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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gym Session :: 11/13/2010

So i think all of last week i wasn't able to post about my gym sessions, but i do remember going LOL.. it's been sort of crazy here because both my girls were sick (still are a bit, but recovering thankfully).. so i haven't been able to blog as much as i'd like.. but it's a-okay! :)

anywho, today despite us waking up later than i hoped lol.. Karen, Derick and I headed over to the gym.. since it was later than i wanted it to be, didn't get to work out legs which i'm saving for tomorrow.. but we ended up doing Chest & Back.. 

and i'm proud to say i've lost 3 more pounds the past two weeks just by better food choices and also most importantly portion control!! 

so I'm happy to say my total weight loss is now at 24lbs!! (was at 21lb loss) .. and my short term goal for this upcoming week is to lose another 1-2lbs (which is safest! anymore than that is not!) but my ultimate goal by summer 2011 (giving myself LOTS of time) that i lose another 20lbs and be at 100lbs... which is supposed to be my weight for my height (5'0) .. 

I know a lot of people will be (or have told me) 'OMG that's too much!" .. but to me it's not.. i know my limits - i'm NOT going to be a toothpick because like i mentioned in all my fitness posts that's not my goal :)

but i know with the right support i can get there!! but i pretty much did the same workout for chest back as the previous week.. so i don't want to bore you all with my workout specifics! 

I am going to throw in some cardio tomorrow since i'll be going a little bit earlier than today! and of course it's best to do cardio AFTER you do your weights.. alright folks have a happy saturday!

p.s. im working on doing before and mid weightloss pictures (i can't say after since i'm not done yet) but i'm a bit embarrassed as it's really embarrassing the pictures i have of my heavier days lol.. but getting the courage to do it!! 

I want to inspire ALL of you who are looking to lose weight either if you're a mom or not that it's possible to do it the natural and healthy way! :) no need to crash diet or all that crazy stuff! :) it's hard work - but it truly pays off!

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