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Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Hello Everyone! Who doesn't love blog awards?! I feel so special haha!

anyway, i wanted to share with you all that Justine was so kind enough to award me the Versatile Blogger Award! woo hoo! :) thank you doll! You guys should check her out if you haven't already - she has some pretty amazing product reviews that you wouldn't want to miss!

As a Recepient of the award, I'm to post 7 random facts about me and share the award with other bloggers of my choice.

Here are some random facts (that i haven't mentioned previously)

* I'm 5'0 short! lol.. of course from videos and pictures you can't really tell how tall (or in this case how short I am).. but it's pretty funny when people see me in person - i'm a shorty <3

* I get bored easily with things! i will always start a project and almost never finish it! or i'll get into this phase (was on a blushwhore phase, but easily got bored with it.. then was on a purchase all lipsticks phase, and bored with lipsticks lol).. and i'm really suprised i've kept up with my  blog as long as i did lol

* I had lasik eye surgery in 2006 - and had perfect vision! and just recently (like 2 weeks ago) had to get eye glasses because i can't see far anymore :( (well dr said it was due to 2nd pregnancy which was true - your eyes/teeth etc make drastic changes during pregnancy and unfortunately my eyes suffered lol - but don't regret my babies at all!)

* I want to be a rockstar - yes even though i'm grown up, i still have dreams or thoughts that i still will/want to be a rockstar lol.. 

* Some people don't know, but i created and founded the website :) made it when i was pregnant with my first daughter and had NO one to turn to! (it was originally a make-up/beauty forum called "" I think lol) 

* I love going to the gym to lift weights! i get very touchy on the subject about girls that think they'll get "buff" if they lift weights! it bothers MEEEEEE lol.. but, i never say anything - because i'm so passionate about the subject that i'd just get angry lol so i just end up going to the gym by myself. (plus i lost 20lbs and have kept it off lifting weights and eating healthy! woot!)

* I absolutely LOVE Ghost/scary stories/movies! i love going to haunted houses on halloween and love getting scared haha!

lol yes - i'm still boring haha! but anyway! I'd like to share this award with the following bloggers that I enjoy! 

Tiffany =
Jarmaine =
Swatchcat =
Norma =
Nicole =


  1. :D thanks for sharing about yourself! aww you are so short!

  2. haha I am that short too...I am 5ft 1/2 in!!! got put in the 1/2 in lol!!

  3. Thank you!!

  4. Thank you so much Khristine and congrats on your blog award! xx

  5. @Justine - I am short i wish i was at least 5'3! LOL

    @Jessica - lol every half inch counts!!

    @swatchcat - You're very welcome!

    @Tiffany - You're welcome hun! :)


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