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Friday, April 6, 2012

My first Etsy Purchase and we're finally home!

So for those of you that were wondering where I've been.. it's been super hectic here lately.  For those that follow me on twitter or instagram know that recently Newborn Baby Sophia had some medical complications and she had to be admitted into the hospital for possibly having Hirschsprung's disease. I'll go into a separate post in detail later..

But for now - thank you all for the supportive texts/e-mails/tweets that you all have sent me and my family! 

Because of your prayers, we are finally home!

I wanted to share with you before Baby Sophia was admitted into the hospital - My Husband had purchased a jewelry holder for me, since I kept leaving my jewelry around everywhere because I didn't have anywhere to put it lol.. I hinted my hubby (by sending him the links lol) that i was interested in a few jewelry holders.. and two weeks or so later - I received it! :) 

Here is my first purchase on etsy and my very own customized jewelry holder/organizer. 

Have you ever purchased from etsy? :)


  1. This is amazing! Can you please share the link to the etsy shop you got it?

  2. That is super cute! 
    Hope everything is ok with baby Sophia.

  3. Thank you Miranda! we have another appointment today & so im hoping all goes well & they can tell me whats going on =/

  4. hello! 

    here is the link ::

  5. Oh I hope so too! My thoughts are with you and baby Sophia. I know the worries when stuff happens with your babies...I have 3 so I always want to protect them from everything, even though I know its not possible! Hoping to hear a good outcome. *hugs*

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  7. Yes...I bought several beautiful jewelry pieces from Etsy!  Love looking at the different stores and supporting when I can.  Will have to look at the jewelry holders too...thank you.

  8. I'm so intrigued by all the cute things you can find on Etsy!  Thank you so much for stopping by! :) 


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