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Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday No Funday

Yes another Monday.. But it was rather a hectic day (as usual) in Pediatrics.. I think i'm doing pretty swell! I do love working with kiddies! it's real fun!

I am rather tired - I spend 45 minutes of most of my lunch time standing in line at the post office sending off things from my blog sale/swaps from MUA/MUG..  and barely had time to eat anything.. ended up going to 7-11 and getting a rockstar and tuna on wheat bread sandwhich.

Okay.. SO today, I tried out the Clinique Even better liquid foundation (it looked great on me yesterday during my mac run lol).. but I guess it didn't look so hot after putting my MAC sheer pressed powder to set it.. I turned dark/sunburnt LOL.. and blotchy! (omg my neck was nasty! LOL) it made me look like i was dirty/had a mustasche.. of course this, i found out when I was already at work and someone was like.."your  face/skin looks different".. meaning (WTF happened to you LOL!)..

don't know if you can really see, but the picture on the left you can see the blotchiness and my neck LOL.. and on the right picture it was dark in some areas.. :) I love my Hello Kitty Scrubs (comes useful when working with children i must say!).. And oh that was my FOTD LOL (well my eyeshadow - i've been wearing a lot of purple lately :))..

but shoot I don't know what to do.. I recently posted a thread on (HERE) about my liquid foundation seach/powder foundation search.. and got a lot of replies initially about the liquid foundation.. but now that i've turned orangey/dark with the powder.. (but i normally always wear foundation then set it with powder cause i just have to for my oily t-zone).. so.. i'm thinking maybe i'll try it again (the clinique) by itself.. and see how that goes.. I must say the Cosmedicine MediMatte i put on my t-zone and i was not oily/shiny! (i put that under my l'oreal base then put the MAC prep + prime skin base visage on top then the clnique - just on the t-zone though).. 

Any of you Oily t-zoned/dry cheek/nose gals have an HG foundation/powder to recommend? I was so into the MAC studio fix til i started breaking out (as you can see in the freakin' picture dangit!).. 

Anyway - I'm WAY overdue for any kind of YT Video or tutorial LOL.. any requests? could use a suggestion or two.. lol ;)

alright everyone.. it's lala land time for me (well after i put my 2 year old and 3.5 year old - weird saying that! to bed..)..

btw what i used for today's ugly FOTD lol..

Cosmedicine: Medi-matte oil control lotion on t-zone
L'Oreal Studio Secrets Base on t-zone
MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage
Clinque Even Better liquid Foundation in Neutral (05)
MAC Sheer Pressed Powder in NC35
Dollymix Blush

used the MAC Diana Eyes:1 Palette
Up-Do (inner corner)
Endless Love (rest of lid)
Soul Song (outter corner/v)
Vex (slight highlight)
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero

Maybelline Color Sensation - Pink Please
MAC Lipglass - Feeling Dreamy 
(the kind of blended them in )

<3 Khristine


  1. Firstly, I love how you're getting into blush - definitely an unexpectedly awesome addition to any makeup arsenal.

    Secondly, the eye makeup you have on is so lovely! I still love the blending... And I especially LOVE your hello kitty scrubs hehe!

    As far as videos - how about some more eye makeup tutorials? :)

  2. Hi Irene! It's crazy! I'M SO addicted to blushes it's not funny! I have a list that i want i've posted it on MUA/MUG/Specktra lol! but you can never have enough blushes though!

    thank you for the kind comment on my eye makeup! i was totally in a poopy mood because of my foundation made me look burnt and everyone had noticed LOL.. and i thought my eyemakeup was shotty.. but the best thing was the hello kitty scrubs all the kids loved LOL!

    and i think i'm going to take your suggestion! i'll do some more eye makeup tutorials.. :) i've been asked to do a neutral one.. so i'll see what i can come up with (i'm still learning and trying to sharpen my wack skills though!)


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