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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review :: Brilliant Lenses (eyeglass cleaner & protector)

For those of you that follow me, know that i now wear eyeglasses! well it is a pain in the neck to get used to them! they are always dirty (im not used to them, so i always find myself slapping the glasses lol, or poking the glasses with my pen/pencil etc).. and i do clean them. but i swear there are always fingerprints all over them! 

So que in this product.. Black Diamond Eyeglass cleaner & Protector. It claims to:
  • Clean & Protect glass & plastic lenses
  • Adds scratch resistance to lenses
  • No Alcohol or ammonia
  • Great for phones
on the item packaging it says:
"Brilliant Lenses with SR-8 provides gentle superior cleaning while imparting an invisible durable barrier that resists scratches, soiling and water spots"

Directions: Simply spray Brilliant lenses onto both sides of lenses and wipe dry with Microfiber cloth. Brilliant! 
the website if you'd like to check out this product out for more information is:

This comes with two skinny spray bottles that hold 7 ml each of the cleaner itself, it comes with a micro-fiber cloth and carrying bag. 

So onto the review.. my initial thoughts:

Packaging - 5/5
Very nicely packaged, the item itself is in a neat packaging yet simple to the point kind of packaging. not your average eyeglass cleaner spray bottle that you get at target, or your eye doctor's office.. this is actually packaged! coolness! I like the sleekness of the bottles too! they fit easily in my purse especially with the little bag it comes with..

Quality - 4/5
I actually liked the quality of the microfiber cloth it came with, and the quality of the packaging itself was great, like i  mentioned loved the sleek look/packaging, the quality was great, real sturdy and no issues with the pump/spray itself.

Usage - 5/5
Super easy to use, just spray the eyeglass lens on each side, rub the microfiber cloth on the lenses till cleaned and it was good to go! super easy to use!

Overall - 4/5
what makes this stand out from the rest, it had an awesome sturdy and sleek design, not bulky like most spray bottle cleaners.. there was absolutely NO smell whatsoever, and i did feel the cleaning power was amazing, my eyeglasses stayed a lot cleaner for a longer period of time then my other eyeglass cleaner. although it was inevitable to get fingerprints on my eyeglasses, it sure did give take me a lot of tries to get finger prints on this lol not like when i'd accidentally brush against it with my finger with my old cleaner, immediate smudging and dirtiness like crazy lol.. so i really overall liked this product! i think it does stand out from other cleaners - i even gave this a try for my iPhone and it's still spic and span clean! even after my toddlers both got their hands on it (the phone to play) lol.. great product!

Recommend? definitely! if you don't have eyeglasses, i'd still recommend this if you want to use it for your phone! great on plastic lenses! really enjoyed using this product and toting it around with me!

Dirty Glasses (usually cleaned with regular eyeglass cleaner)

regular eyeglass cleaner

Cleansed with Brilliant Lenses eyeglass cleaner
Sorry for the quality, my camera wasn't picking it up so well, but it's actually really clean and shiny! lol.. err clear rather! 

FTC: I was sent these products by a PR firm for review purposes. I was not paid to do this review, nor does it alter my view on the product. As always, my reviews are with my HONEST thoughts and opinions.

Thank you for reading! hope this was helpful for you all! :) 

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