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Monday, February 27, 2012

Original Naked Palette vs Naked2 Palette.. swatches & comparison

So, I've had the Naked 2 palette for a little while now that I could definitely discuss the differences between the two and what i like about both palettes.. and also show you all some swatches - for those that are on the fence about getting the naked2.. 

I didn't do an unboxing of the naked2 palette, like I originally did with the original naked palette because there are SO many videos already showing swatches - and I know how redundant that'd be for you all.. (plus I wasn't lucky enough to get it the first time around like I did with the original naked palette) 

So here are swatches of Original Naked palette: (click pictures to enlarge)

Also, this was done on my old channel, but one year ago when the Original Naked
Palette came out - I immediately did an unboxing and swatch type video :) 

and swatches of the Naked 2 Palette: (click pictures to enlarge)

And Pictures comparing both:
(click pictures to enlarge)

They both had some shades that were very shimmery, and the original naked palette has two  matte shades ("Naked" & "Buck" both are great for transition colors), whereas the naked2 palette has two mattes shades as well ("Foxy" & "tease" which Foxy is good for highlight and tease is good for transition color, but sadly is too dark for me to be transition color sometimes).

Both Still have the majority of the eyeshadows being shimmery. Which i personally didn't mind, but some people may not have liked that. There was a slight amount of fall out, but when you pat on the eyeshadow instead of sweeping it across, really helped prevent that, as well as tapping off any excess product from the brush before placing it on the eyelid area. But then again most shimmery eyeshadows do have some type of fall out, so this too did not bother me.

They wore quite well on me, I have semi-oily lids (during winter i'm more dry than anything, just slightly oily).. and I didn't wear a primer, just the maybelline tattoo eyeshadows as a base and there was no creasing. But the original naked palette never creased on me anyway. I didn't realize how many Urban Decay palettes I have, but I honestly do really love their eyeshadows! very velvety/glides on like butter! but the matte shades sometimes can be tricky to apply, but they are easily blendable. 

They do look similar and what not, but honestly I do not like one better than the other - to me, they really compliment each other very well. I love them both. Both are travel friendly (i never had a problem with the first one being smashed or anything) and I really like it came with a brush this time around, although honestly, perversion eyeliner would have been ideal for me.. 

I think that the Naked 2 palette is a little bit better suited for cooler skin tones.. and the original naked palette is more suited for warmer skin tones.. but definitely they can be worn by anyone! Like i said, in my opinion, the two palettes do compliment each other very well! 

For example, I think Naked2 would have been better if they had the matte colors "Naked" & "Buck" to compliment the matte shade "tease" so there was a variety of transition colors that people use those shadows for. Also I think Original Naked should have included "Foxy" and "Bootycall" to accompany "Virgin" as highlights. 

I honestly can't say which one i'd recommend more, because I love them both so much.. but I think if you could afford it and want the naked 2, definitely get it - it's an awesome palette you can do some amazing looks with it.. and if you don't have either, then definitely look at more swatches, and when they do become available in store (should be by the end of this month, so i've heard) definitely play with the swatches and see which one you  may like the best.. 

Have you seen my tutorial using the Naked2 Palette? Check them out below! I will have some for the Original Naked palette as well!! 

Did you pick up any of these palettes? if so, do you like them? :) 

FTC: I purchased the original naked palette with my own money, I received the Naked2 palette as a gift for Christmas from my parents. 


  1. I had a chance to sample them both at my local Sephora and i fell in love with the Naked 2 palette, but i just can't bring myself to spend that $50 on it :(

  2. Yea it is quite expensive and a splurge item indeed. I don't know why they did increase the price $2.  Luckily I got it for Xmas, because I don't think I would have purchased it otherwise.  but it's a beautiful palette, but definitely can find similar colors to them.

  3. check ebay if you are willing to buy out of the country there are fairly low prices but if you but from only us sellers like me they are available for anywhere just below $30 to above the $50 also you can purchase the naked and naked2 together for about $60


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