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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Requested :: My Vanity Set-Up

So this had been requested by a few moms from, as well as a few friends of mine.. so don't think i'm just trying to 'show-off'. because i'm not. i have worked hard to get what i want :)

it's taken me SO long to do this, because i haven't had time to organize my stuff lol.. my vanity/drawers.. my whole set up is in my husband and my 'office'.. the current corner that it's stationed might actually change.. and i'm real excited to do the change - this week!

anywho, here's a quick overview of my vanity, my set-up and my mirror.. i will have another blog (with video) on my Vanity Girl Hollywood broadway mirror that everyone has been asking about! :) 

I remember I have a post of ALL my eyeshadows (click here) need to update it though.. i'm not going to do this here, but will update that post as soon as i can.. as i've acquired more eyeshadows over time from purchasing them myself.. or swapping them with other beauty junkies :D

anywho.. here we go.. 

My Mirror, with my brushes, and the eyeshadow rack on the left

How it looks at a glance..

brushes in the middle

MAC eyeshadow (and 2 blush) Palette rack
this is on the left of my mirror

my smaller lighted mirror
and flat iron holder on the right 
side of my mirror

close up of my brushes!

and then the items inside the vanity table
Mainly MAC blushes/MSF's (an NYC sunny bronzer lol)

Other blushes: NARS, milani, NYX, Tarte, benefit, korres & UD

Eyeliners (top are colored & bottom are black)

Top: mascaras
Bottom: eyebrow stuff & eyeshadow primers/bases

Now, for the tall drawers on the left of the vanity:
On top: some jewelry, my other eyeshadow palettes
(elf 100 palette, bh cosmetics 120 palette, and no name 88 palette)
and body sprays (not all of them - the others are in my bathroom)

First drawer: drugstore eyeshadows

second drawer: MAC eyeshadows, pigments, PaintPots
UD palettes, and eyeshadows
1 smashbox eyeshadow & 1 lancome eyeshadow lol

Third Drawer: Nail polish/remover
Hair sprays/Hair Products (the ones i use when i style my hair)
back up wipes/nail file.

Fourth drawer: MAC Lipsticks, Drugstore Lipsticks,
Lip Balms, chapsticks, random lip stuff, and random back-up/extras

Fifth Drawer: facial moisturizers, eye gels/creams
Face foundation (liquid, cream, powders)
Concealers. and in the back are my brush soaps 
and back-up make up bags

sixth drawer: Hair brushes/combs
Hair Styling tools (curling iron, flat iron, hair dryer)
Hair accessories (hair ties, clips and bobby pins

This is the opposite side (like right in front of my vanity)
my side and hubbies :)

had to sneak this picture of my daughter's vanity
theres a stool but she was using it while doing her sister's hair LOL

i'm going to be updating the eyeshadow collection post, like i mentioned.. when i get a chance.. i'm also going to do a video on the vanity girl mirror when i get a chance.. so keep an eye out for that! let me know if you have any other requests for my next blog/video! :) 


  1. OMG I love your vanity. It's perfect!!!

  2. I'm so jealous of your collection and how everything is set up! Very nice :)

  3. That is fantastic. Awesome collection..

  4. Where did you get that eyeshadow rack? I need one, STAT! =D

  5. Now this is FAB! *high 5 for super organization!* lol <3

  6. I love it!!! Everything looks lovely(=

  7. Thank you Everyone! :) I appreciate you all stopping by and showin' some <3!!!

    Jessie - I got the eyeshadow rack from Target! it's actually a DVD holder hehe :D

  8. That looks great! I love the cute pic of your daughter's vanity as well!

  9. Thanks Michelle! I think you're the only one that noticed so far :D

  10. Love it! Thanks for sharing! I so want a vanitygirl mirror..someday when I have more room. I noticed you had the brush guards on your brushes. Do you recommend these? It is it a MUST have?

  11. Life.Love.Inspire - i definitely think if you do not have the sigma dry'n shape brush drying tool - it's a must have. and they are super inexpensive as well. :) but now that i have the dry n shape i rarely use the brush guards.


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