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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I colored my hair! :)

Hi all! :) It's so gloomy and rainy out today, but I thought that I'd set aside some time to blog about my new 'do.

It's been two months since I did anything to my hair (yes I typically get bored easily with my hair).. and I've been wanting to do this fad for so long - I remember when it first became 'popular' starting with the nails etc and moved on to hair... but of course didn't have the guts to do it..and plus my hair was still a bit short.

So I finally bit the bullet and made an appointment and did it. It was very much needed!

Here's a picture of what my hair was like before:
(tilting my head kind of makes my hair look longer than it is here)

(this was when it was freshly cut before my baby shower in February)

And here is my hair now! (well sneak peek since you can't really see the colors)
But yes - I wanted to do the whole Ombre hair.. I know some people don't like it.. but I do :) 

My phone cut my hair off, but it's actually almost to my bewbs (3 inches from the nippies!!) LoL (don't know how else to explain it haha) 

Whereas before it was a few inches past my shoulders.. My pregnancy + taking prenatal pills has really worked wonders for my hair! it's longer and a lot thicker now! 

My skin however has dried up like crazy :( 

I'm going to "try" to do some videos this week, hopefully you all will be able to see my new hair 'do before I have to wash it and then can't style it like my hairstylist did haha..

Happy Wednesday! Stay tuned - I have some awesome reviews coming this week!


  1. Beautiful hair....classic beauty!

  2. aww thank you Cuzzy! you're the classic beauty! :D

  3. Thank you Miranda! :) 

    Thank you for stopping by! :D

  4. i think your new haircolor is lovely! :D

  5. Thank you! :) and thank you for stopping by my blog!


    Just came across your blog. The color is great! I thought you and your visitors might be interested in

  7. i love ittttt.


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