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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Teeny Tiny Sephora Haul

So i've been wanting to get the Stila Sumdgestick Eyeliner in Stingray (Jet Black) ever since a few days ago when i accompanied Karen to Ulta (her first time) and saw this eyeliner, swatched it and fell in love..but of course they ran out/sold out of both the pencil and the smudgepot in black (which i wanted to try out)..

and the lady told us they'd get the next shipment in Monday.. of course Monday came, I called, they didn't get it in.. and searched a few of the neighboring sephora's, ulta's.. with no luck! until TODAY! i called again and the lady at Sephora said they didn't carry that eyeliner (she'd never heard of it and that specific one they will not carry at Sephora) LOLOL.. well i asked her to look if they Had the Smudgepot in stock for Karen... and she placed me on hold.. low and behold 2 minutes afterwards, she came back saying, yes we actually do have that eyeliner and the smudgepot!

so i told her to put them both on hold for me.. Karen picked me up and we went to the mall (mind you it took us 30mins to get there cause i had to bring my oldest daughter Tianna who was kicking and screaming because she wanted to go with me).. we got there.. and this is a sephora inside JCPenny.. well omg i went in looking for the Stila section.. when omg omg i saw they had NARS! they didn't have it last time (well ig uess i was blind LOL).. but they had ONE left of the blush i've been lemming for! AMOUR! and yes I got the last one.. was only supposed to get the eyeliner.. but i called my hubby right away and said - i'm gettin the eyeliner... oh.. and.. this blush too! LOL ;) i'm so funny.. he laughed at me and said- duh go ahead!

So i left a happy camper.. I did want to buy brush cleaner lol, but i was so content with my purchase that well i didn't get anything else!

so here is me and my happiness with my newest additions ;)

Lol sorry i look tore up from the floor up.. this was at 10PM! a long days work LOL.. i cannot wait to try my newest products tomorrow! :) i'll try to do a FOTD! :)

Also - my hubby's chief/boss doctor gave him a sample for me to try out.. it's a small little set from a line called: Vivan MD Skincare.. i've personally never heard of them.. have any of you? But i checked out their website and saw their list of "clients" so to speak:

i don't know how true it really is - but i haven't came across any bad/negative reviews on this brand thus far.. well i'll try it out: the kit comes with the Satin Cleanser tub, Clear Skin Toner and Balancing Moisture Cream.. i'll try it out for a little and tell you all how i like it within the next few weeks.. ;)

I think that's it for now.. i gotta hit the hay.. and BIG announcement for you ALL to hear from me on Monday! :) tee hee so excited! I can't thank you all enough for everyone who's subscribed to my blog! :) i'm going to probably have a real mini giveaway to show my appreciation.. when i get some extra $$! :) 

stay tuned! till next time!!!



  1. Great mini haul! I love haul posts hehe.

  2. Hey doll great haul! I LOVE nars blushes! Can't wait for your big announcement on Monday!! Follow my blog:


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