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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Baby is 1 week old already!

Hi everyone! I seriously cannot believe it's already been a week since I had baby Sophia! She officially turned 1 week old yesterday (Friday).  She has been such a pleasure and my daughters have been enjoying her as much as my husband and I have been.

She wakes up every 2-3 hours to eat (She is breastmilk fed, but I currently am pumping exclusively). She only cries if she is hungry or has a soiled diaper, otherwise she is quite easy to comfort (which is such a blessing since my two daughter were both very hard to take care of when they were this age!) 

some people were asking me to do a 'post pregnancy' video, and i'm definitely thinking of doing one. I'm thinking of doing it when I officially go on maternity leave from school. (yes i'm still in school right now doing work and what not lol) so it starts in April and will probably have time to film then. 

I've been so blessed that my husband is taking time off work (for two weeks only because of financial obligations, he needs to go back to work).. but luckily we have both our parents (both our neighbors) to help me if I need it (and i will).  

Before I gave birth, I was hoping to do another pregnancy vlog and the haul video of what I got for my baby shower lol, but since it's too late to do that - I'll just probably just update you guys with the important things i've been needing, or baby essentials i've been using for baby (which is great for you new moms if you're unsure of what you need when baby is here).

So anywho, I'll leave you with the most recent picture of my Baby Girl :) she is all smiles after getting her milk ;P 

And here is Jasmyn feeding her baby sister :) 

** Also ** if you want me to do the post pregnancy video and have some questions in particular, please leave them in the comments below! :) 


  1. So darn cute! I love the pics you shared with us. Happy one week birthday to sweet Sophia!


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