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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Review :: Buff'd Cosmetics - all Natural Mineral Cosmetics

lately i've been so bad at keeping up with the blog, but i have a good excuse.. family, work, studying & the Holidays :) lol.. 

but this is a long overdue review on this amazing company! a few months ago someone on twitter posted a link for beauty bloggers to sign up to get free samples from this company called Buff'd .. i had never heard of this product/company before and of course like and other make-up junkie.. i wanted to try it!

So i signed up and a few weeks later i got a tiny package that suprised me.. it had a ton samples! here are the items that i received:

My beauty blogging sample consists of the following products & shades:
- Beige - Medium light mineral foundation in original formula
- Neutral - Medium light mineral foundation in concealing formula
- Putty mineral finishing powder
- Candlelight illuminating dust
- Maple Mineral Bronzer
- Petunia Mineral Blush
- Tricky Mineral Blush
- Gracious Mineral Eyeshadow
- Rabid Mineral Eyeshadow
- Stormy Mineral eyeliner

I originally only entered the first two (two shades i was interested and finish) and my eye color and the rest were picked for me from my colors/shades that i chose.

So here are some pictures/swatches (couldn't take all of them sorry!)

Here are pictures of me with some of the products:
(i'm wearing Buff'd Petunia blush in the above with
Maple Mineral Bronzer)
the above 3 shots were taken with my
NEW :) Canon T2i DSLR! hehe so excited!

Buff'd "Tricky" Blush 
very iridescent/sheer. in bag it looks so pretty!

Stormy EyeLiner

So i must say, the samples did come in packets, instead of small jars that i'm used to.. (like my still glamorus eyeshadows, mac pigment samples i collect etc).. so getting the samples in packets were really different for me.. much more messier trying to get the product out (as i'm a clutz as it is).. so this i did not really like, but it was free - so i didn't really have much say in complaining lol.

The powders itself were compared to other mineral powders i have tried, especially the foundation weren't as finely milled as i'd expected.. although coverage was nice.. sometimes mineral make-up tends to make my face itch for some reason.. but these products did not do that at all.. it actually felt very light and the staying powder was amazing. it lasted me a good 6 hours.. with some creasing.. maybe because i decided to try out a new primer while i was at it (which isn't a good idea for me lol).. 

other than that the color selection they chose for me, matched beautifully with my skin. I actually loved the mineral bronzer and the blushes the most. the eyeshadows in the packets and also the eyeliner in the packet were the most messiest so i didn't have that much fun using them.. i really think i'd enjoy them a lot more if they were in jars.. but again that's just my opinion. 

the website that sent them again is called Buff'd. you can visit their website at - check them out and try to sign up to get samples whenever they announce it!

Packaging: 3/5
Like i mentioned, i didn't like the packets, but i guess they have to save on shipping etc for sending out so many beauty samples lol.. this is just my personal opinion.. it was just harder for me to get and try the product in such a small baggie without it spilling all over the place.. i would have liked it to be in 5g jars lol.. so i cannot really comment on their packaging as this was what i was given.

Quality: 4/5
I think the products that were given to me were actually really nice. I think it is great for those wanting to try out mineral products and are curious to try products that are all natural. i must say all natural and mineral makeup are great products to try for those with skin issues.. the products weren't super chunky, but they weren't super finely milled.. but it didn't have any problems with application and the actual use of the product. (i had this issue with bare minerals many years ago and did not like it).. like i said these products did not break me out nor make me itch.

Usage: 4/5
the little insert that comes in the packet explains your products, some information on the company and also leaves you with contact information if you do not know how to apply any of the products.. which was great, they even e-mailed me to check-up and see if i was having trouble with any of the products or had any questions on how to use it.. 

although the samples being in baggies did make it hard to use, that actual usage of the product on my skin was quite easy. it was super easy to blend and didn't chalk up or flake/crust even on dry spots. the staying powder was great for my combination skin.. although it was probably due to a new primer i mistakenly tried out at the same time made it crease on my t-zone (which gets sort of oily) reapplication was easy.. didn't oxidize on me either which i really liked.. 

Overall: 4/5
overall i must say this beauty blogger sample package was amazing. the quality was great and if you visit their website the prices are reasonable and affordable.. and the website goes in depth with their products - they have some amazing sales currently - so if your interested in trying their products now might be a great time! i think the products are great for sensitive skin, those with acne issues as the products are all natural and mineral. customer service was great and they even offer on the website (and e-mail) application help and tips for their products.. great if you are a beginner to make-up or to their products and are unsure. 

i definitely liked all the products that were sent to me and if i were to order after i run out.. defintely would be the mineral bronzer, the blushes (petunia being my absolute fave) also the powder foundation in their concealing formula. so they defintely get an a-okay in my book! 

if you do decide to get anything from their website, let me know.. or if you've tried their products before let me know your thoughts! til next time!

here's a sneak peek of my upcoming post.. 
Yes it's messy.. but it's MY getaway haha!

FTC: I was sent these products by a PR firm for review purposes. I was not paid to do this review, nor does it alter my view on the product. As always, my reviews are with my HONEST thoughts and opinions.


  1. They look like nice products! You do get used to getting samples in baggies. I buy a fair amount of shadow samples from MMU companies so I dump them all into pill organisers. I hate baggies too, I'm messy as it is!

  2. @Robyn - that's a good idea.. i should just dump them into jars or a pill organizer! thanks for the idea! i think i'd enjoy them a lot more if i weren't so messy using them in the bag LOL

  3. hmmmm i normally buy the sifter jars and dump everything there :) at least the co sells samples which is a good way to find out if u like the color or not

  4. @Rinz - i have to find a place either nearby or online (i don't wanna wait though lol) for sifter jars.. i hate they are in baggies lol


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