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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Video :: July Faves

So I've been totally addicted to doing YT videos  (can you tell?) lol.. I just think it's an outlet for me to show people who i am and my personality.. that and this is the only way i get to share my passion for the things i love (besides my family <3 <3)

A lot of my friends don't really have the same interest in make-up and fitness/exercising as I do.. so hence the blog, the YT channel and the like.. I at least get to interact and communicate to those that share my passion, or want to get into make-up/beauty/health etc..

enough of my rambling.. Here are my Favorite beauty Products for July!

Products Mentioned:

1. MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium

I have not stopped reaching for it this whole month of July. Prior to finding this, I was using the MAC Sheer Pressed Powder but noticed i kept coming back to MSFN. I believe it's because when i used it to set my foundation, it just made my skin look so natural and i liked it! it wasn't heavy or made me cakey, and it was easy to apply. I've used it everyday and it has not budged lol! love this stuff and would reccomend it for those that are looking into something from MAC to set the foundation and if the Sheer pressed powder is not enough coverage.

2. MAC By Candlelight MSF

I didn't really get into Mineralized Skinfinishes just until a month before Stereo Rose came out.. and they repromoted By Candlelight as well, after doing tons of research/looking at swatches and then looking for myself in store, i've fell in love with this product. i use it to highlight my skin, and place it where light/sun would reflect off of.. giving me such a natural radiance to the skin.. it was perfect for summer and still is!

3. MAC Stereo Rose MSF

like mentioned above I got it with By Candlelight MSF and i absolutely love these two together as well.. i didn't think i'd get into the hype, but this product does give me this lovely glow to the cheeks.. it was a perfect color for summer! i loved it and had used it quite often!

4. MAC Fluerry Powder Blush (D/C)
after seeing many swatches of this particular blush, I knew I had to have it.. and ever since I purchased it from someone online (in perfect condition, might i add) and the first use.. I WAS IN LOVE! there was a point where I wore this particular blush and only this blush for 2.5 weeks! it gave my skin an amazing glow but was definitely not over the top. It's a Frost, and i'd thought Frost = fall out or sparkly glitter chunks lol.. but it was far from it.. it made my cheeks glisten in radiance in all the right places.. and the color went with mostly everything!

5. Diorskin Nude Foundation in Linen (021) 
I purchased this on a whim.. my first purchase of dior anything! i was quite impressed at how much the foundation felt like skin on me.. like my skin but better. the smell wasn't as bad, it was pleasant. i can't put my tongue on the word.. but i actually grew to like it! the coverage was great, except on my t-zone which is my problem area.  so i don't use it that much only on special occassions because it is pricey.. and don't wanna waste it.. 

6. Korres Blush in #15 Natural
OMG this blush is love! if i'm in a hurry and just wanted a touch/hint of color or add a stunning glow to my cheeks - this would be it! and it lasts all day on my greaseball/oily skin! i love this blush, it feels so satiny on my cheeks, and it's not blotchy at all. extremely pigmented and just overall a great color for my skintone!

So these are my favorites! hope you all enjoyed the video! and if you haven't subscribed to my channel/blog - please do it's FREE! and don't forget the "thumbs up!"

thanks all!

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