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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MAC : Pret-a-papier Collection - Are your getting anything?

Hello all!

For those of you who are into MAC and their collections, the latest one that just came out Pret-a-Papier.. Are any of you going to get anything/have purchased anything (available online i believe) from this collection?

I think if i can purchase anything from this collection (on a real tight budget).. I really would love to try out:

Paint Pots:
Coral Crepe
(Groundwork is Permanent shade, so i'll wait on that one!)

Luckily I swapped not to long ago for Memorabilia (It's a repromote) so i'll skip it!
Cut to fit - will skip it because it looks similar (or in the same family as) Twinks Eyeshadow
Bamboo - is permanent - so i'm not in a rush to purchase it :)
Tissue Weight - looks like it won't go so well on my eyelids.. plus i have too many beigey/nudy colors so i'll skip.. but i guess i'll stop by the MAC Counter when i can and swatch it for myself or have the MA put it on me..
Gazette Grey - i'm going to skip this one only because i don't wear too many greys as it is.. 

Garb - looks interesting.. it's like a orangey/nude color.. not sure how it'd look on my skin.. so it's one of those things i'll have to see in person..
Instant Chic - i absolutely LOVE the color in the pot, but from reading a few reviews on it - goes on sheer etc.. im wondering how it'll look on my skin! but it looks lovely.. not to mention i'm in a total BLUSH phase right now!
Light Over Dark Mineralize Blush Duo - I don't know, but i'm just not into the blush duo's.. well this one just doesn't wow me (and the price too lol).. 

All the lipsticks in this collection are rather lovely! but knowing me since i have pigmented lips.. it'll distort the color of the lipstick when i put it on.. so i'll have to go to the mac store and see/swatch/try them on myself to see which one really will work for me!
Archetype, Dressmaker Dressmaker, Kraft, Made to Order

C-Thru, Pret-a-Papier, Fold and Tuck
i'm thinking the same thing as the lipsticks - will have to try them for myself! :)  Fold and Tuck reminds me of the MAC lipstick Fresh Moroccan (but of course more shiny!)

Brownbag - i think i'd really like this - it's so nude/browny/natural lol.. like brown paper bag! LOL.. i've never owned nail polish.. or fancy "Nail Lacquer" from MAC.. but i think i'd like this one! something i could wear to work!
Originality - i think it's a frosty super shimmery/shiny gold.. i don't think i'd be able to wear it to work without people being blinded by it's color! but i do love it though! we'll see!

the Chromographic pencils (well the eyebrow ones) i'd really like to try! i don't even know what the other two are.. or where they're supposed to go lol.. but i'm not in a rush to buy them to be honest..

for those of you that have anything from the collection - please feel free to share your swatched in the comments! :)

if and when i do purchase anything - i'll definitely do some swatches and have a final review!

<3 Khristine

1 comment:

  1. I plan to get the coral paint pot and instant chic blush. I'm also eye-ing tissue weight and gazette grey eyeshadows, and possibly the lighter chromagraphic pencil =) No lippies for me!


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