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Saturday, February 4, 2012

(CLOSED) Miracle Skin Transformer Review & Giveaway!

(Contest has ended - no longer taking entries!)

Hi Everyone! Hope you all are enjoying your week so far.

So today i'll be reviewing a couple of products that were sent to me for consideration. I'm sure you've heard of them - it's called the Miracle Skin Transformer. There are three products I will be reviewing and at the end of the post, there will be one lucky winner who will get to win ALL three products i've reviewed!

So, onto the review. 

The Box of goodies I had received :)

Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal Eye & Face in Light/Medium
Retails: $36.00 (can be purchased on their website or Sephora)

I Love the stars inside the packaging :) So cute!

Left - Swatch, Right - partially blended

So first and foremost, this is an awesome concealer. Typically for me, I always have to have a separate concealer for my under eye area and for my blemishes/redness around my nose/cheeks. But this one is a multi-purpose concealer and definitely works for my whole face. Because of it's silicone like consistency, it made my pores on my face disappear as well as provided medium to full coverage. When I set the concealer with powder, I had a flawless finish. It was as if nothing was on my face (which I really liked). 

The lasting power is amazing - stayed put for about 6-7 hours (which is great for me, usually the longest my regular concealers have lasted was abour 3-5 hours tops) so this was really impressive for me. I did have a problem with slight creasing under my right eye (because I have a crease that is really deep unfortunately, but this happens to all my concealers)

It did what it claimed: 
  1. Instantly concealed darkness & redness and visible diminished pores (but on the box says diminishes signs of aging with collagen and ceramides)
  2. Treat, correct, and cover any problem-area on skin including pigmentation and blemishes

Packaging: 5/5
I am such a big fan of products in a tube (instead of in a jar/tub like MAC studio finish, Graftobian soft orange creme corrector, Sheer Cover duo concealer etc). There is a lot of product in this tube too! 15ML/0.50ML which is a lot because you really only need a tiny bit to go a long way! Super easy to use because it is in a tube, and the tip is a bit pointed so you get just the amount you need. 

Quality: 4/5
The quality of this product is amazing. Like I mentioned, it did what it claimed and it lasted a long time for me! I didn't break out from using this product and it definitely lived up to it's name.  It was a miracle to find a concealer I could use for all over my face. The product didn't feel like it would clog my pores at all, it seamlessly glided across my face and covered my problem areas. The consistency is hard to explain, it's like a mousse like consistency, that when blended into the skin, melted into the skin kind of like silicone and dissipated into nothing. It reminded me of Smashbox Primer (which I have in light) and that's the closest thing I could compare it to..

Usage: 5/5
Super easy to use, no brainer really! 

Overall: 4.5/5

I definitely would recommend for those that have dark circles and blemishes/redness that needs medium to full coverage concealer. I loved how it did cover my dark circles, I just didn't like that it did crease on me (minimally, but still) for the price, I was hoping that it wouldn't. Definitely would recommend if you also have big pores, fine lines that need to sort of be "erased", but I think if you had big creases like I did under my eye, it might settle (you really must set this concealer with powder though). I like how this was free from fragrance, parabens, harsh chemicals as well as it is not tested on animals. 

Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 in Medium
Retails for $48 on their website or Sephora
Left - Swatch, Right - Slightly Blended

Just like the concealer, the consistency was the same way (think Smashbox Primer feeling). This one was a bit weird for me to apply, because I'm used to liquid foundations being cold and liquidy lol. This was very nice, to me this "enhancer" is light-medium coverage (if applied alone) This becomes medium coverage if you wear it with the concealer and they say this is buildable, but I only used one layer of this, with the concealer and then set it with translucent powder and it looked flawless. This does have a slight scent of smelling like sunscreen. If you like sunscreen this is for you, because it does have SPF 20 (UVA/UVB SPF20 to be exact) So it protects your skin from free radicals and provides and anti-inflammatory and has calming benefits (if you skin is irritated). This one didn't crease on me at all, but as I was applying this all over my face (used the Sigma F80 brush to apply) when I got it on my lips, it felt kind of waxy/oily, but weird thing was when I touched my lips, it wasn't.. so that was weird feeling for me. It blended into my skin quite well, it has like a dewy like touch to it after application. Without powder to set it, it doesn't look wet at all, more like second skin. 

Packaging: 5/5
Like I mentioned, I love how it's in a tube and not in a glass bottle with no pump. (more sanitary) I love how you just squeeze out what you need and that's it. Like the concealer, you really don't need a lot. 

