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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beautylish Spring Trend Preview Event :: 03/22/2011 :: The "W" Hotel

Hi everyone! So yes i was lucky enough to get invited to join the Beautylish Event that was held on 03/22/11 at the W hotel in Los Angeles/Westwood.

I was super excited, because I went to the last one they held about 5-6 months ago. (see blog post about it >HERE<) Although i was super shy at the last event (in October 2010), i did meet Jarmaine (Jlovesmac1) and took a picture with her and met Suzy (MacNC40) and Lauren (QueenofBlending) and took a picture with them as well.

At the last Beautylish event, i saw Anne ( and also Heart (youtube/com/thatsheart).. but i didn't go up to them because i was EXTREMELY shy to do so! lol..

I also had always wanted to meet April (AprilAthena7) and Jackie (JaaackJack on YT) - and was SO excited when they told me they were going to be going to the event!

We all had been tweeting each other back and forth and i thought this time around - i WILL say hi to them! lol.. and surely i did - i got to hang out with them and they are ALL such amazing ladies!

I was even able to meet Dulce ( and Sonia (Soniaccastaneda on YT). and took a picture with them as well - SUCH beautiful ladies i swear! 

i had TONS of fun! here are the pictures that i took with everyone! Karen and I were freakin' twins haha! so funny! Here are the pictures (i seriously thought i took more, but guess i was having fun mingling!) i'll do a mini video on the goodies soon!

my hair looks weird lol

Karen - u need to make a blog!

the "W" Hotel in Westwood

 Me & April

Dulce, Me & Sonia

Me & Heart

Anne, Me & Heart

Anne & me!

Me & Sharmaine!
It was soooo cool because she actually recognized me haha coolness!

I met many other tons of amazing ladies, but didn't get to take a picture with them.
I'd like to give them a quick shout-out (check out their websites!)

Jillian Danica

I'm so thankful that Beautylish invited me to this event. Thanks to my sister-in-law Karen for coming with me! I hope they have another event because I will definitely be attending! I'm so happy that i met these amazing ladies and i truly do hope we all continue to be friends! Stay tuned for the video with all the goodies! 

I will mention that i cannot BELIEVE our goodie bag! it was FILLED! the bag was so heavy! i'm so excited! I have been using a few of the products and i'm just so happy that i was able to join this amazing event!

also if you STILL have not checked out beautylish, do so now! and don't forget to add me!


  1. This looks like a lot of fun! Just found your blog and it's fab! xo

  2. @Taj - It really was tons of fun! :) thanks for stopping by!


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