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Monday, November 28, 2011

Gym Session :: 11/27/2011 :: Legs, Legs, Legs

So Hubby Had work yesterday, so since we have a home gym - he had his childhood friends over (we're all neighbors!) they got their gym session on.. here is what Xtian did:

Today's leg session

AM session before work

Quick dynamic warm up

Barbell Deficit deadlifts (4 inch deficit)
135 lbs x 8
205 lbs x 5
275 lbs x 5
335 lbs x 5
415 lbs x 5

Dumbbell walking lunges
95 lbs x 8
115 lbs x 8
135 lbs x 8

Timberwolf style arm work out
3 sets to failure

PM session after work

Barbell back squats
135 lbs x 12
185 lbs x 5
205 lbs x 5
255 lbs x 5

Dumbbell SLDL
65 lbs x 8
75 lbs x 8
100 lbs x 8

seated machine leg extension
100 lbs x 12
110 lbs x 12
130 lbs x 12

lying machine curls
130 lbs x 8
130 lbs x 8
130 lbs x 8

Reverse hanging crunch(trx) -super set to- Ab wheel roll out
BW x 12 to BW x 12
BW x 12 to BW x 8

seated calf raises
80 lbs x 12
80 lbs x 8
80 lbs x 8

For the PM Session after work, Hubby invited me along :) I always love working out with him - it truly is a great motivator having him there :) Hubby took video of me doing squats and dumbbell SLDL's lol i look kinda silly working out with a preggo belly :) but it was fun.. here's what I Did:

-  Barbell Back Squats

- Seated Leg extension (machine)

- Seated Leg curls (machine)

typically i'd do biceps after working out legs, but i was already out of breath at this point and super tired, that i ended it there. I'm glad I did go though :) Thank you to my hubby for the motivational push to go to the gym :) 

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