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Friday, October 28, 2011

My Husband's Body Transformation challenge progress + Hydrostatic Body fat testing

Hi everyone! :) I know my last post about my husband was back in September (Post is here) 

Well i'm proud to say, My Husband has less than 30 days in his challenge (The Live Shredded body transformation challenge on , it's the home stretch! He made his first video (I recorded some footage and his brother also did some footage - his brother edited everything!) I'd love it if you all could please watch his videos, subscribe to him (although we are going to combine our channels later on), and please RT/share his videos on your facebook page, twitter or anywhere! 

This was his original First photo when i posted it back in September:
You can definitely see the difference in his back muscles :)

Here are his before pictures (when he started back in August 28, 2011)

And this is him 2 months afterwards (this pic taken October 22, 2011)

Here is his Official/Detailed video 

Thank you so much for watching it! :) Hope you "Like" it! <3

The prize for this contest is 10k, plus SOO many neat things (like a photoshoot, plus 2 year supply of supplements by the company that is sponsoring the whole contest.. and so much more)! I'm so excited for my Husband! I have so much faith in him that he can transform his body even more! thank you to everyone who RT'd my tweets, watched his video and just have supported us! :) 

He is actually going to have more videos since we're on the home stretch right now! and after the baby comes, i'm definitely going to do the same thing (especially if there is another contest like this on that website, i'm definitely going to join!) 

Thank you to everyone who has asked us questions on how to stay fit, lose weight (he's usually answering the male questions and i'd answer the women's questions!) so we really appreciate it! 

wish us luck! i'll keep you all posted on his next video! 

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