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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

26 Week Pregnancy Vlog update!

Hi everyone! I know it's been ages since my last pregnancy vlog.. and since i'm on winter vacay and had a few minutes of downtime.. decided to finally film and upload my pregnancy vlog! :)

So for those of you who follow me on twitter, or seen my past few posts.. i mentioned that I was having heart palpitations (not related to exercising).. and i even had an episode of near fainting.. so because of that, my ob/gyn had told me to see my primary care doctor to get a referral to cardiology. So I did, and at the cardiology appointment, they placed a holter/event monitor. just to monitor possible arrythmias (abnormal heart beats) palpitations, whether or not i feel them... it was pretty cool.. of course when I had it on, i only had an episode maybe 3-4 times.. lol.. I only had it on for 2 weeks, but seriously felt like ages..

It was a pain in the butt, because it was a huge like an oldschool pager.. and i had to connect it to my pants.. which by the way, because of the awkward position of my belly, always made it fall out everytime i sat down/stood up.. ugh! lol.. so glad it's over with though.. going to just wait for the results - which i'm pretty sure they'll tell me it's normal.. 

Otherwise - i've still been pretty active at the gym.. My husband took a few videos of me squatting and doing other things.. but of course I forgot to post them (like i usually do).. so hopefully i'll just do a separate video on that.. 

but here's my video! :) 

Old things I craved for:
- Red Vines
- Hot cheetos
- Nestle Crunch chocolate bar
- Lays BBQ chips

New things I crave for:
- Cinnamon flavored stuff:
 -- Cinammon toast crunch cereal
 -- horchata 
- cinnamon rolls (specifically a place called cinnabon)
- orange juice (minute maid only - with some pulp the vitamin D one)
- minute maid fruit punch
- Lays sour cream and onion chips
- Vanilla tootsie rolls!

I know the cravings I have are not healthy - but please keep in mind, i eat these sparingly! if you follow me on twitter, i'm always posting things that I make my husband and myself (like filipino torta, carne asada burritos, buffalo chicken wraps, salads etc).. so please don't think all i do is eat junk, because I dont.. and plus I exercise/lift weights!

besides my heart issues.. i only have been having back pain and sciatic pain.. which if i stand on my right foot in a certain way, or step on it wrong while walking, i get this sharp pain throughout that leg into my hip and it HURTS.. i almost fell at the grocery store cause it was that bad lol.. 

As far as my weight gain, i've gained all in all 20lbs from the beginning of my pregnancy.. which I think isn't so bad.. considering the last trimester is where you'll see the most amount of weight gain.. (yikes!).. 

So i'm going to continue my eating habits, as i've been doing well - only gaining about 1-2 lbs a week.. and then during the last month i'll be gaining the rest of it :D 

I can't believe i have like 13 weeks left (that's if i stay pregnant for the whole 40 weeks).. but i had my two daughters early, so... who knows if this baby will wanna stay in longer or shorter lol.. we'll see! But I will enjoy the rest of my pregnancy despite how big I may get.. because knowing me.. i'm going to miss being pregnant later on! 

Let me know your thoughts about my pregnancy vlogs - should they be once a month, every 2 weeks, weekly? are there specific things you'd like me to talk about, or any questions you may have for me that I could answer? let me know! 

not only for pregnancy stuff, but other things too - let me know your video requests since i'm off school for 2 weeks! 

Thanks for watching my video, don't forget to sub to my channel if you haven't already! <3

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