OFF DAY
Friday - 5:30AM (for ME since Karen is going to her other dance class Friday evening)
Saturday - GYM 7AM

So i'm pretty happy about this.. :) I think it is important (and kind of nice) to have a buddy to workout with.. someone to motivate you at the same time inspire you because they try so hard, that it pushes you to try just as hard, if not harder! lol.. but of course it's a great way to get each other motivated to GO to the gym.. which was my biggest problem.. not the gym itself.. but just the getting to the gym lol..

But with this schedule, and me training Karen, i think i'll stick to this schedule.. YOU all have NO idea how excited I am.. i know in a couple of months of hard work at the gym.. we'll see some amazing results! (because unfortunately you will not see results overnight.. and even if you do - it's probably too drastic of a change and you'll gain it all back and some!)..

Remember - when you are at the gym or working out - it's NOT a competition (unless you are seriously training for it).. The person next to you does not care what you are doing.. and i'm sure you don't care what the person/stranger is doing either.. you are there for YOU - well that's how i put it!

i've been so busy with work and my girls and trying to fit in some studying - that i've had NO time to do any video's.. well I did try the other day but it was a complete fail.. LOL.. we'll see if i can edit it at all to be decent.. i'm not the best video editor.. heck i've only edited the video's on my Youtube page lol.. and that was hard enough!

but hopefully with MORE video's will come more video editing!... well hopefully this weekend i'll be able to post something new for yall.. i did get a request on my "everyday" make-up look.. and i thought that was easy enough - so i just might do that..

I am going to be doing a "January Fave Products of the Month".. instead of weekly - cause we all know I cannot keep up haha!

I wanted to let you all know within the next week or so (depending on when i get the products) I'm going to be reviewing some products from two separate companies that had asked me to do a video review - i'm SOOOOOOO freakin excited you have no idea! lol.. so yay! stay tuned for that as well!

ALSO - I had ordered some faux eyelashes like 18 days ago - and they have finally arrived! (doh! reminds me i gotta leave feedback for them on ebay lol).. and i'll have some pictures and show you what they all look like hopefully after work today or even this weekend... ;)

If you have any questions for me - feel free to ask - e-mail etc etc yadda yadda! anywho - it's bedtime for me cause i've got work in the AM!..


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

it's only Wednesday?!

*in Snooki's voice* WAHHHHHHH lol..

So it is Hump day.. I had originally blogged this morning LOL while i was trying to get ready for work.. but as you could see i didn't post it cause i was LATE for work LOL! silly ME!

LOL this is what I look like in the morning trying to get ready.. Well this is what I looked like yesterday - i typically shower at night.. and don't blow-dry my hair.. so i wake up looking like a hot mess! LOL.. and I'm not afraid to show it! :)

Let's just say this is why i take so darn long getting ready - because sometimes if i don't pre-organize what i'll wear to work.. im in a rush thinking - hmm should i wear this, am i going to be matching a coworker? (which has happened and totally got made fun of - which was NOT cool to me at all lol)..

LOL yes that is ME (well after brushing my teeth, washing my face and as you can see i've got my scrub top on).. anyhow i obviously fix my hair (flat iron it etc)..

And this is me, after getting ready (well this picture was after work, i was getting ready to do a make-up tutorial on purple smokey-eyes lol but couldn't cause my girls were just screaming and laughing hence no new video - just yet! but stay tuned!)..

Anyhow.. i'm finally home now.. which is such a freaking relief! I'm going to be hitting up the gym with Karen & Derick at 8:30PM for some YRG (Yoga Bootcamp as i'd call it).. The instructor for that class is quirky and awesome and LOUD lol.. but he lost 20lbs from doing the exercises (and of course diet! it's key!).. and i originally lost 15lbs on it as well.. but from the holidays - gained most of it back.. but now i'm back on track.. so far lost 6lbs in the past 3 weeks which is real good! (you should only lose 1-2lbs PER week - that's healthy..) Just know the heavier you are, the more weight you might lose.. just FYI!

You should check the website out! YRG (don't know what it stands for).. but the website is: ..

the workout is quite amazing! it's Yoga with a kick! it really is a cardio workout as well.. so i try to incorporate going to this class when it is my cardio day when i can! Otherwise i stick to my same routine/split! which I'll be going more in detail throughout this fitness journey!

I'm probably going to be uploading those pictures of me before (EWW i'll warn you in advance haha)... and then mid journey.. and then of course show you all my progress.. :) i'm SO excited that i've got a lot of friends/family and of course all my twitter/facebook fans that are cheering me on! So woo HOO

I believe it's very important to have a role model or idol to inspire you!.. for me I have a few.. First would be my husband (awwww i know right? lol) .. but truly he is an inspiration! if any of you have seen his transformation and the dedication he's shown going to the gym.. it truly is inspiring!

secondly, Jennifer Nicole Lee! SHE is HOT HOT HOT! and i hope to one have my body that amazing sometime this year lol

Just for Almon Lol

She's awesome and i love watching her videos on youtube! Can you believe she's a Mommy of 2 kids, just like me!? cool huh?!

