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Friday, November 9, 2012

Video :: My Squat Progress

Hi all!

My Goodness! it's so hard to keep up nowadays, now that school is full swing for myself and my kids.. not to mention i've been working graveyard shifts now so i'm always tired! 

but I wanted to share my video with you (because I said I was going to).. of my squat progress! From when I first started lifting (2010) until now.. there are a lot of videos that I did not add, only the ones worth showing! (including my 185lb squats that i'm very proud of!) 

Sometimes I get a lot of questions - why do I squat?! well I want a nice perky round booty! :) 

anywho here it is! don't forget to comment, rate & subscribe!

thanks a lot! more videos coming soon!

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