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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Hello Everyone!!

I Wanted to pop in and just tell all my fellow bloggers and friends Merry Christmas! :) I hope you all are enjoying your weekend with your loved ones! it's not about the presents that you give or receive, but the presence and quality time spent with those you love and that matter to you! 

For those of you that follow my twitter, i had tweeted about needing help choosing between two things that i wanted for christmas.. originally if was the Vanity Girl Hollywood broadway mirror.. or a coach purse.. as thats what was on my wishlist..

And My husband told me to choose.. and well i was looking around at coach purses and then i thought.. well.. i've been wanting one for a year now.. and i just kind of hinted at him.. what about a Canon EOS Rebel T2i DSLR? 

i thought it was going to be a longshot.. but he thought about it.. and told me it was my choice.. i was like omg! because i could really use the broadway mirror.. it would be awesome with my vanity.. and amazing lighting and everything for my YT tutorials/videos etc.. but then i was thinking well.. the DSLR would be awesome FOR my blog/videos as well!

and i thought hubby could also use it and we could use it to take awesome HD pictures of the kids! and well.. i was SO undecided that i decided to ask this question on twitter.. and had gotten mixed answers.. 

every other person was like.. MIRROR! Camera! mirror... camera.. lol.. so i ultimately.....

I went with the Canon T2i DSLR!! :) and i'm SO happy with my choice! i of course purchased the wrong memory card, so i cant take HD Videos just yet.. but i want to let you all know that i'm so excited to blog more and make more videos!

I hope you all got what you wanted for christmas.. I actually have some scheduled posts waiting for pictures LOL.. but they should be posted soon! :) and I'm thinking about doing a major collective haul video from the past few months lol *thinking*.. not sure.. don't want to bore you all! 

and for those that have been wondering about my fitness.. YES! i still go, i just haven't been posting my sessions.. only because i'm doing a different routine.. but i want to elaborate more on it in a separate post! but yes -  keep being active and exercise.. don't let the holidays be an excuse! :) 



  1. Merry Christmas to you as well. I asked for the very same camera. Unfortunately, it was out of our budget this year. I can't wait to see the pics/video with your new camera.

  2. @Chanel - Merry Christmas! :) i had asked for a dslr last year and it was out of our budget too.. but luckily some miracle we were able to put it on our best buy card LOL! but im very thankful.. i need to buy a memory card because they don't carry the one i need for this camera at the one i went to..


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