And of course I'm my own role model.. :) i must say i've done a great job keeping up my fitness.. I know I had been going back and forth with my weight and going to the gym etc.. but this time - i'm going for the goal! my eye is on the prize - so to speak..

so i hope you'll stay tuned for some awesome workout tips/fitness updates on my end!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Tuesday! lol

Hello Everyone! Hope your Monday went swell!

Karen and I missed the gym at 530AM.. so we opted to go there at 10:30PM to get our sexiness on! this is my journey back to pre-pregnancy! hopefully back to my highschool days when I had just met my boyfriend (who is now my Husband)..

i've went through such a change physically and emotionally.. and never did have my head in the right place until a few weeks ago.. I've been exercising and going to the gym for almost a year now.. although it was sporadic.. i'd go.. but i'm determind this time around with YOUR help!

i'll be blogging about my fitness journey.. and i'm hoping my fans/friends and definitely my family will be by my side - watching my video blogs etc and just rooting me to go all the way! I believe it's very important to have that kind of support when doing this extremely challenging journey.. I already know it's not going to be easy - it's going to be real hard.. but it'll be worth it in the end.. just exactly how each of my pregnancies were.. Now i have 2 amazing little girls whom i wouldn't trade for anything in this world :)

so i'm going to be brave and find some before pics.. and show you all what i look like now! :) and i'm still under construction as you'd call it lol..

but i'm looking forward to you all watching and joining my journey and cheering me on! :) wow i'm excited!! :)

let me know what you all think!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Hey Everyone! :) Just wanted to update you all! I have made a slight change in my blogspot name..

The old link was:

The NEW Link Is:

I figured - at least it'll match my Youtube Channel... Althought My New twitter - the name wouldn't fit LOL!

Please follow my twitter:

:) I'm not quite sure what video i'll do next - but i'll have a new one soon! I'm excited!

Anywho - Hope you all are having a lovely Sunday Afternoon! Hope you all had an awesome weekend too! I know the work week is starting and everyone is dreading tomorrow (back to work for most).. but i'm excited - because I Get to go to the Gym, this time - i'm training my brother's girlfriend Karen! (Hi Karen!) lol..

anyway i'm excited! I want to let you ALL know how serious i'm about to get with workin' on my fitness! So I hope you'll all support me through my journey to fabulous! lol..

<3 Khristine

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Favorite Beauty Products of the week & My New Dolly Lenses

I wanted to post my video of my favorite beauty picks of this week and also an update from my previous post about my dolly/circle lenses.

If you have any questions about any of the products in the above video, please feel free to comment and ask away!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"You look like a Doll!"

So lately, I had been obsessing about Asian Beauty products and what not.. Ever since my cousin Hazel had visited us from Japan.. (she had a short stay here in USA before moving to Germany)...

My brother's girlfriend had told me about her Japanese beauty magazines that were filled with amazing/neat things that you wouldn't normally see here in the states. We were all so fascinated with the Asians "dolly/anime" look.. that we saw ways that they would do it, would be a different way they wear eyeliner.

I never saw the magazine myself, and My cousin left before I got the chance to see them.. but I was so intrigued at the thought.. that i searched everywhere on the internet and came across something interesting! after tons of "anime/dolly eye" make up tricks with wearing the liner differently.. or using a lighter color for the water line to make the eyes appear bigger.. i found that they use contact lenses!

i'm sure you're all like huh? what's the big woop-dee-doo about lenses? well.. let me show you!

My co-worker said I looked like a doll and my iris' looked HUGE!

What do you think?

So the difference between regular contact lenses and the Dolly/Circle Lenses are that they are wider or bigger in diameter so it covers more of the iris than the normal contact lens.. and also the outter part of the contact is rimmed black to give the eye the Halo effect, thus giving you a "dolly" eyed look!

After looking at ALL the pictures of these pretty girls with neat eyes (very popular in the Asian countries - Beauty is a BIG thing over there!)! (some were SO natural looking! others not so much) and so i was a bit skeptical ordering them online since you cannot find them in stores! And I was like - what if a look like a total goober LOL.. but I bit the bullet and said what they hey! You only live once! LOL.. so enjoy my photo's.. I randomly snapped them at work while it got slow towards the end of the day.. So excuse my eyes they are a little red (i took them off and on to let my eyes breathe - as your only recommended wearing the lenses for 6-8 hours max)..

I'm going to be doing a little mini review on my youtube channel (will post it here!) So keep an eye out.. I guess i'll wait til my little girls are sleeping so I can record.. they keep either fighting with each other.. or doing silly faces in the background as i'm recording LOL.. so i'll just wait til their sleeping..

I'm excited to show you all! :) I still am going to do my video on my favorite beauty product/item[s] of the week - so keep an eye out for that as well!

Thanks for reading! :) Come back SOON! I'll update this randomly, yet often!

