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Friday, March 2, 2012

36 Week Pregnancy Vlog Update :: What to pack for Hospital Bag?

Hi Everyone! SO o-m-g, I'm officially 36 weeks pregnant today! (9 MONTHS!) time flew right by this pregnancy! Sad to say I don't have many pictures of me being pregnant.. then again, I didn't have many pictures of me pregnant with my other two. 

Here's the Vlog! :) 

My last pregnancy vlog/blog post was when I was 26 weeks (blog post here) and not much has changed with my eating habits/cravings, but just a drastic change (to me) in my belly.  I was able to wear most of my regular pants/jeans (I did have some stretchy pants I purchased a long time ago for my previous pregnancies - size 5 I believe.. sadly before this pregnancy I shrunk down to a 3).. 

What i've mainly been eating since my last blog post.. Lots of salads, chickens, eggs, cooked salmon (in moderation of course!) I've been really craving for salad with thousand island dressing with chicken, eggs (boiled), turkey bacon, guacamole and thousand island.. that's what I would typically eat. Or I'd mix it up and make an egg salad sandwhich or a chicken tostada bowl. Of course I'd eat whatever I craved.. which recently has been lots of sweets! not so much red vines anymore or cinnamon toast crunch cereal.. and my love for cinnamon has died down a lot.. as well as the vanilla tootsie rolls i used to crave for and lays bbq potato chips.. 

I've been snacking on freaking cookies LOL like oreo's (the vanilla one only), chips ahoy and now Nutter Butter cookies.. LOL! I never even liked that stuff before.. so it's kind of weird to me.. but shoot only live once :)

I've been terrible at tracking my food on myfitnesspal, which i think it's okay for right now since i'm not trying to lose any weight at this time, but definitely will be tracking my food for afterwards when i'm able to lose weight. 

So Far since my last post (26 weeks preggo - had gained 20-25lbs).. I'm now at a whopping 30-32lb weight gain.. which I'm almost at the cut off (max 35lbs recommended weight gain during pregnancy).. 

I'm pretty proud of myself, because with previous pregnancies.. I honestly didn't care how much weight I gained, and did gain like 40-50lbs with those pregnancies which i'm glad i'm doing quite well with this pregnancy. I do have 4 more weeks to go, and am supposed to gain 1/2 to 1lb a week until then.. so we'll see how this goes! sometimes I do get headaches and I get very nauseous, but i'm still okay!

I had to stop lifting weights because I have way too much pressure down there I feel like if I were to lift anything, my uterus would fall out lol.  And if I get up too fast, my pelvic area has shooting pains. not sure if that means baby is resting down there or what, or has made her way down there in preparation of her birth.. I just hope she stays in at least until after March 9th (my husband's co-workers are throwing us a baby shower :D)

I know I had tweeted that I was going to pack my hospital bag right after the baby shower.. but because of being busy with school and the kids and daily house stuff.. I never had the chance to. But I did manage to get my bag and am packing it this week! 

Here is what I plan on bringing in my hospital bag(s):

For ME:
- socks
- nursing bras
- underwear
- nursing gown/night shirt
- sweat shirt & sweat pants
- slippers
- clothes to wear home
- glasses
- small bag of makeup & toiletries (toothbrush etc)
- hair brush & hair ties
- Lotion, lip balm
- Paper & Pen
- Sanitary Pads
- Phone Charger, Laptop & laptop charger :D

- Infant Car Seat
- Receiving Blanket
- 2 Bodysuits
- 2 Pairs of socks
- Mittens
- Going home outfit

For Hubby:
(We live so close to the hospital, that if i forget the bag, he can get all of these at home if needed)
- Bottled water
- Snacks
- Coins for vending machine
- Change of clothes
- Toiletries
- Blanket & Pillow

Other things to bring:
- Insurance card
- Drivers license
- an extra bag (to bring home gifts)
- Short list of family and friends to notify once baby has been born
- Camera/Video Camera & chargers
- Books/Magazines

That's all that I could think of right now, but that's what i'll be bringing in my hospital bag :) 

So very exciting! I have an appointment today and will film another vlog this Monday when I'm 37 weeks.. or if i've made it till then i'll do one at 38 weeks :) 

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