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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

House of Lashes :: Noir Fairy

A few days ago I had posted a picture of me using House of Lashes :: Noir Fairy lashes. I purchased them a few weeks ago because of my favorite MUA Julie - Pala foxxia on Youtube always uses them in her pictures.. so NO I'm not sponsored by them (i wish!) I just really like these particular lashes! and NO I was not sent these products to review etc.. I purchased with my own money!

So many people have asked me what lashes they are and where did I get it from etc etc.. so I promised I'd post about it!

Me using "Noir Fairy" Lashes from HouseofLashes!

And a closer look without the filters:

Noir Fairy Lashes :: Limited edition:
This amazing multi layered and multi tiered lash style is packed with as much density as the eye can hold. Noir Fairy makes your lashes the focal point and draws attention so much to your eyes, that you might be remembered as unearthly, supernatural and awesomely sublime!
100% guaranteed thickness, length and smoulder. Hand made from 100% cruelty-free synthetic hair. Retails for $18.00, they do have a 3 pack available for $50 (shipping is free on all orders over $25)

credit to

I Love how these lashes are really dense and can make your look ultra dramatic.. and it truly does draw attention to your eyes. My husband, when he saw me wearing these said my eyes looked super sexy and my eyelashes looked extra batty haha :D 

I'm not used to such thick eyelashes (i usually just wear the thin/natural ones) but these were great, easy to use and didn't bother me (lol and I did wear these with my glasses cause I was too lazy to put on contact lenses)..

Let me know if you get these and what you think of them! :)

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