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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's in my February MyGlam Bag

So I've been subscribed to MyGlam for the past two months now. (MyGlam is a subscription service similar to birchbox etc). The first bag I received was okay(In January), but it was a disaster trying to get my bag to me (So many shipping issues). This month, the bag came on time, but the products were just bleh.  The only thing I really did like was the bag and that was still kind of iffy.

I understand it's only $10, but for the products that were in this month's MyGlam bag, I was really not impressed. The sole reason I wanted to subscribe to MyGlam was because of the initial bag in December that I saw - Had a full sized Urban Decay Eyeshadow with other samples which were high end I believe.

It sort of went down hill from that first bag, in my opinion. I had tried Birchbox once and didn't like that either, so I cancelled it - if MyGlam dissapoints me again, I'm going to cancel and either go back to birchbox or find another monthly subscription to join.

Here are the contents of this month's MyGlam Bag.

Supposedly the X-Out product was placed in "meaningful beauty" empty tubes, so there's a big fuss about if it's really meaningful beauty facial wash or X-Out shine control. I have not tried the product yet, because honestly I'm scared to try it out in fear of breaking out.  But MyGlam has confirmed that it is the X-Out Product inside and not meaningful beauty product, the company had just over produced tubes I guess and so they just placed a new label on top of it. Either way, I'm still iffy on using it.

The $100 off "Gift Certificate" is really just a coupon.  And the sucky thing about it is - you can only use it on hair extensions and hair appliances.  Which would be fine if it were a real Gift Certificate! (Gift Certificates are like cash where you could use it for whatever you wanted for that store, and you could also use a coupon code in conjunction with the gift certificate). MyGlam gives you a coupon code on how to claim your $100 off. But mind you the hair tools on the NuMe website are freaking expensive as hell - where you'd have to shell out $50 not including shipping!

So I honestly don't see the point in that "gift certificate" or coupon. Im probably not going to use it. This month's bag was a real disappointment. They gave us freaking chocolate. If i was going to pay $10 for a cheap makeup bag, coupon code for something I can't use, chocolates and a mislabeled item, I would have gotten something else.

I think I will give MyGlam ONE last chance before I ultimately decide to cancel or not. In the Meantime, I'm going to be looking at other sample boxes/bags in hopes I find something worth keeping and spending my Money on.

Are you Subscribed to MyGlam? what are your thoughts? are you canceling or keeping your subscription?


  1. Im a MyGlam subscriber & I wasnt super excited about February's bag either.  I ordered a hair straightener & just recieved it yesterday.  It's pretty nice.

    Ill probably keep my subscription & see what comes about.

    Keep us posted if you find something better, though.  For me, Id rather have make up as opposed to skin care products.

  2. Hi Mel! :) Thanks for stopping by. I'm the same way (I'd rather have makeup as opposed to skin care) so the hunt is on for another subscription service. We'll see though, depending on the next one.. 

  3. I felt the same way u did about February's bag. The dead sea premeir samples were a joke too. They were definitely NOT deluxe size samples. I was annoyed how they tried to pass the nume coupon off as a gift certificate when it clearly said in the back to enter it in the coupon box. I'll probably unsubscribe too if the next 1 or 2 months suck lol

  4. Yea I didn't even bother with the small @$$ samples lol.. and if they were gonna give me chocolate - give me a whole bar haha lol jk!  but yea, that Nume thing was NOT a gift certificate.. and it sucked you c ould only use it on hair extentions or hair appliances (which i don't need hair extensions).. I would've used it for a curling wand, but umm i don't wanna pay $50+ shipping for something i hadn't inteded on buying.. blah! yea so i'm really gonna wait until the next one to make up my mind.. but till then - i'm gonna look at some back ups and see what else is out there! :P

  5. The February bag was my first bag and I'm not impressed. I have very dry sensitive skin and none of the skin care products are suitable fOr me. I'm definitely not taking a chance on the x out. I agree with you on the next bag. If its not worth it, I'm canceling my subscription.

  6. yea i felt the same way.. if you found a better site please let me know!! 


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