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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Saturday Everyone!

So yes - i'm going to the gym as usual.. a new gym had opened up and I'M SO excited to go.. but don't think i'll get to go there today.. so i'm going to go to my usual one and try to go with Hubby tomorrow.. :) i'm excited! I can't believe it's MAY already.. but seriously may 23rd cannot come any faster - I wish it did!..

anywho - i've got a few things i'd like to say - thank you to all my subscribers on my blog and also my youtube channel! I Know i've been real busy lately and to those - thanks for understanding! i'll have some new videos of some random things lol soon!

about my Ulta trip with Karen etc etc lol. and definitely want to share some of my daughter's Ballet class with you all cause i was able to go in an record their routine for their recital this June! OMG (that's next month!)

pretty crazy! i'm also going to be doing some updated pictures on my make-up stash - because i know how everyone likes to look at what everyone else has etc etc! :) so i'll get on that! :)

anywho -i'll update this later or new blog entry about today! toodles! off to the gym to work out Chest & Back! and perhaps some HIIT!!!


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