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Saturday, May 14, 2011

What i've been up to lately..

so it's been quite a while since my last blog post!

i've been extremely busy! from las vegas, to failing my anatomy and physiology test, to trading in my car.. it's been super busy around my house lol

hubby has actually started to build our own home gym.. we have acquired two squat racks, a barbell set with weights (300lbs) and as soon as we get some dumb bells i think i might just cancel my gym membership.. really depends....

Also - got a new layout for my mommy website ( if you want to check it out - or even know any moms that may be interested...

i know i've been MIA for awhile, but i've been trying to study for my tests.. and i guess i'll have to study a bit harder since i didn't pass my last test.. 

i hope all you moms had a great mother's day.. i surely did! i got to watch a movie with hubby and our girls, we watched Rio.. i really loved the movie.. i loved it so much that i bought the angry birds rio version of it LOL!

las vegas was real fun when hubby and i went with karen and derick..  here are some pictures!

Claudia - ME - Karen

Me & Karen

Me & My amazing hubby

Forgot where in vegas this was lol
but Me & Hubby.. love him!!!

We had so much fun at las vegas.. hope to go again, this time we'd probably see some shows this time around.. wish we got to see the jabbawockeez =/ but nonetheless it was super fun.. it was actually our first time going anywhere from our girls.... so we wanted to rush home because we missed them so much!

but on the way home from vegas, hubby took me to the coach outlet and got me my first coach purse.. long story - i was going to get an LV speedy purse, but i decided not to lol... even though i had the chance.... (when we were in vegas).. 

also on the way home.. we traded in my mazdaspeed3 for a mitsubishi lancer evolution X! love this car! :) 

gah i have just SOO much to catch up on.. didn't help that blogger was down for what felt like an eternity.... but i guess this will do for now.. super sore from today's gym session with hubby.. i did legs today.. if you looked at the previous post - i pretty much did the same thing :D sorry been slacking on my posts... but family & school come first!! :) 

anyway - till tomorrow's blog.... tooooooodles!


  1. look pretty Khristine. And so lucky you guys have your own gym.

    Good luck with your test. I know you will do well :)

  2. Glad to hear your keeping well! You look gorgeous in these pics, sounds like you had fun in vegas!

  3. @Rebekkah - thanks hun! yea we're barely putting the gym together - it'll be a long process, but im super excited about it! :)
    thanks for the good luck wishes for my test- but i already failed hehe :) gotta retake it in 2-3 months.. so will definitely need good luck vibes then!

    @Ashii - thank you doll! :)

  4. I see Karen! Tell her I said hi! :) It was a pleasure meeting you and Karen at Beautylish! Hopefully lunch soon?!

  5. Hi April!

    I'll definitely tell Karen you said Hi! I'm so glad I met you! You're such a sweetheart! We definitely should hang out soon! you have my number!


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