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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just a Trim..

It's been awhile since i last got a hair cut or anything with my hair.. but i had been really wanting to do something to my hair since it's been growing a little bit.. and well i've always had short hair.. and the past year and a half.. i've been growing it.. 

and so i really didn't wanna chop all the hard work off LOL.. it takes me forever to grow my hair, so i figured i'd just get my hair relayered.. and bangs reshaped.. 


(Sorry bad pic - it was nighttime on my Macbook Pro)
LOL my makeup is terrible i know.. long days worth of work.. 
Sorry that the pic makes me look pale lol.. 

So what do ya think? I think i'm going to continue to let it grow until it's long enough.. then we'll go from there.. in another 2 months lol.. :)

I May decide to go short again come summer! we'll see though! I'm looking forward to playing with my hair and learning how to fix it and what not.. 


  1. Dannnnnggggggggggggggg!!!! You look so hot with that haircut! You look like you've lost some weight too, congrats on that! Yay for the gym :)

  2. well MY BAD Ms. Seduce You With My Webcam!!! hahaha .. hella looked at your first picture and was like "aww Khris is so sweet... and then i look a lil further down and said "well dayum." hahaha!!

    i LOVE the "reshaping"! it definitely does wonders and makes it a totally different look! i like that it accentuates your cheekbones and plays up your eyes! it may seem like a simple cut, but it flatters you! :) love it. :) <3

  3. @Lindsay - LOL thank you thank you thank you! that means SO much to me haha yay the gym is working haha!

    @Rach - GIRL! you just made me almost piss my pants after reading the first part of your comment LOL! but thank you doll! :)

  4. OMG I love you new hair. You look sexy. My hair is so plain and boring and I need to do something with it for the new year!

    Happy New Year!

  5. @Becky - aww your too sweet! Your hair is gorgeous as it is though!

  6. HI! I noticed that we both got a Blog Award, so I stopped by to follow you! Looking forward to your visit @

    p.s. I like the new haircut :)

  7. Hey sweet stuff - you've won a blog award! Check it out

  8. you won a blog award pretty!!!

  9. Looove the new hair cut! That after photo is sexay, lol!


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