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Monday, April 5, 2010

FOTD :: Inspired by Nicole Scherzinger

Hey Everyone! So I had been contemplating coloring my hair dark for the longest time ever, but was saving up to do it.. then Last night I just decided - what the hey..i'll just pick up some hair dye from CVS (it was around the corner from my home anyway).. and get some hairdye! lol..

Well since it was like 9:00PM, Hubby was such a sweetheart to take me :) .. (well he waited in the car lol).. so I was trying to see which shade I liked LOL.. mind you I have not colored my hair by myself for years LOL.. because I've always Had my hairstylist (Errine!) do it, as I had a unique coloring..

I originally had her dye my hair a deep/dark chocolate brown for Halloween 2009, but it quickly faded because of my platinum blonde streaks/highlights.. it sort of came back.. and i never had a chance to get them touched up or re-colored my hair as the cost of taking care of it was really hurting my pocket.. not to mention i just got back into getting into make-up LOL and would rather save for makeup!

so anyway.. i decided to go with Black.. as i wanted something dark dark dark and different (well for me since i've had my hair every color of the rainbow).. and i absolutely love Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls.. and thought.. hmm why not! :)

I know I may not be as beautiful as she is, but I admire her!! :)

My inspiration for this FOTD:

And My interpretation (CC welcome!):

Products Used:
Too Faced Primed & Poreless Primer
MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage
Cle De Peau Cream foundation SPF 18 in O20 (sample)
MAC Sheer Pressed Powder in NC35
NARS Luster Blush

MAC Blanc Type E/S (inner corner up to middle lid area)
MAC Cork E/S (Crease)
MAC Handwritten (Outter Corner/Outter "V")

(my lips are really pigmented and found if i used anything lighter - it looked too washed out LOL)
Aquafina Lipbalm (LOVE!!)
MAC Honeylove L/S
MAC Nymphette L/G

Don't mind the background (was at work - end of the day lol)

Let me know what ya think!

<3 Khristine


  1. I was right! It was the hair! I don't know if anyone's told you this but you kind of look like Nicole! Especially now. :)


  2. Yes! (lol thanks for reminding me - i need to tell everyone on twitter that yes it was the hair!)

    I also parted it in the middle (it used to be on the side)..

    thanks for such an awesome and sweet comment i think i will sleep happy now (if the insomnia doesn't get me LOL)

  3. The black hair looks gorgeous on you Khristine!

    I love dying my hair different colours because i get bored real easy... but, anytime i return to my black hair.. I fall in love all over again!

    ooh & I also love the aquafina lip balm also! Sadly, I cant find any store that stocks it around here!!!


  4. Oh you look so pretty! I love the entire look! That eyeshadow combo is gorgeous, and I love what you did to your hair!xx

  5. Very pretty! Love the hair and great blending with the makeup :)

  6. I love the look - so sexy & sultry just like Kim :)


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