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Monday, January 23, 2012

Makeup Monday :: My First MyGlam Bag!

Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I spent most of my weekend doing homework, studying for finals tomorrow =X , my nieces birthday party, and running errands mostly. 

So according to the title, if you haven't heard of MyGlam.. let me fill you in. Basically it's another one of those monthly beauty subscription thingies (think of birchbox, but better.. i had birchbox, but cancelled it after the first box i received).. It was created by Michelle Phan.. and it's also $10 a month, and they come with some full sized items! 

I had originally signed up for MyGlam bag towards the end of December, which meant I would be getting January's Bag.. and they typically send out all the glam bags around the 10th of every month. This month they were a bit delayed. I originally got an email confirmation stating that my bag had shipped on (this was on Friday the 13th lol)... and so I was following it and was super excited... then I received another e-mail On Saturday evening that my bag had shipped again, but noticed it was different tracking number.. so I was like wth? 

Then on Monday or Tuesday I received yet another e-mail from MyGlam stating that they made a boo-boo with their shipping and the bags would be delayed.. I was totally bummed out.. not only that, the mail lady put my MyGlam bag in the wrong box! luckily they put it in my in-laws mail box.. but still, if it were to have been someone else I would have been extremely upset lol.

So I received it on Saturday, but this is what i received in January's MyGlam bag.

- Make up bag that says MyGlam  "back to Nature" 
- Cards from the companies
- Freeman Facial Peel-off mask in cucumber (full size)
- Wen by Chaz Dean Sweet almond mint Cleansing conditioner (got the pomegranite one from beautylish even awhile back and LOVED it!) 
- Shady Lady Eyeshadow by The Balm in Shameless Shana (beautiful bronze)
- Sheer Cover Duo concealer in Light/Medium (not sure if this is full size or not, but this typically comes in a set on 

Did you sign up for MyGlam? if so, did you like what you received? 

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