<3 Khristine

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to update randomly and say hi hi hi hi! Hope everyone is doing well! It's been super rainy where i'm from the past few days.. and Just in - heard on the news that there are Tornado Warnings in Los Angeles County! I know for other people they're like okayyy.. but where i live (Los Angeles) hearing the word tornado and LA is VERY rare if at all (that i can remember!)

It wasn't raining as bad as yesterday thankfully.. It's my halfday from work today (THANK GOODness! Very much needed!)

But I wanted to fill you all in on my wonderful website! I am the creator/founder of an online community/forums call WorldForMoms.

AWESOME Logo made by Helm Sicat

Just to let you all know what WFM is all about: is a fun and free online community, created by a Mom. It's a place for moms & women to come together and share a common interest - Anything from parenting advice, fitness, beauty-tips etc. A place for new moms and seasoned moms, moms-to-be, those that want to be moms if not now - in the future and of course any woman that loves kids! A place for women from all walks of life to come together and relax and hang out! Get away from the daily hassles of life!

WFM Offers Personal Photo Albums, Photo Contests, Forum Games, Due Date Calendar, an Awesome arcade, Social Groups and most of all we are a friendly bunch of Moms/women that love meeting new moms, helping out and sharing parenting advice, health advice, beauty and fitness knowledge and sharing friendships which is our most important aspect at WFM.

We hope you will join us! It's fun, FREE and easy to register!

So if you are a woman/girl/mommy/preggo and want a place to chill and talk to other women/ladies/moms etc! this is the place! I know it says "MOMS" but all of us MOMS are WOMEN too! :) and we'd love to have women from all walks of life join us!

I am going to be holding a ton of new contests coming up soon! and i'd love to have new members join us! so please feel free to join us - give us some feedback, what kind of contests you'd like to see and would join in etc etc!

I hope to hear from you all soon!.. I think that's it for now.. You'll probably hear from me again soon! :) it's a rainy day in.. and had to get a quick blogging session while my little tots are napping!

toodles for now!

<3 Khristine

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Version of the "Smokey-Eye" Tutorial

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share with everyone, my first video tutorial (and like mentioned in the side bar of my video - many more to come!)

I Decided to do the Smokey-Eyed look, only because it's the most common/used makeup look that i've seen and that i like to do! Plus I did one video a LOOONG time ago, and it didn't look so good LOL! and i was extremely nerdy (even my family made fun of me!)

Anywho, this was a very much requested video tutorial from most of the ladies at my online community/forums called and a few friends/family members.. so I got the courage to do the video!

And of course I wanted to test out the New BH Cosmetics palette that I had purchased and put it to good use.. lol I know of all the colors i decided to use.. was black LOL! If I get another request for a different look or specific colors i'll go ahead and do that! (so if you have a special request - please feel free to ask - just as long as it's not clown makeup LOL no offense!)

So, After using the BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palette (120 Palette Edition 2).. I actually really like it! It's very pigmented and you only have to use a little bit.. I could compare them to some of the MAC eyeshadows.. I know I said i'd do a video tutorial (a video of me talking not just pictures like my original/first post).. if you all still would like one, please feel free to let me know! I saved the box, packaging material it came with and everything and would LOVE to do a review - leave a comment!

Here are some more pictures of the look (I know the video doesn't do the colors justice):

Let me know what you think of my tutorial, please, please, PLEASE rate my video and subscribe if you can! I'd really appreciate all the support!

I do want to let you all know that i'm going to be doing tons of things on my blog/youtube channel! like mentioned, makeup tutorials, makeup products/other product reviews, cover songs (cause i loves to sing! - not that i'm good! just a great past time i like to do with my two daughters).. and other random things..

Most likely my Journey to accomplishing my NUMBER 1 (out of like 10) New Years resolution for 2010 which is lose the baby weight from my last pregnancy! So i'll keep you all filled in on the juicyness of it all! so keep up with me!

Thank you all for reading! feel free to comment/follow me/subscribe and spread my page around!

<3 Khristine

Sunday, January 17, 2010

first blog entry!

Okay - so my original blog was, im still undecided if i'm going to move things over this way.. or leave it there and leave blogs stricly WFM over there..

but i hate the idea of having 2 pages! (like i dont have enough things to keep up with!)

but for now i'll post here! I've also created my very own YouTube page

Woulda been RandomnessWithKhristine, but it didn't fit lol.. and i wasn't going to end it with Khrist .. LOL.. anywho - check it out let me know what you think!

Here's my first Video... real short/mini video when I had gotten my BH Cosmetics 120 Eyshadow palette edition 2..

I did a smokey eye tutorial and it's just in the editing stage.. but the program im using on my mac (imovie 08) is pretty dumb and removed a lot of the features that i need (like fast forward/rewind) lol.. so i'll either have to post 2 videos (a part 1 and 2 - boo i know) OR just cut some of the video out!.. don't know!

anywho let me know what you think!

I'm also going to be having new contests on - so join in when you get a chance!
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