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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review :: Jockey Apparel :: possible stocking stuffers!

Jockey has something for everyone on your holiday gift list:

What to get the women in your life ...

If you are looking for something luxurious, timeless and functional, No Panty Line Promise Luxe has it all. This new collection (launching in Fall '10) features an invisible leg treatment virtually disappears under clothing, a Nylon blend fabric that is light and fine gauged, and of course, the promise of quality, fit and comfort that comes with every Jockey product. This year, give her something that not only makes her feel special, but something that she really needs!
And, one of the best things about Jockey gifts? They are easily accessible by readers nationwide at

I was given the chance to review some products from Jockey. I know it's probably weird for some of you that i'm reviewing undergarments LOL .. but hey! some people aren't sure about a product till they've heard or read about it! and i'm hoping to help with that in any way i can!

so with that being said (um btw no pictures of me in undies haha!) here are the products that i was sent and got to give my honest review.

First up is the tank top that i got to try out. it was silky smooth on the skin, and was real breathable! i sweat kind of easily with the work that i do.. so i liked wearing a tank top under my nursing scrubs that were lightweight and breathable. also what i liked most about this, was it was double lined and was snug on my body, kind of like having some support which i really liked as well.. it was easy to use, comfortable and non irritating on the skin. it didn't bunch up like my other cotton tank-tops and this actually had some support which was also a plus.. 

 the picture of the tank top was obviously before i wore it.. but here is my review on this particular product:

Packaging 4/5 
It was sent to me just as the picture (well in a bubble mailer of course) but this is how you'd get the product if you were to purchase in stores.. so nothing fancy here - but as simple as it gets!

Quality 5/5
the quality on this product was amazing. it didn't feel cheap at all, lasted through many washes and the fabric is light yet sturdy.. but felt great on the skin! like i wasn't wearing anything, yet had that fitted support - not our average tank top! must have necessity in my book!

Usage 5/5
pretty self explanatory - you just put it on like any other tank top :) didn't scrunch up on me which i liked!

Overall 5/5
I know the holidays are just around the corner, i think this is a great stocking stuffer to get, or if you don't want to get your mom/sister/aunt the same gift of pajamas this year, try giving her a couple of these! the quality is amazing, the fit is superb and it's just extremely comfortable to wear and most of all - it'll be put to good use! many colors to choose from, but i decided to get black as it goes with all my stuff lol (well most of my scrubs)..

or if you don't want to get this as a gift to your mom/sister etc, this is a great gift for yourself - a mini splurge to say the least.. i absolutely love the feel of this tank top! 

Alrighty! on to the next topic of discussion, the undies! LOL.. i just want to clarify these were all pictures taken prior to use!! so please don't leave any rude/mean comments - they won't be tolerated..  

i know a lot of nursing students who have white scrubs (that are like almost see through ugh! lol) .. and always looking for a good pair of undies to wear! let me tell you! these are the lol.. they pictures seems bigger than they are in real life.. but im always afraid to wear these if i'm wearing pants especially scrubs since you usually see panty lines when wearing normal cotton panties.. but not with these! i also was afraid to test these out and get a major wedgie LOL.. but i must say - these were awesome - softest pair of undies that i own now haha! i didn't get to pick the color that was sent to me, but it's underwear and the only one looking at 'em is myself lol..

anywho here's what it looks like..

Packaging 4/5 
It was sent to me just as the picture (well in a bubble mailer of course) but this is how you'd get the product if you were to purchase in like the tank top - nothing fancy.

Quality 5/5
the quality on this product was amazing. like i said - super comfortable, didn't give me and wedgies and kept it's promise of no panty line! 

Usage 5/5
pretty self explanatory ;p

Overall 5/5
great product if your looking into these types of panties. i know a lot of people who aren't into the so-called "granny panties" .. but on days that you're not feeling like having floss up your booty, this is perfect for those days you wanna relax! lol.. cause i have plenty of those kinda days! i know it'd be a weird stocking stuffer for your mom for this particular item.. so this would be perfect for yourself if you decide you need to invest in some great quality underwear! 

hope you enjoyed the review and if you decide to get anything from the jockey website, let me know - interested if you get these particular items and do like them as much as i enjoy them!

FTC: I was sent these products by a PR firm for review purposes. I was not paid to do this review, nor does it alter my view on the product. As always, my reviews are with my HONEST thoughts and opinions.


  1. These sounds nice! They look very relaxing and comfortable... hehe~


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