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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Beauty Social By Beautylish Experience

Hi Everyone! :) I did attend the Beauty Social By Beautylish this past weekend. It was an awesome experience and i'm glad i'm finally able to post some pictures. I've been busy with finals this week (two being today) so I was not able to film a vlog. If you guys still want me to, then just post it down in the comments below - otherwise, i'm just going to show you all some pictures of everything! (even of my goodies!)

So, it was a 2 day event, unfortunately I did not attend the Saturday session. It was my mom's birthday, and we had plans to take her out for lunch (and had an awesome time!). I brought my brother's Girlfriend Karen with me (as always! <3 her!) and we ended up making it to the VIP social just in time. 

There was a mixup with my name/her name not being on the list, but after much frustration and confusion, it was all figured out! (Thank you Romee and Nils for situating everything!) 

Since it was a VIP party, it was a much more intimate setting (literally - the lights were dimmed lol) but it was a beautiful venue. There  were a lot of people, but not so much that I couldn't find a seat. Luckily Sonia (SCCASTANEDA on YT/Twitter) Recognized me from previous events, and waved Karen and I over. She was sitting with Heart & Anne (yummiebitez). Karen and I had sat down with them and hung out for awhile. they had hors d'oeuvres - Since I was still full from lunch, I didn't have any. they were also serving wines and other cocktails, which I also did not have. I did however, have a bottle of fiji water :) 

I then got to hang out with Judy (itsjudytime), Julie (juliegbeauty), Marissa (rissrose2), and so many other guru's it was insane! I was so thrilled to have finally met Kandee Johnson in the flesh! she is SO sweet and smells absolutely delicious LOL!

I actually made it on Judy's (itsjudytime) vlogtober :) it was like 2 seconds - but hey - I was on it! LOL.. If you've never met them in person - they are ALL super nice! and just like you and me! easy to get along with, and i loved hanging out with them. 

here are pictures from the VIP social :)

Me & Anne (yummiebitez)

Me & Heart (ThatsHeart on YT)

Me & the amazing Judy (itsjudytime)

The Fierce Julie! (JulieGBeauty) & I

Me & The Kandee Johnson! <3
She is SOOOOOOO sweet!

Lauren (Queenofblending) & I
she had dared me to wear colored eyeshadow on Sunday's event,
because I said I was so envious of her eyeshadow, and i'm afraid of color.
She really hunted me down! Lol :p 

Me & Leesha (xsparkage)
She is a doll! she was so cute because she was a bit tipsy!

Sonia (SCCASTANEDA) and me! 
I <3 her to pieces! 

The famous Christine (Temptalia) & Me! 

Karen and I stayed till it was finished and were kicking everyone out of the room because the hotel needed to let it's employees go home :p .. I was sad, but excited that I got to hang out with everyone that I wanted to - Saw everyone that I wanted to.. and just really had a great time! :) I did get a few belly rubs since people sort of noticed my ever growing belly lol :) 

Here are some candids :p 

Me & Marissa (RissRose2)

Sunday - Karen & I went as soon as it opened, went to set up an appointment for our CND Shellac nails. everything really did get booked within 30 minutes of opening! poor Karen didn't get to get her nails done because the lady who put her name down, put her name on the wrong slot.. and they weren't lenient at all.. so poor thing didn't get her nails done :( .. 

I got to see a few of the speakers present, most of the time, we were waiting in line to get something done (ie: lashes, makeup done at temptu, etc).. so didn't really get to mingle as much. I did however, see Sonia again :) and we kept bumping into each other (which is always a pleasure!) and before Karen and I had to leave, We saw Heart & Arnold. I also got to take a picture with Dulce (DulceCandy) and Cristeen (Cdiorme) before i left. I did have a great time hanging out - I did wish we were able to stay longer, because I did not get to see a lot of people that I wanted (like Hollyannaree!)

Cristeen (cdiorme), Me, & Dulce (DulceCandy)

Mz_Karen on twitter

Karen & Heart

Karen, Heart, & Me :)

Me :)

Me & Heart

Waiting for our eyelashes to dry (just had them done at the lash bar)

My 1st time getting my nails Shellac'd! :p 

My Urban Decay glitter tattoo (this was on day 2)
supposed to last 2-3 days. 

Now on to the part you've ALL been waiting for! The Goodie Bag!.. I *think* there were two types of bags, one for VIPs and the other for regular peoples (like myself lol) .. So I'll admit I was bummed that I didn't get to get a VIP bag - (i've been supporting beautylish and had attended every single one of their LA events and thought I knew them pretty well) .. Mainly was sad, because I was really looking forward to the Sugarpill sample inside and the full sized clinique goodies.. but otherwise - I cannot complain because I at least got a bag :p and because I got some really amazing items :) that i'm happy to share with you all! It's also really neat to see what everyone else got :)

Update:: Video "What's in my bag"  added :) (was requested) 

Overall I had an amazing time, i'm so glad I got to see everyone I wanted to and hung out with people I'd been wanting to hang out with! hopefully next time i'll be able to meet more people! 

I loved it so much, I already signed up to be notified for next year! :) Did you go? what did you get? :)

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