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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hi Everyone!

Hey everyone! hope you've all been doing swell!

I just want to thank all my subbies new and old! thank you so much for the support! I truly appreciate it! :)

I'm going to be holding a giveaway as soon as I hit 100 followers! :) it's going to be awesome! please let me know what kind of items you like (like brands, and if you like false eyelashes, eyeshadows, lipsticks, perfumes etc etc!) just so i know what YOU guys like! cause after all this is for you all!

i'm very excited to get 100 followers! I hope it happens soon! :) would be nice! I can't even believe that i have over 40! :) never thought ANYONE would be interested in anything I had to say LOL!

anyway.. this is long overdue..

But I received a Love package from the amazingly beautiful sweetheart Nikki!! I was SO surpised that she sent me something!! I got this a few weeks ago but didnt' have a chance to post til now

Sorry my desk is messy lol, but was in such a rush trying to take this picture before work LOL.. but I got a lil love note, some earrings (which are SO cute btw), some Red Cherry Eyelashes, and tea samples! I absolutely LOVE tea! and this is my first pair of red cherry lashes, which i absolutely adore!! :)

Here is ME wearing my newest Red Cherry lashes
and yes I was going to the gym after this LOL.. NO i didn't put it on specifically for the gym.. i wore it because i went out before this (i believe it was easter), then decided to go to the gym right afterwards :) but i still loved them! 

Anyway - many thanks to Nikki! She was SO sweet! :) I really appreciate this hun!!!  

I'm off to a doctor's appt right now, i'm rushing it like crazy because my daughters have a rechecka ppt for their asthma and i don't know if i'll make it on time lol yikes!! i'll update later! i've done some FOTD's which i think i did horribly, but it's better than nothin haha! :) okay toodles all!
<3 Khristine


  1. Hey love!
    Glad you like the love package :)
    & whoo hoo I'm excited for your 100 followers giveaway! Congrats btw!

    & Hopefully, you're daughters are ok. Asthma runs in my fam too, however, I dont have it. :]

    Have a wonderful Week


  2. Hey Khristine! I know a lot has been going on lately - glad to see you on again! :)

    I'm sure you'll be hitting 100+ in no time! Love your posts as always and hope your little ones feel better soon.

  3. don't like doctors and i hope everything is ok with you!

    red cherry lashes are the sh*t. I love them.

  4. oh hun, you'll reach 100 followers in no time trust me!! and congrats on winning nikki's prize!! wooot!!

    and i hope you'll feel better gorgeous!


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