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Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Baby Shower!

Hi Everyone! Hope you had an awesome weekend! I surely did. It was my Baby shower over the weekend, so surely we were all super busy.

Karen (my brother's girlfriend) had planned out my entire baby shower - and let me tell you - she is SUPER awesome at planning baby showers and parties in general. The theme of my baby shower was yellow and pink :) 

Here are some pictures of the party and some of me and my friends/family. there weren't too many photo's because I was honestly so busy entertaining everyone, and the games that were going on (which were by far super fun!)

:) Let me know if you'd like me to blog (or vlog) about my presents I had received from my baby shower (to give you an idea of what you guys should get for baby?) 

Me & My Husband <3

And here are some candids of people throughout the party :)

People were waiting around for the "Carrot Game" LoL! it was so funny

Also here is my makeup that I wore at my baby shower :) I'm planning on doing a tutorial for the look as well - so keep an eye out for that!

And Here are photos of me and Karen (my brother's gf - the coolest party planner ever!)
I Loved the sash Karen got for me to wear for my baby shower :) 

Me & Rose (I've known her since I was 11 years old <3 her!!) 

Me & Marilyn - the sweetest girl you'll ever meet!

I also asked on instagram/twitter/facebook if you all wanted me to do a blog or a video on my 3 month collective haul.. it's going to be huge! and the majority said video! and only one said just blog about it - but majority rules - so I'll work on that soon as well since i'm waiting for stuff in the mail (My Husband bought me my v-day present and I want to share it!) 

Till next time! :) 


  1. awww.. Congratulations. Everything Looks so cute, And you guys were watching Breaking Dawn <3 Btw what was the carrot game all about, sounds interesting .

  2. So cute! Haha I see Rick and Marilyn! That's funny how you know them too! Where did you guys meet?

  3. Baby showers are always fun! Btw Khristine, I love the makeup!

  4. Hi Nikki! :) Thank you! yes, I didn't get to go to target to get the DVD cause we were so busy with the baby shower, so he bought it for me during the baby shower (when it was barely starting) cause he knew I wanted to watch it so bad (again and again Lol) 

    The carrot game, basically you gather people in a circle, and someone plays music (and is also in charge of stopping it too, think musical chairs kind of playing and stopping).. and you put the carrot in between your knees and pass it to the person next to you. When the song stops, the person who's still holding it is out. until the last one standing :D really funny game.

  5. Hi Krystyle! I love baby showers! I wish I could have another one haha just for the food, games and great company lol.. 

    I'm so glad you liked the makeup! still trying to get better, so it means a lot coming from you :D Thank you!

  6. Sounds fun :D and Khristine, we would definately love to see all the gifts you got for your li'l baby.  Baby stuff is way too cute, you have to blog about it. :D

  7. Omg Khristine I love the decor! The little boxes and the ribbon with your names on it. Baby showers are always so fun. Yours looked amazing, looked like everyone enjoyed themselves. And the makeup look is gorgeous! Just watched the tutorial :).

  8. Yes, the food, games and good company make it worth while and the cake you had was too cute :) You do your makeup just fine Hun!

  9. Hi Nikki! Thank you for stopping by! and thank you so much for watching the tutorial! <3

    I definitely cannot take any credit for the baby shower, my brother's girlfriend is amazing! the decor was super cute and I was so thrilled when I saw it! thank you again for stopping by, means a lot! <333


  10. Thank you Nikki for the feedback! I'll definitely do a mini vlog about the gifts! cause baby stuff is just so cute! :D 


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