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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Video :: What I'm packing in my Hospital bag (requested)

So I had originally filmed this video On Monday March 5, 2012 (When I really turned 37 weeks) But due to being super busy with my kids events at school, preparing for baby and other motherly duties and school stuff for myself - I was not able to edit this till now :P

My amazing YT Subbies, Blog & Twitter friends had asked me to do a video (since I mentioned this in my previous pregnancy vlog) on What I'm bringing in my hospital bag for when I go into labor.

Please keep in mind, I plan to have my baby (this is my 3rd), vaginally & naturally. If I am able to do so, this will be my 2nd successful VBAC (My first baby was c-section because of medical complications)

So i'm basing my hospital bag from my previous delivery (actually for that baby I had gone into full blown labor so fast I didn't even have my bags packed!). I didn't stay in the hospital long at all, only one night and left the next morning. 

Items Mentioned:
- iPhone app - SproutLite (Free)
- Socks
- 2 Nursing Bras (If you are planning on breast feeding or not)
- Disposable Nursing pads (or if you can get LilyPadz - those are the best!)
- Underwear (No thongs)
- Sanitary Pads (No tampons) 
- 2 Night gowns (for easy access to breast feed as well as use restroom)
- 1 pair of stretchy Shorts (just to have/comfort)
- Spaghetti straps/Tank Tops
- 2 Cardigans/Cover Ups (just to have - I don't like wearing the hospital one)
- 2 Yoga/Sweat Pants
- 1 extra pair of sweat pants - in case I don't want to wear the night gown (because of guests etc - pair this with a tank top)
- My Glasses (or contacts if you wear them, but I personally will not be bringing my contacts)

Make Up Essentials:
I do want to warn you, I am a simpleton, I'm not bringing a ton of makeup/makeup brushes because honestly, after I deliver my baby, I'm sure i'll be tired and not care how I look. I'll want to just go home so that I can enjoy my new baby :)  I didn't pack any makeup last time I delivered, so this is "just in case". 

- Jane Iredale mineral pressed powder
- Extra powder puff
- 2 Blushes (Milani Berry Amore & Luminous)
- Travel Kabuki Brush (i can use this to apply blush)
- EOS Lipbalm (strawberry sorbet i think)
- Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
- L'Oreal 24hr infallible eyeshadow in Bronzed Taupe
- Wet N Wild Comfort Zone eyeshadow Palette
- Makeup Wipes (just incase I have makeup, end up delivering & can't get out of bed to wash face, at least I have these to remove my makeup/refresh my face)
- Maybelline Master shape eyebrow pencil in Deep Brown
- Eyelash curler
- Mally Volumizing Mascara
- Milani HD advanced concealer - for my dark circles (i'll probably look tired)
- Random makeup brushes (if I do decide to wear eyeshadow)
- Eye brow pencils
- Blending Brush
- Shader brush

- Travel kit (Has lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, plastic bag)
- Paddle Brush (so I can brush my tangled mess called Hair)
- Hair ties, Bobby Pins & mini clip/claw to pull hair back
- (JUST in case - cause I didn't stay in the hospital long enough to use it) Travel sized Shampoo & Conditioner - Macadamia natural oil shampoo & conditioner
- facial moisturizer (ultra facial cream & eye cream with avacado both from kiehls)
- travel size Purity by philosophy facial cleanser

- Paper & pen (to jot down important things, remember guests that came, to make a list for hubby to go out and get something :P)
- Face towel (so I can have something of my own and clean to dry my face)
- Body Towel (again, this just in case I stay there longer then expected)
- Slippers/Flats (to wear in the hospital of course - forgot to mention this in there, but hope that's common sense. Don't want to walk around the hospital room/floor with no shoes/socks)

For Baby:
- Infant Car Seat
- Newborn Caps
- (not shown) Mittens & socks
- 2 Onesies (body suits)
- 2 Pants
- 2 Side snap shirts
- Going home outfit (if she doesn't go home in the onesie and pants)
          ~ long sleeve onesie, pants and a sweater
- Blanket

Other important items:
- Phone & Phone charger
- laptop & laptop charger (this is a maybe for me, because i didn't have time to use mine last time)
- Insurance card & ID and your purse
- Coins for vending machine (for snacks)
- Magazines and books if you need it (but i'll have my phone)
- Blanket and pillow for my hubby (if he needs it)
- Hospital registration papers (if needed, we already pre-registered so we're good to go!

But like I mentioned in my previous pregnancy vlog, we live literally 5 minutes away from the hospital so, whatever I don't bring and that I need - he is a good sport and would go back to get it. :) 

I do hope this was helpful for those that requested this. I'd be happy to answer any other questions do another video on anything pregnancy related while i'm still pregnant (or not, i'll still answer them)..  I do plan to do another video on what MY pregnancy essentials were (which were not a lot, because like I mentioned i'm such a simple person lol)

Oh and the website I mentioned in the video, that I created :) it's an online mommy community (forums) where moms/women from all walks of life can come together and chit chat. it's called World For Moms ( it's free to register and My name on there is "KHristine" :) It's currently having work done on the server (of course right? perfect timing ugh!) 

If you have any other video/blog requests please feel free to let me know (especially while baby is not here yet!)

I am going to skip my 37 week pregnancy vlog because i'm almost 38 weeks (on Monday). But I will let you know that my Doctor is going to strip my membranes at my 38 week appointment (On Monday) if I have not gone in to labor yet. at my last appointment I was 1.5 cm dilated, which could mean nothing at all.. so we'll see at my next appointment if I have her after he's stripped my membranes (that sounds harsh huh lol) :D




FTC: All of the products mentioned/shown in video were purchased by Me. I was not paid to make this video. As always I give my 100% honest opinions on these products.  

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