Quality: 4/5
Just like the concealer, it delivered what it claimed. I didn't need to layer this product on so much, so I cannot go into detail with that, because with one pea-size amount all over the face (mind you I also had used the concealer) it covered the redness on my cheeks and around my nose. but it is buildable (so it says) 

Usage: 5/5
Very super easy to use like the concealer - no fuss, no mess.

Overall: 4/5

I would also recommend this product with the concealer as they compliment each other very well. I do like how it has SPF in it (so for those of you who do not like that, or may be allergic to products with SPF in it, this may not be for you) But I do like how it did smooth out the appearance of big pores/fine lines and gave me an airbrushed effect. 

And Lastly...

Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF 20 (in "Glow Enhancer")
Retails for $34.00 on their website or at Sephora

Left - Swatched, Right - Partially blended (so you could see what it looked like)

This was different for me, because I've never used a tinted product for my arms, decollete, or legs like this one before. So when I swatched it - you see the color, but when I fully blended it it, it blended into my skin color as if nothing was there. I tried this on my decollete, my arms and my legs and let me tell you. I noticed there was a slight luminosity to it, like slight shimmery particles (but barely noticable, I was just looking super close at it) I guess that's where you get the "glow enhancer" look. It does claim to give your skin a luminous finish, so that I could see why there would be some type of sheen of shimmer. 

I liked that it says you could apply it to dry legs (meaning i didn't put any lotion on) and it made my skin feel moisturized, soft and supple. To me there was really no coverage, but it did overall just enhance my skin, giving it kind of a supple/youthful look to it. It has their M3 complex which basically designed to improve the look and feel of the skin - all over. 

This was different from the concealer and face transformer because the other two felt silicone like, this one, after blending it into the skin, felt like lotion (but not greasy feeling afterwards). 

Packaging: 5/5
Going to sound like a broken record but I love these products because they are in a tube.

Quality: 4/5
still has a slight scent of sunscreen. there really was no coverage, but did make my skin look more youthful and not as dry looking (my legs look like the sahara desert) but looked lovely on my arms (although i did notice slight shimmers) 

Usage: 5/5
Very super easy to use like the other two products - no fuss, no mess.

Overall: 4/5

I would only recommend this, probably in the warmer weathers for those that like to wear shorts, sleeveless clothes to show off their skin because it really does work to enhance your skin (especially if your skin is dull and lifeless like mine lol) But since I typically wear pants (even in the summer lol) I don't have much use for this on my legs, but definitely can see myself using this when i go to disneyland or what not where my arms will be exposed and I want to show off my muscles (HAH!) but nonetheless it's a great product. 

Now onto the giveaway! (i'm sure what you've all been waiting for anyway!).. 
I will make this super simple for me and for you, by using the rafflecopter widget. If you are on your cellphone, you may/may not be able to see the widget - so you must be on a desktop computer to see it. 

- US residents ONLY
- Must be 18 years of age or Older to enter, please read the other mandatory rules on the widget to enter please. 

I must receive all entries by 2/11/2012 12AM PST and the odds of winning are determined by the number of entries received. No purchase necessary to enter

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  1. Hi sweety  :)
    I'm Monika and I'd love to try the light shade.
    email: peniamm(@)gmail(.) Thank you!!

  2. I'm Nikki!
    GFC- Nike-mail-
    I'd like to try these in Light.

  3. Miss Tapia
    Email: jennilovesstarsgmail .com
    I'd like the shades Light and Sheer Enhancer for the MST.

  4. Jordan C. aka.
    Shades: Light, Light, and Sheer Enhancer

  5. Name:gabriela sanchez Email Im a medium shade. thank you for your amazing giveaway..Following on Twitter @1chynnaGFC sanchez or gabriela

  6. I'm Saharaa Rao -- sahara.rao23gmail .com
    I like to pick Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 in Medium
    Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF20 in  Glow Enhancer
    Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal in Light/Medium

  7. ALso following via GFC as Sahara R

  8. I'm Kim D.- mom22girlz at ymail dot com
    Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 in Medium
    Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF20 in  Glow Enhancer
    Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal in Light/Medium
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  9. I have the concealer and I love it!  I need the light  in the concealer and transformer and Glow in the transformer body.  My name is Trina xoxotrina at live dot com

  10. I need: 
    Miracle Skin Transformer in MediumMiracle Skin Transformer Body in  Glow EnhancerMiracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal in Light/Medium 

  11. Claire eclairre(at)ymail(dot)com, I need light in the concealer & transformer, glow for the transformer body. thanks


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