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Saturday, April 17, 2010

MY Furbabies Oreo & Ginger

So I posted awhile back that I got my lil doggies groomed i think. Lol can't remember anymore.. but a few of you wanted to see what my doggies look like :)

well I had some time to snap some pictures (sorry quality wasn't the greatest, was from my phone)

but here ya go! :)

This is Mr. Oreo

Oreo is half Pomeranian and half Yorkshire Terrier :) he is the sweetest dog ever in the world! He is missing his left eye in a freak accident from an older dog he got into it with :( Sadly to say his eye had to be surgically removed.. but even still - he's the best little doggie ever! I love him to pieces!

This is Miss Ginger

She is 100% Yorkie! :) She is extremely hyper, very vocal - but a sweetheart to say the least. She's very obedient and gets along well with Oreo! they were soulmates from the beginning. Oreo's Birthday is 10/13 and Ginger's Birthday is 10/17! 

I originally got Oreo as my present to myself in 2005 for passing my nursing license boards! after like a month, I realized he needed a friend and got another Pomeranian named Roxie, but she was SO much bigger than him and they just did not get along at all.. so we ended up giving Roxie to my Aunt & Uncle (who still live with them!)

I then found Ginger and new I just had to have her! When I brought her home, they were instantly pals.. :) it was a great match! 

Anywho! i thought i'd just share some recent pictures of them! :) 


    SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I miss my yorkie now....

  2. aww the dogs are so cute. Thanks for sharing!


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