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Friday, August 26, 2011

Fitness & Pregnancy - Still Very possible!

Hi Everyone! TGIF! So it's official - I start school on Monday - i'm both excited and nervous because it's been like 6-7 years since i was in school (yes I went to nursing school for my LVN in 2003 literally right after high school). 

so anyway, i'm very much excited until my next prenatal appointment when my Doctor clears me to exercise! the reason why I was told i was not to exercise was because there is a high chance of miscarriage in the first trimester. the doctor said unless I had been doing my same exercise for 2 years then i needed to stop for now.

I had only been doing my exercise regimen for about a year with a few breaks here and there. I was really bummed because I did lose 21lbs and was still continuing to do so and building lean muscle (or what some people mistake for being "Toned"). I was really proud of my shoulders/arms - they were getting really lean.. lol and now with the first two months of pregnancy i'm SO bloated.. i've gained about 6 lbs (i think you're only supposed to gain like 4-5lbs the first trimester).. so right now i'm really just trying to maintain this weight and not gain anymore for the rest of my first trimester (only 3 more weeks) and so far i'm doing okay. 

I am not planning on losing weight at this time though as that is not good for the baby. the biggest misconception that a lot of people (myself included in previous pregnancies) is that when you are pregnant you must eat for two. but that is only a myth! you really only need to increase your caloric intake by about 300 or so calories.. 

Last pregnancy, those were my thoughts - i'll eat this and that because i need to eat for the baby.. it really hindered my weight loss after I had my daughter. so this pregnancy i'm going to be more active - it's my goal during this pregnancy to not be lazy, of course i'm going to listen to my body and slow down when i'm tired, etc. but im not going to have that be an excuse to be lazy. because that's just not me - that was probably the old me.. but fitness has really changed the way i look at a lot of things and i'm hoping those that follow my blog and youtube/twitter will be inspired to stay active and fit during pregnancy! (of course always consult with your medical doctor before beginning any exercise regimen) also if you plan on getting pregnant - i really recommend exercising before - so your body gets used to it! 

i know some of you may be thinking - what type of exercising i had in mind... well the same exercise routines i had been doing previously (yes lifting weights).. not going to do overly heavy or try to go for a new personal record or anything, but also going to incorporate a little bit more cardio and some yoga.

so hope you are all excited as much as i am on my fabulous fit pregnancy journey! :) and with that - i'll leave you with my favorite videos of pregnant women exercising! :)

 P.S. i am not affiliated with any of these people, nor am i a crossfitter, i just enjoyed these videos.

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