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Monday, April 4, 2011

Random Blogging :: What i've been up to recently

hey everyone - thought i'd just update you all as to what i've been up to lately.. 

i've been super bummed out haven't been able to hit the gym regularly as i had planned due to my left knee. i had injured it about two weeks ago and was specifically told to stay off of it for 1-2 weeks. 

i know i'm super stubborn, i decided to do weights "lightly" LOL and of course ended up messing up my left knee even more and now my right hamstring is injured (I pulled it) dangit..

so not only did this totally mess up my work-out schedule/routine. but the two weeks of trying to not do anything to put too much stress on my knee and hammy, i think i have honestly gained 10 lbs LOL..

it's been rather heartbreaking for me because i'm usually such an active person. but i think it was a blessing in disguise as i had more time to study, time with the kids, my husband and of course catching up on my blog, youtube channel and trying to sort things out for my mommy website (worldformoms). 

im going to get it re-checked this week because my knee has not gotten any better, and the PA (physician assistant) that i saw, told me that my knee pain wasn't tendonitis, but an injury to the ligament behind the patella (knee cap) and that if the pain didn't subside in a week or two, it would turn into chronic pain. so i have to get it checked to figure it out..

and to top it off, my migraines have came back in full force with a vengeance! it got so bad that i had to get my nerve block injection in the back of my head (i suffer from occipital neuralgia) it got the injection on March 24th, and my migraines were alright just until today. luckily i'm very close with my physician and she gave me some medication to try to ease the pain. we'll see if it works.. if it doesn't she said she might have to try other preventative medication, perhaps even a calcium channel blocker like atenolol (which also controls high blood pressure - which i don't have.. yet) 

i guess that's why i've put on like what feels like 10lbs! so stressful! lol anyway, i hope to get the clearance that i can workout and then at least get my fat booty on the elliptical or something not too stressful on my knees.

and i definitely should take my own advice and really stretch after working out! lol 

anyway - that's kinda what i've been up to! :) til my next random blog!


  1. Hey girl! i recently started using my blog again and hope you check it out! I feel you on the working out thing, too! take care .lannet

  2. @Lannet - i'll definitely stop by! :) thanks for letting me know! love reading new blogs!

  3. Aww :( that's no bueno! I hope you get better quickly!

  4. I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling 100%. I know about chronic knee pain as well as migraines. I get migraines quite frequently. The only medication that works for me is Maxalt. I have used atenolol (because I have high blood pressure) but it never worked to minimize my migraines. BTW, just found your blog not too long ago and have enjoyed reading up on it as well as getting up to date on your YT videos.

  5. @Mama Laura - thanks hun! that means a lot!

    @Life.Love.Inspire - i just had an x-ray today and the PA i work with was able to examine it, and i need to update my blog - but i'm bummed because some collateral ligaments are torn and possibly slight tear of my meniscus and i have to wear a knee immobilizer for 2-3 weeks! bummer!

    I have tried maxalt in the past and it has worked, but for some reason it doesn't do it anymore :( im worried that the atenolol also will not work. but i'm hopeful. im on imitrex, but still having daily break through migraines i hate it! might need to increase the dose.

    and i really appreciate you reading on my blog and as well as my YT! that means so much to me because i didn't think anyone really watched my videos but i did it for fun :)


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