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Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Favorite Blog posts of 2011

I thought it'd be a great idea to reminisce and reflect on my blogging journey this past year. I have compiled my favorite/most memorable blog posts to date and wanted to share and reflect with all of my blog friends.

Thank you to all of my blog, youtube, twitter friends that have continued to support me.. and now this new venture of blogging/vlogging with my husband. I hope that 2012 will be just as amazing as this year was, if not BETTER!

so without further ado, let's look back... (Click titles to view complete blog post)

Beautylish Spring trend Event

I got to hang out with some of my favorite Bloggers/Youtubers :) and of course score some major goodies!

Just a proud moment for me because I actually acquired my whole vanity and it was something I had been working hard for especially when My Husband and I purchased our OWN house :) and this post was requested. (I promise to do an updated one for 2012!)

super short post on just a few of my accomplishments at the gym when I was on my journey to losing weight and getting lean! i'm proud I was able to squat 135lbs as well as lift 135lbs for rack pulls.. I'm looking forward to doing that and more for 2012!

My first time meeting new beauty bloggers/youtubers at my first time eating at Veggie Grill

IMATS 2011 Pasadena
Of course this one is super memorable for me, as it was my first time ever going to IMATS and definitely will not be the last! :) Got some amazing items from IMATS and i'm so glad I got to go to this one!

When I announced that I was preggers :) 

A post about my Husband and My Cousin, whom inspire me to want to get fit and stay in shape! 
My Husband (He was in a body transformation challenge, and this was his progress picture)

And below is a picture of My AWESOME COUSIN HAZEL! :)
She has three kids (i will soon have my third in March) and this
just inspires me!

Another amazing Event by Beautylish, that I had the opportunity of attending. I was so excited to meet some of my favorite people in the flesh (Kandee Johnson, Temptalia, etc!)

The Moment I announced that My Husband had won the Live Shredded Transformation Challenge Sponsored by MusclePharm! what an AWESOME way to end our year! May this blessing continue on to 2012 for bigger and better things!!!

Yes that's My Husband! :) And the Female winner of the Challenge as well (She's 48!!)

(for everyone wondering why the pictures say "" It's because this website was originally known as and so previous pictures were not re-watermarked. This new year, My Husband & I will be bringing you along our journey to being Fit! Especially after I have my 3rd Baby this coming March! I hope you are all excited to join me in this journey!)

Thank you all for the continued support throughout the years! I can't believe how long i've had this blog for! and thank you to the blog followers that stuck by and now :) May you have an amazing weekend and a Happy New Year celebration! 


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