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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Blogging... super Long post...

Well Hello Everyone! :) 

I cannot believe that April is just about almost finished and May is right around the corner! I've barely any time to study for my Anatomy & Physiology test that is scheduled for May 13th!! jeebus! 

Anywho - things have been so hectic (when is it not?) i can barely remember anything from last week, except this past weekend was a nightmare! 

However, if you're not following me on twitter - my youngest toddler Jasmyn has started preschool! :) she goes to the same school (and same class as her 4.5 year old sister).. we're kind of testing it out and seeing how she likes it more than anything. Her big Sister Tianna will be starting Kindergarten this coming fall (OMG!)

anywho.. on to the weekend..

started saturday, hubby and i went to a good friend/co-worker's wedding ceremony, it was so beautiful! it was my first time going to a wedding ceremony and it was just amazing watching two people commit themselves to one another in love.. :)

after the wedding ceremony was over (it was at 12 noon) their reception wasn't until 5PM, so we thought we'd do some errands and get ready for the evening. My husband is in a basket ball league (nothing big/fancy etc) with my brother and their friends.. and they had a game at 1:00PM.. well hubby wanted to go, so we quickly rushed home to get all his belongings to go to the game.

mind you a month prior to this - he had sprained his right ankle really badly and had to go to ER for that... he had surgery on that ankle too about 3 years ago..

anyway, well we got to the game, we were only like 10-15 minutes late.. so didn't miss out on too much.. and he got to play a bit.. everything was going swell.. my brother's girlfriend Karen was there and she was recording the game (we always do so the guys can see their team plays etc, etc)..

It was the start of the 2nd half of the game.. the game was going.. and a fast break happened at the end of the other court where everyone was running down.. including my husband.. when this happened...

(My husband is the one in the Black jersey #10)

It was BAD.. he hit his face first from the player who stopped and went to his left - totally caught hubby off guard, and with the momentum - he fell backwards and totally hit the back/side area of his head.. he was knocked out for like 30secs to a min.. (in all honesty, it felt like forever)..

after him wobbling up (and it's trimmed in this youtube video - he uploaded it to show his friends LOL boys) .. i quickly ran to his side.. and being the nurse that i am - quickly assessed him asking him some questions to see how bad the head injury he had sustained was..

he was okay the first 2 minutes after it happened.. he had a cut on his lip and a abrasion on his cheek from where the other players head/hair got him..

then it just happened so quickly - i had to keep asking him, what's your name, what's todays date, where are we.. and when he started answering them wrong (he had answered them right 2 minutes prior).. i started to worry.. 

when he actually told me - i'm not feeling good at all, i knew that was our Queue... get the heck out and get him to ER... 

the ride to the hospital was so scary.. mind you - i've never known anyone (even come across a patient) that's had a concussion so i wasn't sure what to expect.. My husband kept asking me the same question every 10 seconds (i'm not exaggerating at all).. he was saying "ow, my face hurts - what happened?", i'd say - "you hit your head really badly", he'd go "how? what was i doing?"

that went on the whole car ride there.. and then checking in was ahhh! although it was quite scary, we look back at it and it was quite comical the things he was saying to the staff etc..

so it was 2 hours after the injury.. and he barely started to come back.. they diagnosed him with a concussion (basically a bruise on the brain).. the dr said he couldn't sleep and needed to be around people to watch him/keep an eye on him.. (he had a CT Scan of the brain and some face x-rays to make sure his cheek/orbital area and nose were not broken and also his neck since it snapped back and forth on the way down when he hit his head).. i didn't know if it was a good idea that we continue on the our co-workers wedding reception.. but i'd feel terrible if i didn't go.. and i'd feel even more terrible if i left my hubby at home..

so HE actually asked the doctor if it was okay he attend.. the dr thought it was in his best interest to go to stay awake.. lol.. that and our doctor friend was going to be there, and we're all nurses so i thought.. hmm i guess so.. he insisted..

so we went - everyone asked what happened.. of course he didn't remember and i did most of the talking - poor thing.. he was so there, but not really.. he was aloof at times.. 

anyway, our doctor friend that was there was asking me if he was being repetitive asking the same questions after the injury.. and asking about all the symptoms that he was having.. and he was spot on with what happened.. 

poor thing.. anyway we ended up staying for an hour or two.. hubby was okay.. he rested that night - not too well of course.. and sunday came and went.. i was busy tending to him since his head was pounding, his face was pounding.. and i was trying to keep the girls quiet while he rested.. luckily my in-laws came to the rescue and took the girls to church and lunch while i got some things done at home and took care of my hubby..

Monday came.. i thought it was too soon for my hubby to go back to work - but he insisted he go because he just started at his new position and did not want to miss it.. (we carpool and work at the same company, just different departments/buildings).. and in the morning he was 'okay'.. but i just felt that he shouldn't be at work.. since his job - he's up on his feet all day assisting the doctor with procedures..

that's when i found out that he returned to the ER during lunch time (when we usually have lunch).. i seriously RAN despite my bum knee.. to the ER and had to wait for them to locate him.. they said he was there, but not in a room.. so i waited.. and finally got the okay to go back to see him.. poor thing looked SO miserable :( 

he had another CT Scan to make sure no new bleeding had occured.. which thankfully it didn't.. but the doctor said he suffered from post concussive syndrome and the symptoms could last from a week up to a month.. if at that.. 

so he couldn't drive and couldn't really function.. so i had to take the rest of the afternoon off work and thankfully my work gave me today off as well.. he's still having a lot of pain/headache etc.. but he's recovering slowly.. 

so that was my weekend lol.. and my monday.. i don't want to go to work tomorrow, but i have to :( 

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