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Monday, April 4, 2011

Video :: Hair update!

Hey all! Remember like last month - i was going to cut my hair short? and ended up just getting a trim because i chickened out and wasn't even sure what i wanted to do with my hair lol..

well this month - the mini heatwave we had.. made me want to cut my hair.. and i ended up taking this super quick video about it LOL

And then here is my video response on what i ended up doing to my hair! mind you this was after a long days worth of work, the house was SOOOO hot when i got home because our air conditioner was broken and we're trying to get it fixed.. and even opening the windows wasn't helping.. i got home and straight knocked out! took an hour nap! lol.. and then afterwards decided to film this lol..

if you already follow me on twitter, then this post is old news to you lol. i ended up cutting my hair shoulder length, well it sits right at my shoulders and has short layers on the bottom. i decided to only trim the bangs a little just incase i wanted to put it in a pouf lol or whatever.. well anywho - hope you all like it!

i've officially had long hair for 2.5 years and loved it, but even my hair stylist said i look better with short hair, because long hair didn't do anything for my face shape =/ that and it was a pain in the booty for me to fix especially being a busy and on the go mommy all the time lol, anyway! stay tuned for my next blog/video! :)


  1. <3 your cut and curls! now I'm tempted to chop my hair too!

  2. Looking good girl! You are brave! I've been going back and forth with chopping it all off too. I gotta keep trying to fight the urge!

  3. @Jillian - thanks doll! girl you're hair is so long though! my hair was ugh lol

    @Maxine - thanks hunny! i appreciate that! you're hair is SO LUSH! it's sooo nice to see you back in the blogging community! <3 missed ya!

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