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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Video :: Squats & Rack Pulls

So I actually posted these on my Youtube channel awhile back, and decided to go ahead and post them here on my blog for those that aren't following my youtube channel or my twitter.

These are a few months old, i did lose a few pounds from then, got injured lol.. but here are two videos (only ones I have from the gym doing squats and Rack Pulls).

Rack Pulls (should start right below the knee)

135lbs - 5 reps

Squats (ATG @$$ to grass :D)

135lbs 5 reps

I know a few months ago - a couple people on twitter had asked me to upload some videos. I wanted to show these to you ladies to inspire you that you don't have to be afraid of weights! :) 

Also! wanted to update you all - Hubby and I have put together our second squat rack this past weekend! we had one and just added another to the family (our garage).. let me know in the comments if any of you are interested to see them! or how we have it set up at the moment.. it is still in the beginning process of a home gym - but i'm SO excited that hubby is building one for us! 

Hopefully we can save up for some really awesome dumbbells to go with everything - and then we'll sorta be complete! 

Sorry for the lack of videos though, been having a hard time with my macbook pro and it's what i use to edit my videos - need more RAM.. so until then, hope you enjoy my random blogging! 

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