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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Pleasant Suprise

Hello All! I know it's been ages since i've posted anything. My computer has been wack the past few months so i can't really do much on it. I however have been a little bit more active on twitter since i can just tweet on my phone :)

But I know from my previous post I said I was going to announce something if I had time - obviously got so busy that I was not able to.. but since I can now... :)

If you follow me on twitter - it was announced the same day that i posted i had something "Big" to share with you all!

well for those of you that do not know, My Husband & I are expecting baby number 3! :) yes not, one.. two.. but number 3!! :)

we are so excited and feel so blessed! We were originally trying for our third baby the beginning of this year, but wasn't have much success doing so, so we though we would put it aside. but nonetheless we are very much excited and cannot wait to meet Baby Bean!

the reason I also have not been so active on my blog and youtube besides my computer issues - was work was extremely stressful.. and My husband and I have decided that it's time for me to quit wasting time and enroll in school as a full-time student for my bachelors in science nursing (for my R.N.) .. so I had been studying extremely hard for the past few weeks for my entrance exam for school (I passed!) so if everything (just finalizing everything) goes as planned - I will start school August 29, 2011! I have already spoke with my school advisor about my pregnancy and any effect it may have on school, but from the looks of it - i'll be just fine! I have a great support system and I'm ready to take the bull by the horns and get my education going! 

For those of you who do not know - I am currently and L.V.N. and was slowly taking pre-reqs online.. it was taking me forever as I was working full time and having two little ones - school was pushed to the side. so i'm really glad that i'm actually going forward and pursuing this! it's going to be tough - but then again i'm one tough cookie! It'll be sooo worth it in the end!

My doctor said at my first prenatal appointment (on 8/17/11) I was 8 weeks along and here is the picture of me finding out i was preggers & combined it with my first ultrasound pic of baby!

At this appointment I wanted to make sure I was clear and okay to work out still - but my doctor said it was best to wait until after the first trimester until i do any exercising due to the chances of miscarriage so early on. So I cannot wait until after my first trimester when i can go back to the gym! 

I'm hoping with this pregnancy - I can show all of you (pregnant or not) how it is possible (with the "Okay" of your healthcare provider) to stay active and exercise during pregnancy! i think it's extremely important to stay active during pregnancy! not only will it benefit you during the labor, but also will help you bounce back a LOT quicker afterwards! 

So I hope you all will join my pregnancy journey! :) 


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