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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What Motivates me to stay/get Fit

I know that some of you that follow my blog, have seen my posts in the past of my husband's workout videos.. but I really am so proud of him! He truly does inspire me and a lot of others to stay fit.

He recently joined an online body transformation competition and i wanted to share with all of you his progress so far.

the picture on the left was taken on 08/28/2011 and the picture on the right was taken little less than a month later at 09/21/2011. you can see how he has leaned out and is totally getting shredded :)

One of our two squat racks in our garage. :) we recently just moved 
both of them together on the other side. :) picture to come soon.
Yes that is my Mitsubishi Lancer Evolotion X :P

If you guys didn't know - my husband was the main reason why I started working out back in January 2010. I had always complained that I was fat, I hated my clothes because they didn't fit.. but yet I never wanted to do anything about my weight. I was your typical average person that wanted the easy way out (ie: diet pills, starvation diets).. but My husband truly was the one who opened my eyes! 

Just to give you a little background on My AWESOME husband. he had dislocated his ankle in 2008 and it was so bad it did not heal properly as the ortho doc expected it (because of how he dislocated it the Doc said).. He had a really long recovery process after the dislocation.. he was in a cast and was STILL going to the gym everyday.. 

Not only that - but he had to have micro-fracture surgery (meaning they had to break the bone to fix it) because like mentioned his ankle did not heal the way the orthopedic surgeon/MD had expected it. Even after he had surgery he was up a few days after at the gym! Talk about Dedication.. if you want to know - My Husband is the total definition of it :)

He has been doing this for 5 years and i'm so proud of his progress. Although I did lose 21 lbs after my second daughter - I was real proud of myself because My Husband and my kids always supported me. Although I am pregnant now and not so flattering looking, my husband has supported my decision to stay active and still work out. so if you want to know why i'm dedicated - it's because My Husband. My True inspiration! :)

Another inspiration of mine is My Cousin Hazel :) She's had 3 babies and she Looks AMAZING. 

She started her journey July 7, 2010 (her before picture)

And this picture was afterwards:
Pic on left taken: 02/20/2011
Pic on right taken: 03/15/2011

I just hate that she lives all the way in Germany! I know if she lived closer, we'd be tearing it up at the gym! She just recently got into CrossFit and been really enjoying seeing her do the same things I do (squats, deadlifts etc).. she's a true inspiration to me because now that i'll have 3 babies - I KNOW i can get back to pre-pregnancy size in no time. :)

And I know you've probably seen these already, but these are the only videos I have of me working out.. i hope to have many more soon though :) Me doing Squats and Rack pulls below:

This was in April 2011 - I was 122lbs
I am squatting 135lbs. 

Also 135lb rackpulls. 
What inspires you? :)


  1. wow, I'm inpressed! You and your cousine inspired me :) Greetings from Poland :)

  2. 21 lbs is an awesome accomplishment! Thank you for including me in your blog. I only wish we lived closer so we can feed off each others energy. Soon enough...

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